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  2. I'm on 4.7.24 Trial version. Visible triangles = 4,792,000 Current object tris. = 1,731,000 I guess the problem I'm having is that I don't know how to smooth it more and the training videos are quite old.
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  4. Your version of 3DC ?
  5. Hi, whenever I try to create a new material via smart material editor the whole app hangs and becomes unresponsive it also starts eating a lot of ram memory as well please help few seconds later
  6. Hi The current focus is on stabilizing and fixing only essential bugs. Maybe some new features are added if needed. If no major setbacks appear, an estimated time for a RC would be a month.
  7. Thanks guys. Well what I'm asking is probably not possible in 3D Coat. Will look into that device AbnRanger.
  8. Is there an estimated time for the next version of 3d coat ? I look forward for new cool features cheers
  9. Press CTRL > clic using LMB to select spot to clone from. Use brush on another spot. Is working fine.
  10. Thank you for the link will give a viewing. Best regards George
  11. Bug! Paint Mode: Clone tool does not work! Press CTRL to select spot to clone from, use brush on another spot. Nothing happens!
  12. I think I figured it out. But I found a new one.
  13. Did you try to adjust the opacity of the Masking Layer?
  14. This might help explain things a bit:
  15. Bug! Using a layer as a Clip Mask on another. Not working.
  16. Thank you for the info Best Regards George
  17. One direction? That is why I use the four arrow keys for the 4 rotations. left, right, up, down. Now, I am talking about the rotational axis and not lateral movement which I know you understand but putting it here for others so they are not confused by the word usage. Yes slower but I am not a fast fingers keyboard person anyway... Now I am not saying use four keys, I seen others fly upon the keyboard using multiple shortcut keys... I should rehook up my Nostromo speedpad N52 so my left hand does not have to reach the right side of my keyboard. AbnRanger keeps pegging my interest in a space mouse.
  18. 3DC version, beta 4.7.36 Your version of 3DC is helpful and a screen shot showing your UI with the pose tool panel showing and the top tool panel, so the settings can be seen. I just tested on the default male model in surface mode. I res+ once to 6 million to polygons. No problem smoothing the edges of the pose mask. Is your smoothing degree set really low in the top tool panel settings. What is your polygon triangle count shown in the lower part of the UI.
  19. Sounds like you want a 3Dconnexion device. You can get used ones on eBay for dirt cheap.
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  21. Yes I just tried the rotate in screen space instead, and it does the same thing, it kinda works. If I use a shortcut on my keyboard it rotates in one direction but if I choose a mouse shortcut it goes into freeform camera movement. I don't want freeform movement. Lets say I hold shift to change and snap the camera to a side view. Now I want to move the camera around the object backwards and forwards (left and right) (locked in a 2D perspective if you will)....... like if you are holding the camera perfectly still and you re walking around the object to take pictures. How do I do that? Also I tried setting to set two events with one left and the other right key but it only works for one event. How did you do it?
  22. On there is a Pose tool video that shows him smoothing a mask at 11:45 using the "Select with pen" option. I don't have that option on the current version and cannot locate a way to smooth the edges of the mask. I've tried holding shift, but it does nothing. The SmoothPoseSel is now called Smooth Selection, but doesn't seem to do anything, and neither does Adjust Transition Area. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. It depends on the type of modeling you follow. For block modeling it is best to start with low values.
  24. Hi Scanline is not PBR engine render. You need to work and export in Gloss/ColorSpecular workflow (Textures menu) or Switch to any PBR engine render for Max like Arnold or RadeonProRender.
  25. As a matter of interest is there a recommended size to work from
  26. Im fairly new in 3D Coat - I can figure out the painting / UV tools pretty easily. I just cant get my textures into 3DS max and have them look right. I chose the Export preset for 3DS MAX psychical shaders - and i get a normal map - Metalness - roughness - IOR - which is all good. I import my model and create a psychical shader and put my maps into the right spots - but the materials just dont look right... Atm im using standard lights and the Scanline renderer (I just wonna try it out before heading into arnold). Can anyone explain me how to export correctly ? Or maybe make a step by step guide? Best Regards Jonas EDIT: Some screens
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