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  2. 3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I don't know which version it started, but 3D Coat does not fully uninstall and leaves these files which I have to manually delete:
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  4. MY Sketchbook

    how to transfer matcap shader from zbrush to 3dcoat
  5. whiteboard

    My first model...
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  7. Transform Tool

    I had a couple of questions about the Transform tool: 1. When I add a primitive, it creates an additional primitive with the Transform tool in 4.8. I find I can get rid of this by clicking on some other tool like Airbrush. Is there any other way to do this? 2. I created a shortcut for showing the Transform tool, so when I use the shortcut, the Transform tool shows up. However, on using the shortcut the Transform tool does disappear. Is there any shortcut for this? Thanks, Arshad
  8. Sandbox Tiling Engine

    Thanks for the video but we already have this ability with other sculpting apps and is not really the intention for this feature request. This advantages for using multiple voxel objects and have them seamlessly tile would be a game changing workflow. Especially if there were smart baking options like auto creating masks and separate layers for each element with zdepth.. straight to the Paint room and continue to work with the awesome filtering tools in 3DCoat. Anything else at the moment feels like a cumbersome workaround.
  9. Hi To use Renderman plugin integration is a great option for quality renders.
  10. How do all of these gallery pictures get such photo-realistic renders? Are these done with 3dc native renderer or are they using something else? I am trying to accomplish this objective without trying 1000 combinations of settings - ideally the rendering environment would default to PR. I have seen architectural rendering engines but those are way too expensive for me. I am primarily a hobbyist who long ago used Bryce. I got used to that workflow, but did not care for the garish pictures produced. So, something PR, easy to learn, light on the wallet. Thoughts anyone?
  11. Krita 4.0 is out!
  12. Help with 4.8.10 uv

    Hello Can you please test latest version 4.8.13 ? Thx
  13. Help with 4.8.10 uv

    I'm revisiting 3dcoat and the latest update to 4.8.10 has given me a weird bug. The mark seams tool does what it wants. I cannot use it on the edges l'm hovering over with the mouse, it'll always maybe select an edge loop around 4 faces below where l'm selecting. It also wont select individual seams and instead stay in edgeloop mode. Please help.
  14. With the growing number of 3D applications like VR and AR, we are seeing an increased demand for female-friendly models of women. Nevertheless, many female character models are still oversexualized (come on, female armor does not improve by becoming skimpier!). This makes finding a suitable model for realistic and female-friendly representation needlessly difficult, and is one of the many reasons why women are discouraged from entering game development, VR, and 3D modeling. 3DCoat is sponsoring the Female Characters Challenge initiative run by CGTrader as it is fully in line with our social position.
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  16. How do you "apply" loaded retopo mesh

    Also once you load your high res mesh into the sculpt room, just switched to the retopo room. Now under the retopo menu, import your your low polygon model. No need to use the file——import method unless you just want to. FYI. A model will not appear in the uv room till you bake from the retopo room to the paint room. Good video though the interface has changed, baking is now under the bake menu
  17. How do you "apply" loaded retopo mesh

    But when I switch to uv or paint room I don't see it. Yes, you need to bake the highpoly to the lowpoly retopo mesh. Please check this video, hope it help.
  18. How do you "apply" loaded retopo mesh

    dammit, I must have hit some weird bug. I don't believe it should behave this way. I see uv sets in retopo room. When I go to uv room they are not there. Clicked add uv set... and 3DC crashed.
  19. Can anyone hel me out how the heck I apply the retopoed (and uved mesh) so it is visible in uv and paint rooms? So what I did is to load a hi res mesh for sculpting - I see it in vox tree in the sculpt room. Then I clicked file -> import -> import retopo mesh . I've chosen a previously retopoed (and uved mesh) from a separate file. It loaded and it switched me to retopo room. I hit apply and I see the low res in the retopo toom (and in retopo objects I see it as a layer named "uved"). But when I switch to uv or paint room I don't see it. What am I missing / doing wrong? I find it extremely counter intuitive.
  20. MY Sketchbook

    a daruma sketch by 3dcoat
  21. [Solved] Export paint layers with a voxel object?

    Wow, I would have never found that on my own. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer, you've made my morning a lot easier! Also thanks for the clarification on the terminology.
  22. Hello, Community! What is the best strategy/proper way to do retopo (create 3D from 2D reference) based on 2D-image? (not mesh/stl/obj) Example: Where to start? Voxel or Retopo room? what tools to use? Thanks.
  23. I'm New in here

    You should check out the 3dcoat YouTube page. They have many videos to get you started with the overall program and it's various components. Since 3dcoat is separated into several "rooms" depending on what it is you are doing. It makes it easier to concentrate on each aspect of the program separately, then you can combine everything together. Just pick something you want to try. Sculpting, Painting, Re-topo, UV-Mapping...Find some tutorials, and jump in and try it.
  24. orion1.jpg

  25. [Solved] Export paint layers with a voxel object?

    Save the 3DC file as normal, the one with the vertex paint layers then do the below. Right click on a sculpt room Voxtree layer and import the external 3DC file you just saved into your new 3DC file. I would suggest naming your sculpt room vox tree layers with specific names and your paint room layers before saving if you have not done so. FYI. Best to call your object a surface mode object as it is polygons and not voxels. When vertex painting any voxel mode object is auto-converted to a surface mode polygon object.
  26. Micro26

    Orion helmet design. A scifi sketch i made with 3dcoat. Everything is sculpted in 3dc decimated and rendered in cycles. It was very fun to make , hope you like it.
  27. Mariana Trench

    3D Coat , Marmoset ,Photoshop
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