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  2. Is an old topic of discussion, as you can read in this support ticket.
  3. Modeled in Hexagon 1.21 and Carrara 5.1 Pro. UV-mapped, and being painted in 3D-Coat 4.7.32.
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  5. export

    I never used the sculpt tool. I only use Import -> Paint -> Export functionality. All the creating i do in blender.
  6. export

    You started on a new fresh project ? It may be that the original scene scale was wrong in the beginning ?
  7. Hi Please report this issue directly to e-mail "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com". Thx !
  8. export

    Thanks, interesting new settings. I tried it, in my case it's betetr to enable scale and set it to 0.01. Then it's correct imported in blender. So i can choice between adjust it in bledner by scale it back to 0.01 or in 3d-coat. Thanks. Something new found.
  9. Your model have Multiple UVsets. When importing, you have previously selected the option Import Tiles As UVsets ?
  10. export

    Apply Scale only is visible if use export constructor is = off
  11. export

    There's a problem. in my expoter menu there's no "Apply Scale" option at all. Unless it's named different, that would be confusing. I don't see it in the export window ! It's btw not for unity platform. But it's the most compatible format for now.
  12. Currently working on Linux build. By the way, will it be ok if the new build will require latest Linux Ubuntu (particularly 16 and above)? What Linux distros do you have? Please report me directly on my e-mail "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com".
  13. Advance Skin for scans model from Ten 24 Rendered with Instant Light
  14. Uploading 1.0.64 June - 25 - 2017 Instant Light OFFICIAL RELEASE Version 1.0.64 Normal Update
  15. Thank You!
  16. The cavity setting in the shader causes what you see. That is how it works... I know when these were first put into 3DC, I had the same question but that is how the cavity setting works. Right click on the shader and edit the shader cavity setting either permanently or temporarily. I tend not to use shaders that have a cavity setting either by turning it off or creating my own shader for sculpting... I just find the cavity setting distracting but some artist like them, so it is a artist call. Easy to create your own shaders without the use of cavity shown in picture For sculpting I use a clay color type shader. The other picture show my two that I created and like.
  17. All I did was go to the sculpt room, make the sphere, draw on it, increase the resolution, and apply the gold shader. Once I went through the steps with a model to create the maps, and upon opening in Blender I saw the same pattern there in the render. I don't recall playing around with lightmaps.
  18. That's my problem though. I've done that already: I moved the UV's, hit apply, and then hit delete unused UVs....but still the empty UV sets remain. I was able to figure out how to do it in Cinema 4D. But I would still like to be able to do it in 3DC.
  19. I generally set my freeze degree to 200% manually by typing just to be sure of full opacity. Not really necessary but a general practice of mine even with painting when I need 100% No falloff in the top tool panel when using an alpha plus use a brush from the e-panel that does not recognize the pen input to avoid opacity issues. If using a spline tool from the e-panel turn "Border Width" down to "0" Hope this helps you some. This is a simple example of course and I assumed you were talking about the paint room.
  20. Yep. Good practice is to do all your UV map set updating in the UV room, and canceling when asked about it in the Paint room. I like that 4.7.32 has the Update UV map set button highlighted now. That helps to see it as a reminder.
  21. I can't duplicate your result. Which lightmap are you using for your 3D-Coat?
  22. 3D-Coat needs to disable Glossiness controls while in metal metalness material mode. Too much bleed-over when selecting 3D-Coat materials to paint with, causing user to keep an eye on Glossiness settings toggling on their own. Maybe something to add in version 5.0.
  23. What is the best practice for using the Freeze Tool so that NOTHING can be painted over where you just freezed?
  24. Does this app work with 3D-Coat 4.7? I have both modo 501 and 601 installed on my Windows 10 machine.
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  26. export

    3DC version beta 4.7.32 I do not have any scale problems when importing an obj file from Blender to 3DC and then exporting the same model obj file back to Blender. The scale remains the same. Off hand I do not remember having any export scale problems in prior versions. Blender is set up for Metric and unit scale is 1.0 Export obj scale setting is set at 1.0 in Blender. 3DC does not need any special setting when importing to the paint room or exporting. I leave "Apply Scale" in 3DC's export panel unchecked. The above works on my end. If I do any work in Blender for Unity. I export to 3DC the obj format. Next do my texturing and then export a FBX file for Unity from 3DC. I create a folder first for the file. Save the FBX and textures to that folder. Drag the folder into Unity. The scale has been correct so far plus all the PBR textures are correct as well. Side Note: If I scale the model in object mode in Blender prior to exporting, I use "Ctrl--A" to apply scale and rotation to make the transforming real... I generally do not export a 3DC fbx file back to Blender has it adds a lot of nodes overhead. Instead I export a obj file and then in Cycles use the node system to setup my PBR materials. I have several PBR shaders for Blender, ATM testing the new Principled PBR Shader included in some test builds of Blender.
  27. export

    You can use this plugin too
  28. Are in other UV-layout ?
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