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  1. Updated links on first page to update shaders (anisotropy, sss).
  2. 4.7.17 (possibly stable, need to approve) - Proxy slider. Windows->Proxy slider allows to change proxy density on the fly. - Correct inverted mask preview in cube/cylinder/etc mapping modes. - Edit in external editor padding problems fixed - PSD edit in PS padding width increased in correspondence with settings - A lot of new shaders for concept disign (not for baking). - Fixed buggy merely visible glow around the stroke with gloss/metallness - Instant Light preset included
  3. I included the preset into 4.7.17. If you have any propose how to integrate it with 3DC better, please write me to support.
  4. Just report about our investigation about this task: The problem happened because there was layers below layer 0. You need to delete that layers and all will work. Anyway, it is fixed in 4.7.17
  5. Please send me the scene to support, I will try to reproduce.
  6. Turn off automatic antialiasing in video diver settings. For example in NVidia settings just set "Settings according to 3D application"
  7. Reuploaded, link updated due to pose/axial gizmo problems.
  8. Попробуйте 4.7.16
  9. 4.7.16 - Spline points are in 3D in almost all cases (except manual detouching). It means you may rotate curve in 3D even if points are outside the model. - Export Depth along Y problem fixed, now sader baked more correctly, transform of object correctly treated for shader baking, painted color correctly blended with shader. - Borderline for VoxExtrude etc visible again - right align of read-only numerical controls - A lot of polishing in retopo primitives
  10. Проблема в том, что FBX SDK () не работает с русскоязычными путями. Потому, если папка пользователя - русская, то с FBX проблемы. Эта проблема отчасти решена в 4.7.14, FBX напрямую сохраняется в конечную папку без создания временных файлов в папке пользователя. Но если в конечной папке есть кириллица в названии - FBX работать не будет.
  11. 4.7.14 - Export Depth along Y correcly exports PBR compatible result. Shader will be baked to the textures as well. - Fixed crash in primitives tool - Possibility to overwrite depth of current layer over bottom ones, see layers options - see Replace depth and Layer height - Gizmo in Bas-relief visible again
  12. 4.7.13 (very probably stable) - Video hints! The example The list of controls covered by video hints will be updated automatically online. - Retopo cube primitive has correct topology, without zero-sized bevel. - Correct freeze with conditions - Correct icons for retopo primitives
  13. 4.7.12 - New primitives in retopo room - cylinder, torus, cube, ellipse, spiral. - Layer picker fixed (does not pick invisible, AO, normalmap layers) - Numerical values in gizmos are moving ojects as well (for pose/transform). It was broken in 4.7.11 - Draw spline stroke in a single pass, each next stroke in strokes bunch uses initial normals and surface placement. - Whole spline movements works correctly with 2d/3d snapping. - more safe fbx export for non-english user name
  14. 4.7.11[beta] - Primitives for retopo room. This is rather template than complete toolset. Only one primitive present there, list will be essentially extended in next update. - Coat tool. This is non-destructive and precise version of VoxLayer. This is important step, it opens family of nondestructive tools in 3D-Coat. - Imput decreased (the time between human's action and visual feedback on the screen). - Enable VoXRay in surface tools, Backface culling will be turned off in VoXRay tool. - Correct normals sampling usage in Live Clay based tools. - Fixed crash related to extrusion using "Initial vertex normals". - Everywhere in primitives edit boxes replaced with sliders. - Better quality for 3D lasso selection - Undo for renaming layer - All Raul's tools updated - a lot if small stability fixes.
  15. Possibly option files are corrupted, try to delete Options.xml in User/3D-CoatV47/