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    From the album Kargall-3DC

    Hello, Here is my latest work for an oil painting.. This was very long to manufacture because I Experienced many functions. I beat my record: 50 milion polys ... Wouaaa .No retopo (too complicated and too long), rendu and textured with 3DCoat, 3DCoat is really a very great software.
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    4.7.29 [beta] - Copy / Paste / Copy reference / To materials library in RMB menu. - Fixed problem of non-deletable layers - Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room. - "ReplaceDepth" may be masked by other layer. - Fixed problem of sliders. - Fixed problem of lag in retopo tool - Faster painting over layers with attached materials. - Fill whole layer with material dropped to history. - Support of materials references (instances) - Fixed problem of tiled import and treating materials as UV sets. - Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room.
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    4.7.27 [beta] - Important! Possibility to attach materials to layers. - Important! History of materials usage over layer. All materials that was applied to layer are stored in history together with all settings. - Important! Depth blending along stroke. - fixed different problems related to bake scan depth - possibility to render scene directly in Renderman - additional options for masking in Angulator tool. - "Divide" layer blending for the light compensation. - Bigger resolution for Model->Alpha, little tapering to avoid jags. - possibility to bake ligh in light baking tool separately for each object in scene.
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    Worked a bit on right arm and left leg.
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    Another dragon detailed in sculpt room. The model has 6 8192*8192 displacement maps
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    Finally found time to do the retopo. Did some detailing and painting, but I think I might redo it. Figured I'd share my progress anyway. Rendered it in Cycles.
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    I promise to go back to voxel sculpt. Oh, no! another drawing...
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    New user here but I've using 3D coat for a few months now. This program is truly awesome. Its completely revamped the way I make models (mostly do hard surface modeling). I love how it has normal baking, UV unwrapping, and I can even convert my low poly models to voxels to make a high resolution version. Of course the pairing section is my favorite part. The biggest problem is its too much fun to keep painting and adding more details its hard to stop. Definitely looking forward to future updates this program gets for sure, the features are really great. Here is one of the models I made the normals and did painting with in 3D Coat (its a mod for a video game):
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    Done! A retopo and then 3d print! I didn't make a pedestal... three points to take balance (2 feet + sword). Hazardous, may be.
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    new to 3Dcoat. i 'm from China, sorry for my bad English.
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    Thanks Digman. You and Tony have always been kind to me. Your comments give me a bit of the motivation I lack. Yep, 3D takes time. I admire your patience when it turns to explore new things (Photogrammetry). Running away from 3D once more; I saw some tutorials made by John Park on internet, and immediately ran to a stationer's shop to buy ball pens and stuff. So easily influenced.
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    I know; it's a bit too early to play with the smart materials...
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    Time to start something new. No matter if it takes time. & Never mind the bollocks!
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    Thanks Kenmo. I'm weak at Mech design though. Have to work more... Here's a paint over based on previous picture:
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    Thanks Digman. Lots of details were washed away during the printing process. I ask for a cheap plastic upon available materials and was punished straight on In a lazy cycle once more. Spent a few hours looking at Fuad good videos, and dreaming I could do the same. Ended up with that:
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    hey Yall! I just got the pro version looking forward to mingeling here is some stuff i already did with the trial. doe's any bodey know about the vox hide tool is it broken on mac?
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    #3 With some post work in Photoshop.
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    Hello everyone, I am a relative noob to 3D Coat, but I love the program. Here are a few of my first experiments. #1
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    First, from an artist view, not a gamer view. Not a dig on gaming, I gamed till my eyes fell out... Combat flight simulations, my record 24 hours straight. My fellow friend pilots came back on and said "What you never stopped flying" you a crazy pilot... I was and a good crazy one... knew all the tricks in the book for combat flight sims. Oh but this is about my first night with the Rift... Sculpting in Medium is a blast and wild... Standing up, you may be seated of course, with your sculpt with you in 3D vitural space, turning it around as you work on it, like being in a studio with your clay in front of you. LOL, I scaled the model to 10 feet tall by mistake. Final figured out how to shrink it... You can export your models in obj or fbx format plus import models as well that you start in 3DC. Quill. 2D painting but your canvas is the virtual space around you. that is another wild one. I have not explored that much yet... Viewing your own 360 degree painting created using 3DC in VR, being surrounded by it was great! Jama Jurabaev figured out how to create 360 paintings using 3DC. I followed his tutorial. That was posted here a several days ago Sketchfab, Viewing models in VR... I looked at one of my few models there, a 50 styles space ship with a space station sitting on the asteroid. My little space ship when viewed in 2D is now 3 feet long, the station over 10 feet tall and the asteroid even bigger. That was awesome... End of first night with the Rift...
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    Another enviro with 3dcoat assets.
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    Ghost recon. Detaling with displacement maps
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    Hi all, my name is Brian. I've dabbled in 3d for years, but never had the time to get completely serious about it. Still don't honestly, but I fit it in when I can. I consider myself a novice still, but I have a good foundation to work with. My sketchbook won't compare to most of the ones on here, as there are some great artists in this community and I'm a noob to 3DCoat. But here goes! Here's my first real sculpt after messing around with all the tools for a day. Didn't get too crazy as this is more about practicing on retopo, detailing, baking, texturing. Not for anything particular just trying to figure out a good workflow for myself. Hopefully I'll have a cooler looking finished render for you guys to check out soon. Anyways, any critique is welcomed and I'll see you soon!
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    OD_Copy paste allows you to copy and paste geometry between applications. Please somebody do 3dcoat version https://heimlich1024.github.io/OD_CopyPasteExternal/ The following applications are supported: Modo : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Lightwave : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Blender : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Maya : Vertices / Polygons / Weights (via Vertex Normals) (Implementation by Andre Hotz) Houdini : Vertices / Polygons / Weightmaps, UVMaps (Paste Implementation by Chris Wells) Others : Looking for contributors to write implementations for other 3d Apps (see TODO)
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    Removing the Nav lines. I removed mine some time ago... Go to the camera menu---Customize Navigation----Scroll to the bottom--- deselect all at the bottom as shown in the picture Camera menu-top right in the GUI
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    My 3rd speedsculpting video in 3d-Coat. This is my long W.I.P which I created in parallel work with a girl hair which you seen earlier =) I have many plans for this guy. I want use megascans to create an environment for him and many other tools to improve him =) So the new W.I.P. with a video will coming soon. And now enjoy from viewing this video. Hope you will like this guy and you will be interested in next WIP with him =) Happy viewing!
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    Adding to the idea of Javis, one thing I would like to see, and this would make it a lot more intuitive is to use the same system as Keyshot. To assign materials to models, drag and drop them from the library onto a part in the realtime window. This will show a preview of what parts that material will be assigned to. The material will not be assigned until the user lets go of the left mouse button.
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    Woohooo !! Another guy =D Still fully done with 3dsMax/3DCoat/Akeytsu =)
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    Instant Light PR2 78 Procedural Cloth SNEAKPEAK
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    Andrew set me straight on how to scale materials. Frequently you need to be able to scale a 3D Coat Smart Material so that it ‘stays the same’ on all objects you paint with it. It’s possible and here’s the trick: Right-click on magnify glass to reset texture scale Open up Smart Materials Editor and Click the small triangle next to the editor Edit the texture in the Texture Scale field Now every time you use the texture, be sure and right-click the magnify glass to ‘reset it’ to the correct scale.
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    Hi guys ! I've been working almost all days durings the holidays and I'm having fun doing environment stuff, the most exciting thing I found in the field of 3D industry =D ( the spacecraft is an old one which, well, can't fly cause it's not aerodynamic, but it's a good placeholder ^^" ) I'm also working hard on blueprint learning how to use it for making a plyable character with a super friend and teacher, Fantin Gislette, and for now, Meven can move, jump, use her jetpack ( without VFX and sounds but they'll come ^^ ) and grab her saber/gun =D It's sooooo fuuuuun ! Btw I'm still not really thinking about the leveldesign but the atmosphere and the place I want to move on ^^" I only have some sci-fi crates there and away to jump on and that's it ( but I want to slash droids...and move objects with the force and so much more ! ) So here are some screenshots guys, hope you'll find some interesting here and if you have any suggestion for some stuff to add on the ground/wall/anywhere I'll take care of it ( I have an "ideabox" where I write all the cool things I found anytime, so yours will be welcome =D ) Des bisous !
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    You are using the 3Ds Max preset. The reason you are having flip the green channel for Unity. You need to use the Unity preset. Click on the drop down arrow and choose Unity. Also since Unity updated it's standard shader, choose the Roughness / Metalness workflow. Make sure you put the Roughness map in the Metallic map's alpha channel.
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    Procedural Heavily Damaged Metals Pack 1 became a best seller really fast so here is Pack 2!! Gumroad : https://gumroad.com/products/JGBzU
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    my first glass attempts in 3D-Coat: ClearGlass.3dcpack IMPORTANT: Make sure Layer 0 opacity - 25% or lower! then on layer one (or any other layer above 0) use the glass material. make sure the material is on 100% opacity but the layer opacity is on a low % (me = typically choose 15% or less) --- message me if you = need any help sorting it out :]
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    Trying to mix different medias. The ground was made in 3dCoat. Other is scanned character sketch + Photoshop.
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    Are you into 3D Weapons??? Check those 3 collections 3D coat and Substance Painter https://www.artstation.com/p/96xrR https://gumroad.com/products/nOBt https://gumroad.com/products/Znwbx https://gumroad.com/products/mQIYB (Contains EVERYTHING) https://youtu.be/9n2nbzvsE7w
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    Some sort of air/space craft I'm working on. Few different software for this one but 3d-Coat is involved. Still working on my textures/materials, and the final image will be in space most likely.
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    The import for reference mesh under the Perform Retopology section, does need it's shader updated since 3DC went with the PBR workspace. I will mention this in the beta section. I use this method for retopo work on an imported model. Open a new scene and go to the sculpt room. Drag the model file into the voxel workspace. You will get this dialog panel. Check first image I posted. Default is" Import for Vertex Painting or Big Reference. You do not get the import dialog box, Model comes straight into 3DC's surface mode. If your model is a good working size once imported, your good to go. If the model is small in scale I use the below. Again drag the model file into the 3DC workspace. Choose Import into Voxel Space this time. Import settings... The import dialog panel will appear. Select import without voxelization. Scale to a working size using the transform gizmo. Click yes to keep scale. 3DC will remember the scale of the original model upon export from any 3DC room. Press the enter key or apply tab in the import dialog panel. To remove the proxy object select one of the brushes in the left tool panel. Choose a shader to revel the forms. Switch to the retopo for your retopo work. Done. Side note--- I just tend to use the Import into Voxel Space as I can scale the model up to the working size I desire and knowing that upon export the original scale of the model is kept. I also included a shader if you want to try it out. I use this shader for sculpting as it revels form well, doing retopo work and if I use any kind of tool that uses a mask. You can see the underlying model through the mask. Some of the shaders black out the model completely. To install the shader, go to the main 3DC file menu and choose "Install Extension". Select the extension I provided. Once installed, restart 3DC. Freeze.3dcpack
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    First, I would like to applaud AbnRanger for his deep knowledge of 3DC. Anyone viewing his fine tutorials will learn the many powerful features and functions of 3DCoat. I am sure AbnRanger will stop in and add his very experienced knowledge. Also some of the below information you might know already but I put it here just in case and for newer users... I create a backup copy of the original 3DC file in case something goes wrong which you might do already. 1. Sounds good. Able to pose the arms that way. 2.Thumbs up. You might know this but you can conform the retopo mesh to the transformation of the voxel or surface mode object using the Pose , Transform or Move tool. The pose tool and Move tool allows transforming through all volumes if needed. Conform Retopo Mesh and Though all Volumes is the left top part of 3DC's GUI. There generally is some mesh relaxing in the retopo room after the operation plus sometimes manual cleanup. For FYI-----Even after you bake for your normal map you can send the retopo mesh to the sculpt room. Do transformations and then rebake those transformations back to the paint room keeping your normal map intact plus any textures created. Not sure if AbnRanger has made a video on that yet. I used the method recently to create several different poses for a character... without losing the normal map or original photogrammetry textures. They do not get stretched but re-baked to the new transformation. I would show you but they are under a NDA agreement. 3. Another sounds good. 4. Bake away... 5. Do not forget to use "Names Correspondence" under the bake menu when baking so you do not get occlusion errors when the baking the body layer and cloth layer. AbnRanger has a video on that. The retopo layers and the voxel / surface mode layers names must be name the same for this method to work correctly. Picture relates to transforming bake retopo meshes
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    My last work I did for Grey Skies game. Here are some shots from 3d-coat sculpt room and final version overpainted in Photoshop.
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    Ok, reproduced and fixed, thanks, it was important.
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    thanks kenmo. More doodling with 3dcoat and photoshop.
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    Finally got it uploaded for you!!! 3 part Glass advance collections for realistic glass. https://gumroad.com/products/ZtiK https://gumroad.com/products/gDZDw https://gumroad.com/products/yRCUL
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    When will we be able to position the lights in the scene? :-)
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    I dont think raziel is takling about the GUI . I think he/she means the polygon construction is causing waves...I think the mesh just needs to be "relaxed" Go to the top line where it says "Extra Det" ( detail) and change it to "relax" then use ctrl+ shift to relax the polys. ( i think its control shift)
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    Windows builds of 4.7.27 are uploading to Google Drive now. It will be a little while before they are done. So if folks want to wait for that, check back in an hour.
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    Many many thanks for the good words and support J
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    Import the Hi-Res model (obj) into either voxel mode or surface mode. Run autopo or manually create your low polygon mesh. Optionally create your retopo mesh in ZBrush and import that into the retopo room for the retopo mesh. Create your uv seams, unwrap and then bake to the paint room for either a displacement map or a normal map. The above is not a tutorial, just answering the question that it is possible.
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    I would love native support for dual monitors in 3D Coat so I can undock panels and move them too. For now though this is a workaround way for those of us with multiple monitors: