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    Features of upcoming 4.8: http://3dcoat.com/V48/ (will be updated) Promo video comes tomorrow! Windows [4.8.02]: 3D-Coat 64-bit macOS [4.8.01]: http://www.3d-coat.com/~sergyi/3D-CoatV4-8-01.dmg Ensure to check "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > click the "lock" > select "App Store and identified developers" (when only "App Store" is selected error message is displayed "3D-Coat" can't be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store) On "Retina" displays uncheck "3D-Coat > Geometry > Incremental Render" Linux [4.8.01]: http://www.3d-coat.com/~sergyi/3D-CoatV4-8-01.tar.gz How to create shortcut Changes list since 4.7.37C: 20.09.2017 4.8.02 - Space panel text recovered - Japanese fonts corrected again - Correct booleans with flipped objects - Dropdown arrow in materials window (and other) recovered - little tweaks to make medium/large UI modes to be correct. 18.09.2017 4.8.01 [should be stable] - New set of smart materials! - Bump for materials is now pen radius independent! It correctly depends on material scale. - Much better folders UI - better PLY support (import meshes that contain UV) - Edit Scene Scale in retopo room - Correct show/hide start menu, scaling Start menu in correspondence with screen resolution. - Correct bias for wireframe of primitives - Correct UV-ed faces subdivision in retopo room. - Correct default parameters in Wrap/Axial tools. - Recovered Fit tool. - Added the outer radius into retopo torus primitive. - Camera Snap Settings - Store last transform for the materials - Fixed Scratches2 tool - Correct Japanese font - Ptex-related crashes fixed. - Renaming shaders in RMB menu - Fixed problem of long droplists/menus with scrollers. - If by some reason cache information is lost, you will be warned during the scene loading.
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    4.7.37 [beta] - Possibility to assign fixed bump to smart material, independent from pen radius and depth. - Fixed different problems in retopo primitives. - Fixed breaking UV-s in Intrude/Shell (retopo modeling tools) - Fixed a lot of problems relater to material attaching, including crashes, undo, memory leaks, correct resizing of smart material. - If there are too many folders in materials/stencils etc, they will be represented as droplist. - Re-attaching material if you select other material over layer with attachment. - Correct displacement visualisation in ppp approach. - Correct displacement import, scaling coefficient correctly used. - Warning about missing cache to avoid loosing cached volumes.
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    Another try to improve 3DC gui. My attached concept explains a way how window folders should be displayed in the future. It is needed for all areas and one of the most important improvements in my eyes. Drop your 2 cents if you like it. Thank you Chris
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    Fuad's workflow is really good...
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    Updated to 4.8.02 - Space panel text recovered - Japanese fonts corrected again - Correct booleans with flipped objects - Dropdown arrow in materials window (and other) recovered - little tweaks to make medium/large UI modes to be correct.
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    Outpost. 3DCoat + Photoshop
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    Same shot, different story. I had two different ideas for the same shot. Instead of choosing one, I did both.
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    Same deal. 3DCoat assets with photoshop.
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    Some Alien: Covenant fanart Same as before. 3D Coat assets with PS postwork.
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    Hey, folks, I just want to share some work we are creating here in Brazil using 3D-Coat on an online training course focused on characters. It's the first one in Brazil! Until now, we are working with everything that 3D-Coat has to offer, from hard surface to organic sculpt. The classes about human characters (cartoonish) will start in a few weeks, so until now we are starting to learn the software creating some robots and weapons. Hope you like it and will update here soon!
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    Please send Andrew an e-mail requesting this. He may be having trouble getting the person who made the applink, to follow up. A reminder e-mail, may get him to try again or find someone else to step up.
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    Tiling Engine 'Sandbox Tiler' - Fill with Voxels ***Please support this idea on Trello*** I have had this idea of a system whereby we can create easily Tiling textures using Voxels ever since Andrew started working on the Alpha for V3. The easiest things to compare it to are Zbrush's Tiling Canvas or Corel's Painter Pattern making function where you paint and your brush will go off the edge of the canvas and wrap around to the opposite side. Therefore creating easily tiling textures without worry. The difference here being that you are using actual voxel geometry in 3DC instead of on just a 2D canvas. I mocked up 3 images using Silo & photoshop to help demonstrate what I mean by this. It should work in theory very much like the Tiling Grid from the start up screen if you've ever used it. Advantages for using Geometry instead of painting bump (the two can be used in conjunction - paint high detail bump at the end of the process) -You can get a much nicer normal map that works better with game lighting engines. -You can extract an exact tiling 32Bit Displacement map for high resolution rendering. -Visualising the placement of objects in 3d space (e.g. overlapping bricks, grout, moss in cracks on different layers etc.) -works with Merge Tool -works with all Tools & Brushes -exactly replicates states of point cloud & surface that wrap around at the extents of the sandbox. Let me know what you think as I can imagine this would be of a lot of use to artists creating Tiling textures for games/film. p.s. Just realised how 'Tomorrow's World' this request is. Maybe by 3DC V4 or V5
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    Hadnt noticed these before, look nice using the renderman engine.
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    Did you try saving a config specifically for 3D Coat using the options menu in your 3Dconnexion properties window (you may also want to turn on Automatically Save Configurations). These are the settings I'm currently using for my 3D mouse. It's been a while since I had to set my 3D mouse up but I do vaguely remember struggling with lost settings and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with setting up & saving custom configs for each app.
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    https://renderman.pixar.com/news/presentations-renderman-art-and-science-fair-2017 Did you miss the big event? Then come check out the full recap! At SIGGRAPH we revealed a number of new technologies including a sneak peek of our hybrid CPU and GPU renderer called RenderMan XPU. Highlights include talks about Cars 3, Rogue One, RenderMan 21.5, and a look forward to RenderMan 22 and beyond. Thanks for everyone who made the event a success!
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    Updated with base 3D Coat sculpt (screenshots) NEW MATERIALS so far are more than 110!!! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Rd3OW gumroad.com/products/GQAsY
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    Hello Everybody, I begin a new post to present all my stuffs. Here is A humanoid wolf made with 3D coat and Zbrush. Hope you'll enjoy it.
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    Thank you Haunted for your comment! The structure of my horns are volontary a little angular. I prefer this, I think it's a little more dynamic. Here is the current work. Long stop in the hollydays, I'm currently working on the dreds and it's why they are transparent.
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    Hi, please send support-related question to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com Thx
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    Zoom out UVpreview and try to find faces outside UV Preview square box limits.
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    Behemoth. Ships modeled in 3DCoat,
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    I wish you good luck with your problem.
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    Just as I was answering this post, my laptop's mainboard died. So I have to wait until Monday to continue with tests. Here are the Specs of the Laptop: Dell XPS 15 9560 i7700 HQ 32 GB Ram NVidia Geforce 1050 GTX As soon as the laptop is working again, i will install the new (beta) version. I think it could be some rights problem, so I will install the program in another folder than Program Files. I'll keep you informed. Thanks for your help so far. Regards Alex
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    More than 90 Ultra Realistic SCANNED Weathering smart materials https://gumroad.com/products/eYZc https://www.artstation.com/p/8gXDm
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    Sometimes I missed a second undocked view to be able to edit there, while having the second view as a reference. Or a quad view. This might be cool for drafting hardsurface.
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    https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/fusion/ Price reduction from $995 to $295 for the Studio version, now with 3D camera tracking The world’s most advanced visual effects, 3D, VR and motion graphics solution! Fusion is the world’s most advanced compositing software for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers, and 3D animators. Over the last 30 years, Fusion has been used on thousands of Hollywood blockbuster movies and television shows. Fusion features a powerful node based interface that lets you quickly and easily create sophisticated effects by connecting different types of image processing tools together! You get a massive range of tools, incredible VR and 3D support, GPU accelerated performance, unlimited network rendering and more! Fusion gives you everything you need to create exciting broadcast graphics, dramatic titles, and even major feature film visual effects!
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    Insane reallife quality on this Orc series package. Really proud of it.
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    Hi Carlosan, Yes, I've seen that video a number of times. I try and watch all of your videos. A quick voxelization, some added damage, then exported as a large mesh works great to bake normals on simple models. Here's the original SketchUp model. Here's after processed in 3d coat and rendered in Unity.
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    That happens when you are zoomed way out. The Gizmo is proportional to the scale of the primitive, as it should be. However, I noticed that even zoomed in, when in orthographic view, some transform widgets are obscured by others. For example, the global scale widget in the center is obscured by the axis scale widget. Andrew really needs to revisit these from an orthographic view, as most modeling will be done from that view. I know what he will say..."you can make the same transforms from the Tool Options panel." But the problem with that, is, we don't need a work-around. We need the tools that are there, to work properly...not find a detour around the ones that don't.
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    Skin update , pure 3d coat render , fresh from the paint room. Scene files will be included , so many things to learn from it.
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    my first finished project 3d coat is amazing, the best tool in the market big thanks to the developers
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    From the album Bigrail

    Railgun turret fully done in 3D coat and rendered in Keyshot. I share my techniques on my channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/AntonTenitsky Background comes from Fotoref's photopack - https://www.fotoref.com/collections/non-featured/products/israel-arid-landscape I've bought soldier model here http://www.3dscanstore.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=770
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    @Andrew Shpagin, please allow us to enter any number of rows and columns with an integer slider in a Lattice deformer of the Primitive tool, instead of a drop-down list with just a couple of hardcoded presets. Also, please add a third slider for primitives like the cylinder and the tube (in the latter we can only tweak the number of spans on Y for some reason).
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    I'm sure these Wacom display tablets will be awesome however, the prices are too high for mere mortals like myself. I picked up this guy at the start of the summer for $459.00 and couldn't be happier, it's the Ugee 15.6 Inches HK1560 IPS Display Graphics Monitor Drawing Pen Tablet https://www.amazon.com/Ugee-HK1560-Resolution-DisplayPort-Rechargeable/dp/B01M5HGRZM/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1503877679&sr=8-3&keywords=ugee+16+display+tablet Inexpensive, responsive, low parallax.. For the driver install, once I purged my system of all wacom software (including the wintab drivers), it was smooth sailing. Again, would love to own a Wacom but just cant justify paying almost 4x the price.
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    0000454: Detach windows from 3DC main window 0001912: Windows dock finetunning: lock, collapse, place, floating Any +1 is welcome ------------- * I'm for an interface like maya, docking panels could be great.
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    It's been an issue for a long time. It only happens if the number of folders extends to the bottom of the UI. 3D Coat freaks out because it has no instructions as to what to do when it runs out of real estate. Subfolder access could help, but even without that, there shouldn't be such craziness.
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    We still have this NASTY problem with 3D Coat wigging out when there are a lot of brushes or materials in a drop list menu. This has been going on for a few years, now and I've reported more times than I can count. Can we PLEASE, PLEASE do something about this?
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    Hi all, Old newbie here. Been playing with 3DC for years now but as I've been getting more and more involved with the small cottage industry of Poser/DAZ Studio I wanted to get more familiar with 3DC for things like making skin maps and morphs and what not. I am 56 years old and I currently reside in the overly expensive area of Redwood City, California. I've always been known as the "class clown" in about every circle in RL and on line so I may, in time, get silly and hopefully crack you up.... or not... but that's not my problem! Enjoying a mostly tolerable mild summer but I really want more rain, I do NOT want to go back to a drought situation any time soon, no fun, considering I work my real job doing hair so washing hair, rinsing out color and perms is just so wasteful but can't be avoided. Any who hopefully the friendly folks here will tolerate my many questions as they come up. My current works are creating products for Hivewire 3D's Dusk and Dawn figures, currently finishing up the brother and sister Tommy and Tina for them. I'm pretty good in Photoshop and ZBrush and want to get much better in 3DC as I get more and more familiar with the many tools in this wondrous program. Thanks for the help in the past... now to go make a thread about skin help I need..... Richard
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    Finally after doing some research for the creation of Augmented Reality using Unity 5, got my first basic app copied to my phone. This is just for development testing purposes. It is not a game app but I can view my models in AR on my Android phone. I used Vuforial ARkit plugin for Unity 5. Installed the Android SDK and the Java Development Kit. Needed the Google USB driver. Unity could not see my Android phone till I installed the usb driver. Using a web cam to test the scene before building for the phone. There were a number of problems solved along the way. If interested in AR check out Vurforial ARkit plugin for Unity 5. Vuforia is not the only AR SDK available so you choose the one you desire. Nice way to show your friends some of your art too over a few beers of course. Now I got 3 ways to view my models. Regular Monitor view, VR and now AR viewing... Keeping the mind young as the body ages as I now 64 years around the sun. I seen tech expand from the horse and buggy days so to speak to the modern era of technology. Man, when I was a young kid , there were no transistors only vacuum tubes. We used to go behind the TV to watch the tubes warm up to a rich glow when turning the set on. https://www.vuforia.com/ https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/92515
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    I don;t think the Bridge tool author is still with 3D-Coat but for quad filling, use RFill.
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    AbnRanger has it correct. If my scanned model is not closed. I import with thickness, using only the thickness for inner. Once the model is voxeized, I close all holes and run fill voids to fill the interior of the voxel object. I will use the cut off tool to silce off parts of the model to make sure all has been closed and no cavities are left. I just undo after each section cut , then rinse of repeat. Cavities in the voxel object can cause Autopo to fail. I stick with voxel mode when repairing scanned meshes, once fixed of course you can switch to surface mode if needed.
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    Seems that the people at Nevercenter decided to revive Silo 3D's development.. They just released 2.5. New features coming also apparently. http://cgpress.org/archives/silo-2-5-released-marking-a-return-to-active-development.html Release notes: http://nevercenter.com/silo/release_notes/
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    Good news everyone ! http://www.cgchannel.com/2017/08/pixar-unveils-renderman-22-and-renderman-xpu/ Renderman going cpu/gpu, that's pretty cool for 3dc
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    I built a 7700k and a 1700 test rig. Both auto OCed. The 1700 at 3.7 and the 7700k at 4.7. 3DC 7700k is 20% faster in load+auto uv, 10% faster in curvature, same in ao (gpu bound), 1700 is nearly 2x faster in smart material fill. Overall the ryzen feels more responsive. Both systems were crippled slightly because i was using my os ssd which was built for i7 920. When doing a clean install on the 7700k before i returned both,, ssd IO was much faster.
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    Hello guys. I was on holidays, and didn't have a lot of time to work on my satyr. Here is some news: I've poursuit the posing in zbrush, because the posing tool was more intuitive for me than the 3dcoat one. Then make some base for the accessories in 3Dcoat then imported them in zbrush. And I project to make the hair and fur in zbrush with fibermesh. It was hard to learn zbrush in deep, and hopefully, I've had some base on zbrush. I think that the combo 3Dcoat then zbrush is really cool and effective. Would love to make all in 3Dcoat but zbrush has functions that 3Dcoat don't. Here is the progression:
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    From the album Wojtek Kapusta - finished works

    Another shot of final scene of 'the Dispute' story. I spent some more time to find good shot and also worked more in Ps this time.
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    From the album FanArt

    This is a personal project inspired by the classic game Mega Man. The concept is by myself. Hope you like it!