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Release Notes

What's New in 3DCoat 4.8.14

Most important  changes:

- Instant meshes auto-retopo integration. Press RMB over object, AUTOPO->..... It supports symmetry. Don't expect too much. It is about robustness and stability, but not about too great quality.

- VoxTree multiselection. You may select several volumes as in Explorer - use CTRL, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT and click. Operate over selected using RMB or Geometry menu.

- Possibility to highlight objects after selection. Use Geometry->Highlight menu to customize highlighting.

- Calculator in each input field. You may enter expressions instead of number anywhere, where you need numerical input. For example, enter 1+2 or sin(1.5) or any arithmetic operation including trigonometry.

- Correct pivot point management. Avoiding situation when it is randomly set somewhere outside the real scene. Left/Front/... views corrected to avoid - situations when you see nothing in scene after switching. Preventing pivot to appear far from scene boundbox.

- CTRL+UnifyUV to unify UV sets with same names.

- Updated transform gizmo - non uniform scaling in plane introduced.

- Correct FBX export/import. Nodes hierarchy, transforms, pivots will be preserved.

- Faster Bas-relief & undercuts.

Other changes:

- Autopo density problems fixed.

- Possibility of 16-bit export for displacement in export constructor.

- Metal support in picture transform tool. If gloss enabled, imported image will be with metalness. You may vary it with slider.

- FlipX, FlipY, FlipZ for Tweak room

-  Import multiple objects for PPP. 

- Correct PSD export, correct dropping to PS with smart materials with masks. But still have problems with attached materials. Export is OK, getting back is sometimes problematic.

- Backface culling in retopo works correctly

- Smart transtion between perspective and orthographic mode that keeps scale of scene near the pivot point.

- Fixed undercuts

- Fixed symmetry painting bug (with unsymmetrical alphas).

- By default Auto Pick enabled, more easy switching between objects. It may be permanently disabled if need.

- "Paste merged" in "Rect/Transform" tool enabled.

- Fixed mesh explosion during baking with mesh extrusion

- Possibility to pack selected islands into rectangle in UV Settings tool.

- Problem of depth when filling with Smart Materials fixed.

- Fixed problems of Rect/Transform tool in Paint room - crash, missing controls.

- Additional anti-aliasing samples in cavity calculation.

- Possibility to tweak vertiсes in Quads mode.

- Fixed UNDO issue when RMB->Save volume as 3B

- Correct SHIFT constraint outside the object in lines lasso mode, correct deleting hotkey (no auto - restore keys of undefined actions), correct lines mode work in several voxel tools.

- Baking problems fixed. Better direction of scanning (angle -weighted), support of N-gons.

- Smart Materials depth scaling is now independent on ortho/perspective/viewport and on viewport size / FOW. 

- Fixed normal sampling and picking position for non-current object in clay/flatten and similar tools.

- Fixed problem of Vox Clay with CTRL (was vanishing whole object)

- Fixed Scratches2 brush (it was unsafe, making random holes etc)

- Correct Constructor tool snapping.

- Correct usage of current color in Smart materials. Current color will be stored in attached materials as well.

 -A lot of polishing in Primitives, many bugs and inconsitencies fixed.

- If 3DCoat is unable to start, it tries to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.