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  3. Normal Maps looking weird in unity

    No unity normal issues as well here.
  4. Normal Maps looking weird in unity

    I finally got a chance to look at the model in question There are missing faces marked by "X" in the picture. Add them. The front frame horizontal sections where they are butting the vertical edges are just dangling in space. The top sections of the polygons are connected but not the bottom part. This will cause rendering errors. Marked with the circles in the picture. Fix this and look for any other areas where you might have these type of errors. I did not check everywhere. There are a whole bunch of Non-Planar polygons which of course will lead to rendering errors. I ran a find and fix non-plannar polygons in another software package. Fix this too. Also delete RetopoGroup1 in the retopo objects tab. There are a few interior invisible polygons that show up in my other modeling software. On the outside sides the sides are bent quite a bit. They are triangulated but with a bend that extreme you will have a rendering shading issue. Not 3DC or Unity's problem there. Another fixing. I generally do not have problems in 3DC to Unity 5 in the normal maps etc etc.
  5. Importing objects retopo room - different scales

    I've encountered this problem in the past as well.... It was a bit of a head scratcher...... Never figured out what the issue was....until reading this...
  6. not recognized pressing the stylus Surface pro 4

    Hi Which OS are you using ?
  7. not recognized pressing the stylus Surface pro 4
  8. UV Mapping Object Crashes

    Sorry i forgot you work on MacOS Please check the folder 3D-CoatV4___/log.txt
  9. Video on modeling an auto on Youtube

    I tried talking Andrew into adding a Spline Deformer mode for the Pose tool, where the user could use the Spline Draw modes in the E-Panel to create splines on a model > adjust the gradient per point interactively and use the Transform Gizmo to deform the mesh via the spline points. That would make it a lot easier to model the nuanced shapes in automobiles. It's a little too hard to do that now. One could do it if he would add Soft/Gradient selection in the Retopo Room, because that and a BRIDGE tool would make it very close to a full blown poly-modeling toolset. It's too hard to do, now, without some kind of gradient selection.
  10. UV Mapping Object Crashes

    I do have the latest installed. V4.8.08, but I'm not finding a crash log anywhere in the app folder.
  11. I watched this video on youtube last night on modeling an automobile from scratch in 3DC. And IMHO it is the most useful video I've watched to date on 3DCoat when it comes to hard surfaces. Modeling a spaceship or raygun IMHO is not the same thing as modeling a car. And I'm not knocking other 3DC videos as they are many of fantastic and helpful ones on youtube. But so few of cars. Sadly the author of this video does not do audio, I suspect it is probably due to an English language issue...
  12. Export for Lightwave ?

    Hi Please follow this thread to ask about any news. Thx
  13. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    4.8.09 on Win7, in paint room, Fill tool does not keep scale of smart material.
  14. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    He just added the 2-axis gizmo in the latest build. That has been requested for years by multiple users, and is a standard in 3D applications. It was mentioned in another thread, here, and Andrew dropped in to say he was going to add it. If it has 2 axis constraints for scaling it should have it for Move/Translate, too.
  15. SPOILER ALERT Instant Light 2 ALPHA is coming .... and its going to be UNREAL..... STAY TUNED...... NOTE : Mac Os ALPHA is going to be available from DAY one of the ALPHA for all Mac Os users. ALL Mac Os users will be upgraded to v2 FOR FREE!!! instantlightrt.com
  16. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Yes, it is not so fast but possible when switching to ortho. Personally I think there are more important things to consider. For example adaptive voxels or improving the brushes. That would be nice. I think it is better to improve the sculpting features and not to try to be better than some 3d apps. For this we have Maya and Co.
  17. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Screen space isn't the same, obviously, as moving/translating along 2 axis in 3D space. To be semi-precise, one has to switch to an orthographic view and then use it. You have 2axis translate/move handles in most 3D apps (as well as the ability to move in screen space), not just scale.
  18. Export for Lightwave ?

    Hi, Now that Lightwave has finally released a new version, is there an export preset from 3dC to LW in our future? Thanks KL
  19. Yesterday
  20. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    The inner circle lets you transform in screen space (2-axis). So you can shift orbit in position and then transofrm with the inner circle. Or am I missing something ?
  21. Introduce yourself!

    Hello! My name is Chet. I just started getting into 3dcoat last November. Before that I was using Blender alot as my main 3d software but started to see its limitations as i kept using it, especially when it comes to modelling and texturing. This is a 3d concept i did using 3dcoat and it didn't take much time at all. I really like the software because it allows you to be creative without having to be bogged down by technical constraints. I also appreciate how 3dcoat is at a more affordable price and that there's so much you can do with it! https://skfb.ly/6vNx9
  22. Yeah, restarting seems to be the best fix I know of. Thanks for all the great content you have created for 3dcoat .Love the 3dcoat brushes!
  23. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    4.8.09 I am missing the stencil projection controls in the top viewport when using a smart material mask/texture. How to activate them? I mean the buttons to move, rotate and scale a mask/stencil.
  24. 3DCoat Startup issues.

    This might be a bug as i get it since 4.8.09 , restarting the app works sometimes as well. I am getting this mostly with the extrude brush , or when i select it as first brush.
  25. Hello, When I start 3dcoat I cannot use any of the brushes. All I see is my mouse cursor and I can move around the space. Eventually after clicking on a bunch of random brushes everything start's to work. Would love a solution to this. Win 10 version 4.8.04 DX64 Thanks Mack

    Thank you all very much!
  27. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    ...and it might be helpful to add an option in the Tool Options panel to hide the 2-Axis widget, for those who aren't using it and feel it's cluttering their view?
  28. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Thanks Andrew, but we need some way to move/translate along 2 axis, as well as scaling. Perhaps a smaller triangle on the inside of the yellow rectangle. It would look something like this...
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