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  2. I see Depth = 0% Please change it to another value and try again. Thx
  3. using version 4.8.04 it works fine from my side. Please test GL version. Thx.
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  5. Looks great, it's a good job. One question, can these materials be used for commercial purposes? Thank you.
  6. I think you have only one smoothing group on your model. So your normals seem not to be correct. I had the same problem with objects which have hard edges when importing in vortex room. There is no option for normals when importing?
  7. Hi guys, quick question. Is there a possibility to group paint objects in the paint objects windows for objects which came from retopo room when baking? Some times I need to delete them and then I must delete them one by one, very cumbersome for complex objects. Or is there a way to select more than on paint object? If yes, one could select many at once and delete them.
  8. Perhaps you did not select the correct part of model in the vox tree?
  9. Anyone else having issues with the Light baking option in the paint room? I'm getting coloured noise... the attachment shows a little noise, but i'm sometimes getting ALOT. Happens with other settings to e.g. Render light from render room. Im using a AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 Graphics Card ( not sure if thats the issue - not being Nvidia ?) to reproduce:- 1. open new vox scene and select the head. 2. goto paint room > texture > light baking tool 3. select map type as subsurface scattering ( leave all defaults ) 4. hit ok
  10. Brush settings didnt help
  11. Hi, Hope this help
  12. Hi there racerx, Yes I did buy the GTX 1050ti. Yup, basically the best upgrade I ever bought in 20 years of PC ownership. I have never had to push it concerning polycounts though. 25 million has been my max,( surface mode) but that has been painted on the vertex s ( vertices?) also. A tiny bit of slowdown when painting...but then I can just hide the parts I am not painting and its fine again. In the picture I just duplicated the "man" loads of times. I got up to 69 million just fine..went down to 12 FPS which was still usable for me, but did not try sculpting or painting. I tend to use surface mode mostly, so I suspect I could go even higher in that mode ! So basically yes I would recomend this card if you are on a budget... Funny thing is I actually got some payed work so its already payed for itself ten times over. ( 5 year old HP z400 zeon,16 mb ram Win 7 pro)
  13. Im UV room: 1. Island auswählen 2. Links im Menu Selected->Hide Fertig... Wenn man nur das selektierte Island sehen will: auswählen, invert, hide... Alles wieder einblenden: Selected->Unhide/Unhide All Grüße Chris
  14. Looking forward to having a go at ProRender, but the Mac version will be available in December at the soonest. Odd, because Macs have only AMD Radeon videocards since several years.
  15. Hi Styler, Thank you very much, it works! But I do not find the texture in the shader when I re-import in C4D. He remains white.
  16. Hello. I have prepared highpoly and lowpoly model variants made in another 3D redactor. I did auto-retopology by downloading the lowpoly model through the startup menu "UV Map Mesh" How can I bake the normal map and then texture the model? I load the highpoly model through the "Import Reference Mesh" and the lowpoly model disappears from the UV Room. Then I load it in the Retopo Room over the highpoly model. I press Bake- nothing. Message - "needed UV set". Please, help, may be it is necessary to import models in another way? Can I bake imported models and then texture them?
  17. Здравствуйте. У меня есть готовые хайполи и лоуполи варианты модели для текстуринга. Я сделал авторазвертку, загрузив лоуполи модель через стартап-меню "UV Map Mesh" Как мне запечь теперь нормал мап и затекстурить? Я загружаю хайполи модель через Import Reference Mesh и лоуполи модель пропадает из UV Room. Гружу ее в Retopo Room поверх хайполи модели, нажмаю Bake-ничего. Пишет нужна развертка. Какой тут процесс вообще, может надо импортировать по-другому? Можно ли вообще запекать текстуры на импортированных моделях?
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  19. Hey guys, I just finished a new version of Applink. It's a first pilot version, which might be a little bit buggy, so please do not hesitate to tell me about them. Should also work on MacOS (I didn't test it yet). I was oriented on using R18 SDK for development, not sure if it's gonna functioning correctly with previous versions of C4D. How to install? - Uninstall the previous version of applink - Goto your Cinema plugin folder: To find the folder where Cinema 4D expects 3rd party plugins start Cinema 4D and go to the preferences (from the Edit > Preferences menu). You can see the path to the preferences folder at the bottom of the dialog. There is also a button to open the folder in the File Explorer / Finder. Click the "Open Preferences Folder..." button. The path on Microsoft Windows is typically something like: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R18_12345678\ The path on Mac OSX is typically something like: /Users/Name/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R18_12345678/ - Copy an entire "aplink" folder from archive to "plugins" subfolder. - Reboot Cinema. After installation you should have a 3D-Coat submenu in Plugins
  20. New update released Radeon™ ProRender Plug-ins Radeon™ ProRender is fully integrated into Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2016 and 3ds Max® 2017 for Microsoft Windows®. Radeon™ ProRender for Autodesk® 3ds Max® Radeon™ ProRender is fully integrated into Autodesk® Maya® 2015, Maya® 2016, and Maya® 2017 for Microsoft Windows® and Linux®. Radeon™ ProRender for Autodesk® Maya® Radeon™ ProRender is fully integrated into Blender™ 2.78 and higher for Microsoft Windows® and Linux®. Radeon™ ProRender for Blender™ Radeon™ ProRender is fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS® 2016 and higher for Microsoft Windows®. Radeon™ ProRender for SOLIDWORKS®
  21. RawTherapee 5.3 has been released! New Features since 5.2: CIECAM02 enhanced with control over the scene and viewing conditions. CIECAM02-friendly "Average Surround" color theme and L* middle gray preview background color, takes into account human vision and color appearance with regard to the surrounding color. Manually save the collapsed/expanded state of tools. Lensfun support, for automatic (and manual) profiled lens correction. ACES, DCI-P3 Theater and DCI-P3 D65 output color profiles. Numerous speed optimizations and bug fixes.
  22. Nope, this weird behavior is still happening, also, the retopo group Vanishes if I don't select certain VoxTree Layers, it's like that they're attached to a certain layer of my HP mesh somehow
  23. is 4.8 working fine ?
  24. Which camera projection are you using ?
  25. mhmm.... seems so... Actually, there's the only problem on the flat surfaces as on the panel picture above: At the front, You can see the white lines as a cross. This has influence on all layers, no matter what I try,- except "Ambient Occlusion" seems to cover / hide this lines. Meanwhile... I like my wooden Screw:
  26. The guy on the video has an UV map in his loaded obj-file .
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