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  1. Possibly option files are corrupted, try to delete Options.xml in User/3D-CoatV47/
  3. Try to bake without baking AO. Just uncheck the checkbox.
  4. Try what I done. Sphere + LC strokes + patch 64 polygons + bake 16K Does it work for you?
  5. I tried a bit sculpted sphere + retopo simple patch, bake 16 K. Baked successfully. I have 4gb VRAM + 32 gb RAM.
  6. The problem may appear over seams over edges with split normals. On smooth edges it will not appear. There is trick to avoid it. Import normalmap, then rename layer to Normalmap[ext] I am thinking over better solution, but this one works.
  7. 48 is not too much. Strange.... Try to ghost all objects (but one with alt click). Will fps grow essentially?
  8. Generally now working with >100 or 200 objects becomes essentially slower. Arrays will save situation in some degree.
  9. Too much objects is really performance eater. Each ring as separate object - will not work. We generally plan to make arrays, it will make possible to operate with big count of similar objects.
  10. It is generally useless to check because code is very complex. But if you have scene where order is not kept or other problems happening - please send it to support, it will help to solve the problem.
  11. This is fundamental problem that generally may be solved using 16 bit normalmaps.
  12. 4.7.10 (stable) - Unify UV command to drop all faces to the current UV set - "Editt points" in Lathe tool shows coordinates in more logical way. - Correct stencil mapping and preview, there was problems with object scale and preview - Warning shown if texture in smart material missing - Correct preview for stencil/materials in navigation mode for cylinder/sphere mapping. - Correct UnhideAll command in UV/retopo room (was not working in Mark Seams mode) - Cone primitive got "USe sector" option compatible with bevel. - correct Ptex export with LWO files using Export menu. - Seed value for smart material noise
  13. Try to copy the link on the top and open in other browser. Looks like browser bug. Maybe reboot PC. Also try to upload some trivial model, like cube, possibly edge may not open big html files.
  14. Have you entered correctly Sketchfab key? After pressing Upload to sketchfab you should get to page like this FEATURES LEARN GALLERY COMMUNITY COMPANY BUY DOWNLOAD UPLOAD SCREENSHOT Copy & Share: Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard Attention! It may take several minutes to process this model on Sketchfab server. If you see 404 Error Message please reload this page. List of uploaded images Edit Title & Description