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    Hey guys, New here! Just thought I'd share some of my experimental stuff in 3D-Coat, and hope to get some critique / feedback! I'm experimenting with a good workflow using 3D elements to be incorporated into 2D concept work, and trying to achieve a movie still quality style. So I'd love to have any feedback you guys have! Hope you like the work so far! Mohzart
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    MAR-z0 is 3d low poly model maked in spare time. I had a friend he liked very much “Toki”. MAR-z0 is an acronym that recalls its name. 3D-Coat haved a lot importance for creation model. I have retopogized from hi-poly model, texturized, baked and render. I think about 3D-Coat is one of best software for this. I try now to improve my skills for sculpt but is not simple... I arrive from ZBrush. ;-)
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    romance of black powder..
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    For the same Game XD UFO Online: invasion
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    playing with 3d coat and photoshop, a deadly combination the last render was in marmoset
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    a ring for 3d printer...test render in toolsbag.
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    OXI ZOMBIE 3D Models: Blender Paint: 3D-Coat Render: Blender Cycles The final render picture has been done postprocess.
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    I don't know if someone already wrote a small concept for a better smart material system. So I try to do it here. In my opinion it is really easy to understand. Of course I do not know how hard the follwing features are to code. But anyway. Advanced smart material concept ideas by Christoph: What is a LINKED smart material in 3D Coat in the future? You can link a smart material to one or more layers. This means you click with the RMB on a smart material within your smart material library and set this material to an active paint layer. You can link one material to as many layers as you want. What happens then? a ) If you change the origin linked material in the library, then ALL linked layers gets the new smart material values and refreshes immediately. b ) If you change a linked material locally (by clicking the RMB layer menu) then the same happen like in step a: all linked layers and the origin material in the library refreshes. And why this? Because they are ALL "linked". They are all using the same informations. It is logic isn't it? What is an ATTACHED/LOCAL smart material in 3D Coat? I like the idea to convert a linked smart material to "local" or attach it to an individual layer to use it there only. I like the word "local" in this case more then attached. So what does an attached or local material mean? a ) You can attach a material to one or multiple layers one by one. But every layer with an ATTACHED material became idividual. You can change individual smart material values, but only the layer where the material is attached refreshes. No changes in other layers. No changes in the main library. Just local changes. Example: You have an attached red material in layer A and layer B. Both has the same attached material. But if you change one of them, only the changed layer gets the new values. The other one stays. This is the current model we have in 3D Coat. Result We should have three kind of paint layer situations in the future: 1 ) A layer with an linked smart material: One or more layers has linked materials. All this layer content changes, as soon as we change the linked smart material. By using the layer menu or by changing it in the main library. 2 ) A layer with an local/attached layer: One or more layers has attached materials. Every material is individual. You can change them locally. Even the origin material in the library will not refresh if you change a layer whitch was attached with it. Every information ist local. A small icon inside the material thumbnail in the layer could mark a local layer material. 3 ) A combi layer (default). What is a combi layer? A combi layer is a combination of different paint informations. You have painted with several smart materials or just colors within this single layer. There is no specific linking or attachment to a single material because you used multiple painting informations and colors. So 3D Coat do not know (yet) what part in the layer have to be refreshed. But if you link or attach a new material to a combi layer, all information will be replaced by the new material. And you have a situation like point 1 or 2 above. So. What is the problem to understand this? It would serve nearly all needs, right? Thank you for your time Chris PS: Maybe in the future Andrew will develop a way to link to locally painted strokes. So we can maybe refresh a painted area of a single layer. But this is science fiction for now...
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    Hey guys, I have a new update. Currently in beta What's new: Now you can choose one of 2 approaches. "Use manual setting" uses old method. When you click "Show" button a new dialog will appear where you can find all familiar options plus some extra. In release version will be introduced a new method, using presets. it's temporarily locked, because Andrey have to fix some issues in 3D-Coat, first. From this version you'll be able to choose a shader type for imported object. Currently supported Software and MR, I'll putting more in upcoming versions. (Note! You have to load Mentalray plugin before running applink. If you still can't see it in settings, try to unload/load applink and run it again). Found a bug? Report it here. Thanks! 3dcoat_for_maya_v2.2.0-beta.zip
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    WOOOO HOOOOO THIS IS IT!!! Huge THANKS to YOU all who , helped , contributed , supported , to the early BETA users , the beta testers , our families for their support and love through out the extremely hard road of development. My personal goal is to get as much compatibility as possible with 3D Coat (3D COAT MANIAC) , working , researching , experimenting new possible ways of achieving this. SPECIAL THANKS TO ANDREW SHPAGIN , DON NASH , CARLOS ANDREONI , JAVIS JONES , ARTUR J ZAREK , DAVID BLACKWELL , (lets hope i haven't forgotten anyone ) and every single person from this community that supported , helped etc etc. We will continue with MORE PASSION to get INSTANT LIGHT to its BEST. June - 19 - 2017 Instant Light OFFICIAL RELEASE Version 1.0.44 MAJOR UPDATE and FIRST OFFICIAL RELEASE ----Core optimisations---- FIXED SAVE LOAD not happening on mesh IF USER MESH had topology problems (1.0.44) Import textures got a massive update x50 speed up Save load API updated (1.0.44) Save Load x 10 speed up (1.0.44) New Animation System with Splines Animation Path for helpers , cameras and objects NEW Decimation ENGINE to decimate and export your models!!!! FPS system updated Mathematic System got a huge update + performance boost + timescale fixes Twean system got updated PhysX Engine got updated ----Render Engine Updates---- Rendering logo and look dev now is OFF by default (1.0.44) Render engine got a massive update F9 video realtime renderer updated + leak fixed and even faster rendering REALTIME 0 render time HD effects updated + bloom layer fix and faster render AO got re written from scratch + presset updates + leak fix Color camera engine updated + fixed a leak and speed improvments Lut system updated Standard shader got updated NEW antializing engine + quality boost and mask antializing When rendering on secondary cameras NOW AFTER the render , camera go back to quick camera in order to CULL OFF GPU. (1.0.27) Advance materials (only advance materials) now on the first selection system asks if materials will be USER driven regarding WATER , SNOW etc or WEATHER driven. (1.0.27) Setting can also be altered via the interactive weathering panel and when a new material will be createn it will obay the second user command USER OR WEATHER (1.0.27) IMPORTAND now GPU and CPU can be manually cull off by just pressing the middle mouse button MMB (1.0.29) ----Additions---- BENCHMARK for testing your CPU and GPU (1.0.44) On new scene now it deletes all users materials (1.0.44) Added mesh export to cloth panel to export the collider mesh as well (1.0.44) FLIP MATERIAL ON CLOTH ADDED (1.0.44) NEW REALTIME FUR / GRASS SHADER with height option / MASK to add the shader on paint height at will!!!!! (1.0.44) This new shader can have both fur / grass on a model with a painted height mask. SUPERIOR quality (1.0.44) ADDED Pin HOLDERS for cloth (1.0.44) HIDE UNHIDE PIN HOLDERS while they still work and hold the cloth (1.0.44) Added object recognition and lettering on imported objects (1.0.33) Version Updater on welcome screen notifies for new version and gives link for download Hidden option (auto reveals) for a limited number of discounts for DEMO / TRIAL USERS Multiple camera settings (DOF DISTANCE) for all 10 secondary cameras Splines Animation Path for helpers , cameras and objects Image Reference !!! Water shader properties and water shader Floor and Floor materials for your hero characters / monsters etc Turntable now can get saved / load (1.0.27) Decimator export now informs user that it needs LMB and RMB on the selected item to export it (1.0.27) Poly hair now has add expo and rem expo so it can be applied on the helper to hide it (1.0.27) Independent DOF (1.0.27) Animation and Animation Render tabs on 3D Pie (1.0.29) All weathring attributes are not fully contolable from weather as well.(1.0.29) Snow (and all other effects) can melt and regenerate based on weather (1.0.29) Enabled procedural cloth creation for the public. Splines animation system added start stop animation (1.0.33) ----Corrections---- FIXED HAIR BLACK RENDERING ISSUE IN RT ROOM (1.0.44) Fixed the seams off button description FIXED on timeline close it leaves the background on (1.0.44) FIXED Cloth opacity not working as it should after load (1.0.44) FIXED On load advance materials looses opaque , cutout etc (1.0.44) Fixed helpers transform on load , helpers now dont get saved load as they are only size helpers (1.0.33) FIXED secondary cameras RT ROOM from 5 and up now all cameras work as expected in both rooms (1.0.33) FIXED issues with secondary camera rotation Now all secondary cameras work as expected under any situation Editor or RT Room or Look Dev (1.0.27) Saves as overwrite pop up window and blocker fixed Fixed F11 new render engine to behave correct under any user mistake / wrong usage Fixed standard material , auto snow and wetness will be on as default (user must take it off) Fixed logo render Fixed Look Dev helpers , spheres and color card to be on and off per render session (settings) Fixed position of update button Dof distance slider to not open all at the same time / give info at the same time (save load leak) DOF focal size fixed (1.0.27) Interactive weather now auto closes and open on any render command (1.0.27) Test on POLY hair came out positive no issues (user request for checking) (1.0.27) Soft shadow on omni lights came out positive (user request for checking) (1.0.27) Hero Stands now save and load correctly (1.0.27) Fixed save as not coming up on the second save as attempt (1.0.27) Fixed AO on standard material (1.0.29) Fixed issue with G.I very rare room crash (1.0.33) fixed issue with G.I parented objects (1.0.33) Fixed issue with shadow culling (1.0.33) fixed important leak in UI (1.0.33) fixed text issues in UI (1.0.33) ----Known Bugs----- NONE ----Near feature Release will contain----- Poly modelling cloth simulation (from external apps) Cloth Pins Decimator keep original mesh and revert to it Asset Bundle for materials , models etc User HDRI WACOM FULL support http://www.instantlightrt.com/
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    Pack of free hard surface brushes. It's a pretty big download but 2/3 of them can be deleted if you only use 3DC. https://80.lv/articles/free-hard-surface-brush-pack/?utm_content=bufferfda6f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=plus.google.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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    I got a little bored of 3D work and decided to take the 3DC base render into Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and Corel Painter 2017 with the intent of creating a comic book illustrative look.
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    Hey, guys! Had some spare time and I "remastered" the splash screen picture. Hope, you'll like it. I've zipped the splash screen images, you can replace (backup original) files at C:\Program Files\3D-Coat-V4.7.x\Splash\ folder. Splash.zip
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    The curvature map is conditional based upon the parameters that are set in the Smart Material. Shown in Picture... Smart Materials can be simple or complex and use various projections. A Curvature map or a AO map is not required for a Smart Material creation but most use them, Whether you use a smart material with a curvature or AO map depends upon the model's end use of course.
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    Sculpt layers in ZBrush and Mudbox are basically LAYERS PER OBJECT. The VoxTree panel is more of a hierarchy panel. As Tony mentioned, we actually have Sculpt Layers in 3D Coat, but it's done via IMAGE-BASED Sculpting in the Paint Room. The problem is, it forces users to split their sculpting work into different stages of the pipeline, and that isn't very convenient or practical. You typically don't want to wait until the texture painting stage to do high frequency level sculpting. Andrew could basically lock the mesh/vertex order of each VoxTree layer, when a sculpt layer is added, so that dynamic tessellation doesn't mess the vertex order up. In this sense, Sculpt Layers would merely be a Sculpt History container, and adding a Masking feature would allow that history to be manipulated in a localized fashion. Just like the Magnify and Reduction brush, in the Paint workspace.
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    All PRO and INDIE bought while Instant Light was in BETA are FULL PERPETUAL LICENSES AND FULL UP-GRADABLE UP TO V 1.99/ Tiff is already supported , Advance Core is Metal / Roughness (use the export plugins for 3D Coat , Quixel and Substance Painter ) , rest of the shaders are in the spec / gloss. Basically what ever you through to it , it will make it work and thats thanks to its smart texture conversion system while importing.
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    You might try emailing Andrew, support@3dcoat.com. He'll have to contact the person who created the applink and work out some kind of arrangement to update it. Some of these work between different releases and some get broken.
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    Realtime Tasmanian Devil. WIP, 3Dcoat Model and textures from Voxel to Lowpolly. Unity 5.6.1 Screen capture with custom WIP shaders for Fur and SSS.
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    "We are moving toward low poly modeling."-Andrew Shpagin So cool!
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    Here I am not going to recommend a workflow. There are so many techniques that various artist use. Here are a few videos to get you started. 3DC is a powerful tool for hard surface modeling once you learn the tool set... Take your time, start simple work to complex. First, though is to understand the difference between voxel mode ( voxels) Voxels are more or less 3D pixels with depth. To capture the details of an object requires generally a large number voxels. Surface Mode is polygon based thus a surface representation of a object. Importing a low polygon model video. First part is voxel mode. At 6:35 is where AbnRanger discusses importing for surface mode. At the 8:30 mark to the end of the video, listen very close as he gives a way of increasing a low polygon blocked in model to capture all the details increasing the number of polygons for further work. This is a very important piece of knowledge to have for hard surface. Whether you import or start in 3DC the principles are the same for all the below videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek3uJXa0rGw --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a series by AlienMinefield working on a hard surface model. Click on the 3DCoat: Spaceship Wing. A series of 8 videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/AlienMinefield/playlists ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More hard surface modeling. Now I have not watched all of these but here they are. There are more videos out there on the net. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp1TPRdeYnk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp1TPRdeYnk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3DC official playlist for many parts of the program. https://www.youtube.com/user/PILGWAY3DCoat/playlists Overtime you will get your own workflow going using the above ones plus the ones you develop.
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    Wow! This looks really cool! I am planning on doing some similar stuff (Baphomet). The only thing that bothers me a little, are the horns. The end part is not rounded perfectly: But I really like the structure of the horns! Inspires me a lot! Can't wait for updates on this one! Especially the compositing of her! The loincloth thing looks a little bit flat as of now, but I guess you'Re working on it! Any idea for the hair cut?! Long or short? Awesome work! Keep it up!
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    I just noticed that 4.7.33 is posted at the beta download section... No notice here about the new beta version so curious as to what this version brings to the table or bug fixes. Thanks.
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    There are several ways to rotate/ pan around an object. See picture. It appears you are rotating around the current pick point. For your case "rotate around object's bounding box or rotate around world center" if your model is at world center. I would suggest not getting annoyed as any new program takes a bit to get use to. Blender can be very annoying to a new user if one lets themselves be so. I have MudBox and the sculpting tools in 3DC are more powerful plus one of the most powerful retopoing toolset on the market. Also you have the ability to work in the PBR workflow in the paint room. Now I do like Mudbox and for 80 dollars a year, I could not pass it up. It has a good connection to Maya LT. Mudbox has true vector displacement creation, plus subdivision levels and sculpt layers. 3DCoat and Mudbox work really well together as companion software. And to be sure you created your own custom Navigation settings. That is shown in the picture at the top of the picture. Side Note: You can create hotkeys for your rotation settings under the camera menu so you can switch on the fly.
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    A quote from the article mentioned. "Jason: Much of our 3D modeling begins in Blender and is often refined in Maya. Krakatoa is responsible for most of the smoke simulations and Houdini was used for many of the scenes involving water. We love using Maya for realism, the watch for example, but Cinema 4D was used just as much and was just as effective." The statement is down about 2/3 in the page when they start discussing software tools. http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/wonder-woman/
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    and more,3d coat , marmoset ,photoshop
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    Before exporting the textures from 3DC, hide the AO layer, then it will not be combined with the albedo map when exporting. You can still export the AO from the export panel even though it is hidden. Yes it is a little counter intuitive. Tip: You can deselect "Use Export Constructor for Per / Channel Packing" if you do not need any per channeling packing. This is an artist call depending upon his / her workflow.
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    GH2 GUN Modeling: Blender Texturing: 3D-Coat
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    Hi all ! This is all my work using 3DC. Thanks for looking! --------------------------------- Nosophoros Sculpt Modeling, retopo, baking, SSS paint, cloth paint: 3DC Lighting, shading, render: Blender cycles Comp: Gimp
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    For those who enjoy a good conspiracy theory....one of SideFX's execs has followed 3D Coat's Facebook page, recently. One can only wonder what that entails. One of their webinars mentions using 3D Coat and Houdini, together.
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    Smart Materials are based off Texture images or procedural noise. They are pixel based. Voxel / surface mode Shaders I believe are glsl (opengl) and hlsl (direct x) and they are vertex based. Not all shaders bake well to the paint room. Some are not designed for it. Generally they are good for rendering in the render room but you can bake some of them depending upon your need. Pictures show the make up of the Copper shader in the sculpt room. Both the underlying works and the panel you see in the sculpt room. You can create your own shaders as well based off the current ones by selecting a shader and right clicking on it choosing (construct new shader). The panel will appear, you will choose a new name and adjust the settings to your liking.
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    Exactly. Something like this. I know this kind of project organisation from softimage or Maya. The solution is good. So why not port it to 3D Coat? Thank you Carlos
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    Just a short question someone can answer me: Did someone asked for a feature request to save used smart materials within scenes? I know smart materials are saved in the user folder currently. But if you share your scene with someone, then you have to export the smart materials as a 3bpack seperately. But what do you do, if you change your pc load the 3b backup scene and do not have any chance to get access to the workstation where you have created the origin scene? You have lost your smart materials then... So you know what I mean? This is something really important and another reason for the upcoming dynamic smart materials features.
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    The build "4.7.32" for macOS has been updated (please download it again). All smart materials from library "Various_01" are working now.
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    Managed to get this far with the mock up. Kept struggling with her arm design. Think for the most part its finished.
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    Mischief Makers was one of my favorite games growing up. I figured I'd give it a shot and try and model her with a more modern look.
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    Modeled in Hexagon 1.21 and Carrara 5.1 Pro. UV-mapped, and being painted in 3D-Coat 4.7.32.
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    I agreed the auto-routine could do with some more refinement. It will fail competely on some models while mudbox will create a fine mesh, At times it will put a large amount of polygons where not needed and not enough to cover some areas. Mudbox will do the same at times too but to a lot lesser degree than 3DC. I am not saying as AbnRanger said that any auto-routine will make a game ready mesh... I also would like to see the autopo routine follow the curvature better when using a lower amount of polygons... Painting Density still is a hit and miss. Sometimes seems to work other times not. You might find some interesting tips on this tutorial series by Christoph Werner, not that you are inexperienced but we all can get some new tips. The transform tool now is very good for creating polygons along cylinder type of model or model parts. That has been feature added since the below tutorial. Video 6 and 7 is on manually retopoing for a game ready model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptjEuJ8LbS0&list=PL3zXSVOeORuFJfJUczNtyc3bzzwjeSiTS
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    Yes sir, there are several artist here who have posted that type of work in the Wip / Finished work thread. Create a basic scene, render and take the scene into Photoshop or a similar application. Use the many blending layer modes to over paint the scene. I like over painting but it has been awhile since I done any. These are two old works created in 3DC and overpainted
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    I found this article very informative and thought I should share it here... I suspect many of the advanced users may already be doing this... http://www.creativebloq.com/fantasy/illustrating-dragon-3d-sculpt-14-steps-51620381 Cheers Ken
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    printed! it is very convenient to "rip" the modle to part in 3dcoat vox
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    Uploading Official Tutorial - 2 - Advance Core Shader , Light setup
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    I re-assembled the parts in Hexagon3D and did a further subdivision.... I find Hexagon easier to assemble parts in then 3DC as I can manually enter in co-ordinates for the X,Y & Z axis. I wish 3DC has this feature or perhaps it does? Criticism, tips, pointers, etc are more than welcome. Please don't be shy....
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    Thanks for the report! I have compared Sketch Tool from "3D-Coat 4.7.32" for Windows with "3D-Coat 4.7.32" for macOS. The problem with invisible initial cube and geometry changes has been resolved. The camera behaves identically between Windows and macOS builds. The build "4.7.32" for macOS has been updated (please download it again).
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    The cavity setting in the shader causes what you see. That is how it works... I know when these were first put into 3DC, I had the same question but that is how the cavity setting works. Right click on the shader and edit the shader cavity setting either permanently or temporarily. I tend not to use shaders that have a cavity setting either by turning it off or creating my own shader for sculpting... I just find the cavity setting distracting but some artist like them, so it is a artist call. Easy to create your own shaders without the use of cavity shown in picture For sculpting I use a clay color type shader. The other picture show my two that I created and like.
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    Two words come to mind. 1) Thread 2) Ripper. Coming to Computers stores near you, in July.
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    Free Upgrade to ZBrush 4R8 is out now. There is no more version of 32 Bit. http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?207225-ZBrush-4R8-Available-Now!&p=1210646&posted=1#post1210646 Please help with a ZBrush 4R8 AppLink - Many Thanks
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    I do not believe it is possible at this time... There is somewhat of a workaround: As you build your topology you can use the seam tool to separate the edge loop faces. Just do not unwrap. The choice of colors is auto by 3DC and the loop faces colors can change at times if you delete some seams. Once completed with the retopo, clear your seams. I changed my seam selection color to white under the preferences menu. Remember this is just a workaround. A feature request would be what you need to do. Do not view the picture as quality retopo and edge loops separation. I just used an autopo and then built on that to only demonstrate the process. Very busy this morning but did at least give you an idea. Since you would be building quality edge flow, you should be able to place loop seams easy and keep a track of your topology flow.
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    Just playing around in 3DC's paint room... Not too pleased with my color choice.