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  1. In one of beta versions it was so. But in 29 build all should be quick.
  2. Oh, I mean "Use source positions"
  3. I checked. If you import for per pixel painting and then export, the order of position vertices will be kept. You may check Keep positions in export dialog for better precission. But import/export for vertex painting will not keep order, it is inavoidable. But in your case ppp is best solution.
  4. Can't reproduce the problem, please provide steps to reproduce.
  5. Please send me to example of model where order is not preserved and what you do with the model (steps to reproduce).
  6. 1 - what do you mean? Filling not performed on new layer after pasting?
  7. Please clarify. Is the window with materials empty?
  8. 4.7.29 [beta] - Copy / Paste / Copy reference / To materials library in RMB menu. - Fixed problem of non-deletable layers - Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room. - "ReplaceDepth" may be masked by other layer. - Fixed problem of sliders. - Fixed problem of lag in retopo tool - Faster painting over layers with attached materials. - Fill whole layer with material dropped to history. - Support of materials references (instances) - Fixed problem of tiled import and treating materials as UV sets. - Find Sun button in parameters of additional lights in Render room.
  9. In 4.7.28 gradient controls are visible. But in 4.7.24 they are not. So in Win version it works in Mac - still not.
  10. Ok, reproduced and fixed, thanks, it was important.
  11. I tried a lot, but was not able to reproduce. If you will point the way to reproduce, that could be just excellent.
  12. You may save material and load on other layer using History panel.
  13. 4.7.28 [beta] - fixed many reported issues about smart materials attaching - Fixed UI flickering in curve edit window - Retopo via decimation in RMB menu - Divide blending corrected - Render room flickering fixed - Fill tool controls visible
  14. There is no such problem on my end... Maybe some key is stuck?
  15. I mean: Will it be more correct if I will make it to work in this way: 1) If you selected layer with attached material and then selected other layer then no materail will be active 2) If material is active but not attached - it will remain when you select new layer.