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    romance of black powder..
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    Yes, I have tried the different modi, but none was sufficient. I mean, add, subtract or magnify are all not correct for this case. You need something like reset depth to zero or smooth it even. The Normal Flatten Tool does this, as I see it, but not always perfect. Edit: Found a mode which works good. Set the blending mode "Suppress Depth" and use the Normal Flatten Tool. Most of the uneven edge goes then away.
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    full project + viewers : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0g0rK A character I did for an unfinished project, but I may use her in another one after some little tweaks... High+Low polys/Uvs done with 3dsmax, Baked with MightyBake, 4K PBR maps all made on 3D-Coat with StarWars-Redemption's SmartMaterials, rig/skin/posing with Akeytsu, rendered with Marmoset Toolbag 3.
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    I was trying to get Andrew to incorporate this into the CURVES tool, in some capacity...at least as an option, as the old legacy nodes is to cumbersome to work with. If you need to put a few close together, it really obstructs your view. Wish we had an alternative to use splines from the E-Panel, instead. I also asked him about using Curves as an optional DEFORM tool in the POSE tool. Could make it possible to model more intricate shapes, like those you find on automobiles. Might even be a good basis for a basic pose rig.
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    Here the walkthrough..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hPcyhuSr-Q
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    My friend asked me to model and animate a character for his band's music video. I've never really done a cartoon style, I usually do realistic stuff but I thought I'd give it a go. I was just given a very simple drawing to work from but he's a ruffian kid type character, like Bazooka Joe or Dennis The Menace. I'm sculpting the head and hands in 3DC, then moving to LightWave for clothes. He wears a hat that covers most of his hair so that's not a problem.
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    Attach material to the current layer allow you to resize textures -Textures -> Mesh & Texture Resolution- without loose quality. Create a new layer. Attach material to the current layer. Paint over it. Textures -> Mesh & Texture Resolution: change to 512x512 > Paint Textures -> Mesh & Texture Resolution: change to 2048x2048 > Paint Can you see the changes ? Texture resolution increase keeping the painted zones intact.
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    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you but there are already Horizontal and Vertical alignment tools present in the UV Room, however you need to have the Mark Seams tool active and in Edges mode for them to be displayed. You can then select edges in the UV Preview window and align them horizontally/vertically. They work the same as the Retopo Room versions (see video below).
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    is it a correct place to ask for a life-saving feature? plz, add 2 buttons to UV-room: align vertices/edges vertical and horizontal.
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    Release date confirmed, this Nov 7. Here's the full presentation for the release, solid features!
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    Found it! It was caused by the Rotate Along Stroke option. I guess that somehow got activated while using the Sphere tool. ZBrush has a Reset Current Brush and Reset All Brushes option. That'd be great in 3D Coat as well, reverting all settings to the defaults.
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    "Bug" Retopo room: "Use visible paint objects as retopo" is buggy. All objects will be used as retopo, not the visible only... So the sentence is a bit confusing. I would like to import the visible only or better: select the objects that have to be moved to the retopo room please. By the way: It would be very helpful to select which subobject have to be exported out of the paint room please. Not the whole scene.
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    I have built separate "3Dconnexion" navigator test. Please download and try this test: http://www.3d-coat.com/~sergyi/Tests/3D-Coat-3Dconnexion-Test.zip This is the engine of "3Dconnexion" input from "3D-Coat". It will show how "3Dconnexion" device effects on the FPS (plugged and unplugged). Please look at FPS. Please try both executables (DX - DirectX, and GL - OpenGL). Do you see any slowdown? For example, on my system under DX gives more than one thousand FPS and GL gives almost one thousand FPS (with plugged and unplugged "3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator", during navigation and without navigation). Also I have compiled two special executable files of "3D-Coat 4.8.04" for Windows: http://www.3d-coat.com/~sergyi/Executables/3D-Coat-4.8.04-NoSleepExecutables.zip Overwrite existing executable files "3D-CoatDX64C.exe" and "3D-CoatGL64C.exe" (or rename them before extracting the archive). Using these executable files FPS should never be low (even if you do not move the mouse or tablet pen, please pay attention to this detail). Run them and select Voxel Sculpting > small sphere. On my system DX give almost 300 FPS (with plugged and unplugged "3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator", during navigation and without navigation). Please contact me directly "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com".
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    This is a sketch made with 3D-Coat - C4D - Clip-Studio-Paint. Destined to be painted in oil and for pleasure
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    Hi there racerx, Yes I did buy the GTX 1050ti. Yup, basically the best upgrade I ever bought in 20 years of PC ownership. I have never had to push it concerning polycounts though. 25 million has been my max,( surface mode) but that has been painted on the vertex s ( vertices?) also. A tiny bit of slowdown when painting...but then I can just hide the parts I am not painting and its fine again. In the picture I just duplicated the "man" loads of times. I got up to 69 million just fine..went down to 12 FPS which was still usable for me, but did not try sculpting or painting. I tend to use surface mode mostly, so I suspect I could go even higher in that mode ! So basically yes I would recomend this card if you are on a budget... Funny thing is I actually got some payed work so its already payed for itself ten times over. ( 5 year old HP z400 zeon,16 mb ram Win 7 pro)
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    Hey guys, I just finished a new version of Applink. It's a first pilot version, which might be a little bit buggy, so please do not hesitate to tell me about them. Should also work on MacOS (I didn't test it yet). I was oriented on using R18 SDK for development, not sure if it's gonna functioning correctly with previous versions of C4D. How to install? - Uninstall the previous version of applink - Goto your Cinema plugin folder: To find the folder where Cinema 4D expects 3rd party plugins start Cinema 4D and go to the preferences (from the Edit > Preferences menu). You can see the path to the preferences folder at the bottom of the dialog. There is also a button to open the folder in the File Explorer / Finder. Click the "Open Preferences Folder..." button. The path on Microsoft Windows is typically something like: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R18_12345678\ The path on Mac OSX is typically something like: /Users/Name/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R18_12345678/ - Copy an entire "aplink" folder from archive to "plugins" subfolder. - Reboot Cinema. After installation you should have a 3D-Coat submenu in Plugins 3dcoat_for_cinema_v2.0.0.zip
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    Hi all ! Here's some stuff I worked on for The Burning Descent, an upcoming VR Game made @ RyseUp Studios, Lyon ( FR ). I worked on Coralie Bruchon's Baked 3D Models directly and only on 3DCoat ( still a GREAT pleasure to work on this software, I ♥ you guys for giving us this source of inspiration and good feelings =') ), with sutff I already used on StarWars - Redemption ( such as brushes, smartmaterials, deveopped along StarWarsRedemption's evolution ). I had to unify their look with the Environment I was responsible of during the whole prod, so here we go guys !
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    Done, @Fluffy is correct and it fixed for me, thanks a ton ! Cheers, Johngvc
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    Thks 20 minutes of "N'importe quoi"
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    A new update Version 2.0.1 **************** Fixed: - Issue with platform detection on some Linux distributions (Linux) - Applink now recognizes correctly when 3D-Coat is running (Linux/MacOS) - Default location for 3D-Coat exchange files (MacOS) 3dcoat_for_modo_v2.0.1.zip
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    A lot of people say that zbrush is bedder at organic sculting than 3dcoat, but man 3d coat is powerfull all around, the cast shadow possibility help tou see the form better then a matcap material. hope you enjoy those video.
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    Another way that can help is to split your model and work each part individually. That will give you more control.
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    great gob! thanks for share.
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    We already have 3DC internal render engine plus the new Renderman implementation. However I saw this open source render from Radeon which is pretty good and free ( I'm not sure with Renderman if you can use the rendered images in a commercial project? ) If not then the renderman implemention is limited to hobbiest and portfolio renders ) Maybe the Radeon Render Pro would be a good alternative? https://pro.radeon.com/en/software/prorender/
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    Yes, UVs are there. And the voxels are not shown. It is because of the orthopgraphic view it seems.
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    Some examples of my photography...
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    Currently experimenting archviz on UE4, I'm wondering if I can use 3DC as a fairly basic obj/fbx hard surface asset re-modelling tool. Just as example I need to close door holes on a wall, or change the shape of skirting, exporting the pre-made asset from UE4 and changing it, next exporting him back to UE. In my experience with 3DC the feeling is it's not what is focused on, got a demo copy of C4D and was able to achieve this in a short time, but the price is overkill for my needs.
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    Hair from HairModeler inside 3D Coat for custom colour painting and custom stylising in the tweak room!!!!! Uses only one texture (one diffuse and one normal) size 256 x 256!!!!! And a render comparison with the texture replica option on (custom user png) !!!
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    @Shift StudioI recently had a similar issue with retopo models being much too large and it turned out that all the Scene Scale settings had changed (I'm still not sure what caused it), so if you're having problems you may want to check in the Sculpt Room (Geometry menu > Edit Scene Scale) and make sure the X, Y and Z shifts are set to 0.0 and the SceneScale value is still at 1.0?
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    https://www.fxguide.com/featured/udim-uv-mapping/ Texturing is central to 3D. From UV to UDIM to Ptex, it is easy to think one technology has just displaced another, but the reality is more complex. UDIM UV mapping has enormous popularity for texturing in the face of much newer systems such as Ptex (which works very well in its own right). While Ptex may still yet win the texturing heart of pipelines around the world, it has not yet become the dominant force.
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    Hi @Carlosan and @Fluffy, I've tried it again today, and it worked (see my attached artistic masterpiece). Thanks a lot! I checked if there were multiple objects in the Paint Objects, and there was only one, but I guess the problem was that I had already painted on the model using vertex colors, before switching off Show Voxels In Paint Room. Have a nice evening, Metin
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    Greetings to all fellow artists , friends , co workers , pro and hobbyist. As promised , i am keep adding new exciting software to our lifetime tutorial collection. Yesterday an exciting collaboration with Kukeygara Akeytsu took place. I will start adding Akeytsu animation tools to my tutorials (where i feel is needed) and i promise that you are going to love this piece of software , even more than i did. (if you want more just let me know , as always you can email me with requests etc) This is so far and by far the easiest and pro quality results animation system i have ever used , and i have used and still use a lot of them. All who buy tutorials with Akeytsu in the workflow / pipeline can extent (if needed) their free trial version by contacting Nukeygara team. ---> NOTE : For our single tutorials now , you can buy the learn license ($39) if you want and i will cheap in a bit by making an exclusive discount on the current tutorial you are interested (just email me asking for the discount before you buy the tutorial) to help you all buy it. I do this on my own to help anyone who is in need of the learn license of Akeytsu but needs a bit of support to buy it. Other exciting news , ----> Hero mouse tutorial Hero mouse tutorial was fully uploaded a couple days back 2 notes here : a) A substance Designer tutorial on how to make materials and get them on 3D Coat is being prepared , ALL Mouse Hero tutorial users WILL RECEIVE THIS FOR FREE!!!! Fur with Houdini , i am re doing this part from scratch , as it came out super technical unfortunately. I am re making it more artist friendly and will be uploaded by the end of the week ----> BUST MADE EASY PENNYWISE IT FULL TUTORIAL Bust tutorial Is half way there , with many additions , tips , full workflow and i decided to make a new part on it , to expose EXACTLY WHY YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH BUSTS , what is going on , why you cant do it right, and what to do in order to achieve pro results. DONT MISS IT See you all soon and thank you for the great support , what the best i can to support back. Michael.
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    Use the depth slider to adjust the amount of extrusion to apply while drawing.
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    As mentioned in the following Auto-Retopo videos, thin objects are problematic for the algorithm and should be done with manual retopo tools...such as the Strokes tool.
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    Glad that it helped, and yes 3D Coat really is a treasure trove of features just waiting to be explored! I must admit despite owning both Substance Painter/Designer and Quixel neither of them get very much use in my current workflow as I find the tools in 3D Coats Paint Room to be more than adequate for most tasks and constantly switching apps and importing/exporting files can be such a pain at times.
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    i uninstalled, deleted the folder, reinstalled, copied all my preferences back over, and so far the issue has not come back. drastic, but it works for now. I hope they get this bug sorted out.
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    You can triangulate a retopo mesh during texture baking by enabling the Triangulate option, then just export the model from the Paint Room.
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    Probably an issue with the spline conversion. Not at my computer right now. It obviously will work with imported OBJs so you may have to create fonts in something like MoI then voxelize. Sent from my SM-T825 using Tapatalk
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    BUST LIKE A BOSS https://gumroad.com/products/ebNCs you guys requested this now that the Mouse Character Tutorial is about to be delivered (came out awesome and you are going to learn soooooo much from it) LINK---> https://gumroad.com/products/XsAw So , you requested a very detailed HOW TO BUST FULL TUTORIAL , to learn everything , practice techniques , how pros do it , to answer questions regarding likeness busts , all the tricks and tips , FACIAL BRUSHES and in general to brake it down and make it easy EVEN if you never sculpted before. DONT MISS THIS ONE AS WELL Pennywise BUST FULL TUTORIAL Materials will be free to the lifetime materials collection Brushes will be free on the brushes lifetime collection Tutorials will be free on the tutorials lifetime collection https://gumroad.com/products/ebNCs
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    Updated to 4.8.04 - fixed problem of very long importing for PPP in some cases.
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    Of course, maybe you tried import checkbox "Import tiles as UV sets". Why is it not working for you? It is done specially for UDIM. Memory consumption is big issue, not easy to resolve, it requires complete re-ingeneering ppp painting...
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    Hi all, I have noticed that when I am doing Retopo that sometimes when it asks me to brush on density the color is black or near black, and other times I can barely see it. What causes this and how do i make it work properly? When it is just a bit of dark it doesnt seem to work as well. I have tried the brushes but nothing seems to make a difference. Am I doing something wrong? Also when doing the strokes for retopo how do you delete just a single point. Everything I am doing is deleting the entire thing.
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    Realtime Tasmanian Devil. WIP, 3Dcoat Model and textures from Voxel to Lowpolly. Unity 5.6.1 Screen capture with custom WIP shaders for Fur and SSS.
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    You can adjust the near clipping plane under Preferences / Viewport / Near plane modulator