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    Worked a bit on right arm and left leg.
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    I promise to go back to voxel sculpt. Oh, no! another drawing...
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    New user here but I've using 3D coat for a few months now. This program is truly awesome. Its completely revamped the way I make models (mostly do hard surface modeling). I love how it has normal baking, UV unwrapping, and I can even convert my low poly models to voxels to make a high resolution version. Of course the pairing section is my favorite part. The biggest problem is its too much fun to keep painting and adding more details its hard to stop. Definitely looking forward to future updates this program gets for sure, the features are really great. Here is one of the models I made the normals and did painting with in 3D Coat (its a mod for a video game):
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    Done! A retopo and then 3d print! I didn't make a pedestal... three points to take balance (2 feet + sword). Hazardous, may be.
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    new to 3Dcoat. i 'm from China, sorry for my bad English.
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    Thanks Digman. You and Tony have always been kind to me. Your comments give me a bit of the motivation I lack. Yep, 3D takes time. I admire your patience when it turns to explore new things (Photogrammetry). Running away from 3D once more; I saw some tutorials made by John Park on internet, and immediately ran to a stationer's shop to buy ball pens and stuff. So easily influenced.
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    I know; it's a bit too early to play with the smart materials...
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    Time to start something new. No matter if it takes time. & Never mind the bollocks!
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    Thanks Kenmo. I'm weak at Mech design though. Have to work more... Here's a paint over based on previous picture:
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    Thanks Digman. Lots of details were washed away during the printing process. I ask for a cheap plastic upon available materials and was punished straight on In a lazy cycle once more. Spent a few hours looking at Fuad good videos, and dreaming I could do the same. Ended up with that:
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    hey Yall! I just got the pro version looking forward to mingeling here is some stuff i already did with the trial. doe's any bodey know about the vox hide tool is it broken on mac?
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    I would love native support for dual monitors in 3D Coat so I can undock panels and move them too. For now though this is a workaround way for those of us with multiple monitors:
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    Hi! my name is Enric Sant, I'm from Barcelona, spain. I'm concept artist, but usually Im generalist, I made 2d, 3d, animation, environments, particles etc... I've been working on video games for the last 7 years, and 4 years ago I create with 4 partners the company www.omnidrone.net, we do casual gaming for mobile platforms. I discovered 3d coat some months ago, and I started to use it seriously in february of this year, Its amazing. here the last 3d concept I made in 3d coat, I hope you like it! CU!
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    Hi Is this command
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    wow, sounds great hope you and your team can make fast progress without having to squish too much bugs
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    On the website, it says "Bakers" - but not included yet, right? Or did I overlooked something, again?!