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  1. Updated to 4.8.02 - Space panel text recovered - Japanese fonts corrected again - Correct booleans with flipped objects - Dropdown arrow in materials window (and other) recovered - little tweaks to make medium/large UI modes to be correct.
  2. Features of upcoming 4.8: (will be updated) Promo video comes tomorrow! Windows [4.8.02]: 3D-Coat 64-bit macOS [4.8.01]: Ensure to check "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > click the "lock" > select "App Store and identified developers" (when only "App Store" is selected error message is displayed "3D-Coat" can't be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store) On "Retina" displays uncheck "3D-Coat > Geometry > Incremental Render" Linux [4.8.01]: How to create shortcut Changes list since 4.7.37C: 20.09.2017 4.8.02 - Space panel text recovered - Japanese fonts corrected again - Correct booleans with flipped objects - Dropdown arrow in materials window (and other) recovered - little tweaks to make medium/large UI modes to be correct. 18.09.2017 4.8.01 [should be stable] - New set of smart materials! - Bump for materials is now pen radius independent! It correctly depends on material scale. - Much better folders UI - better PLY support (import meshes that contain UV) - Edit Scene Scale in retopo room - Correct show/hide start menu, scaling Start menu in correspondence with screen resolution. - Correct bias for wireframe of primitives - Correct UV-ed faces subdivision in retopo room. - Correct default parameters in Wrap/Axial tools. - Recovered Fit tool. - Added the outer radius into retopo torus primitive. - Camera Snap Settings - Store last transform for the materials - Fixed Scratches2 tool - Correct Japanese font - Ptex-related crashes fixed. - Renaming shaders in RMB menu - Fixed problem of long droplists/menus with scrollers. - If by some reason cache information is lost, you will be warned during the scene loading.
  3. 4.7.37 [beta] - Possibility to assign fixed bump to smart material, independent from pen radius and depth. - Fixed different problems in retopo primitives. - Fixed breaking UV-s in Intrude/Shell (retopo modeling tools) - Fixed a lot of problems relater to material attaching, including crashes, undo, memory leaks, correct resizing of smart material. - If there are too many folders in materials/stencils etc, they will be represented as droplist. - Re-attaching material if you select other material over layer with attachment. - Correct displacement visualisation in ppp approach. - Correct displacement import, scaling coefficient correctly used. - Warning about missing cache to avoid loosing cached volumes.
  4. Thanks a lot for instuctions, I reproduced and fixed for next release. To avoid, please check "Export Color".
  5. Ok, corrected.
  6. 4.7.36 [stable] - Fixed problem of Smart material editor. - Snapping with SHIFT - navigation to 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees. - Pressing CTRL in UV preview window (in UV room) shows selected islands cycled to neighbour UV tiles. - Possibility to store camera position in preset - Gizmo appears even if one point of the transform cage selected
  7. texturing

    This is the reason (flying piece top right)
  8. Please send me scene to, I will test and fix.
  9. Textures->Import color/albedo создает слой по имени файла.
  10. 4.7.35 [beta] - Custom render size restored in render room. - Fill with gradient noise problem fixed - Preventing duplicate split rings.
  11. Use Lock icon near radius control.
  12. 4.7.34 [beta] - square alphas complete support, even older ones will act correctly. - possibility to change font size in Preferences->Theme. 4K monitors support. Font will be automatically changed to big size on large resolution. - "File->Import multiple objects" to import multiple objects in diferent ways. - Fixed memory leaks during materuals to layers attaching - Checkbox in Underccuts/bas relief to limit effect below the plane. - Import AO with channel picking - Problem of laggy rotation of symmetry plane in General mode fixed. Picking point 2 is also fixed. - Select all in tweak room - Possibility to switch between 2 modes during navigation - around Y and free rotation. See navigation panel. I think it should be stable build, but need approving.
  13. 4.7.32 [beta] - square alphas distortions fixed. In some cases alphas require reimporting. Square alphas derived from 3D models supported as well. - fixed different little problems like rotate along motion and stamp.
  14. 4.7.31 [beta] - better support of square alphas. Less clipped at edges. - All tools are correctly compatible with layers attacments. - merge down, apply blending are working correctly with "Replace depth" and materials attaching.
  15. 4.7.30 [beta] - Possibility to change resolution of texture, attached materials will be automatically resmpled. - a lot of problems related to attached materials fixed - correctly updated material ball in layer attachment preview. - square alphas support. - Problems of paste UV fixed.