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  1. After each stroke Coat writes Undo to disk. But usually you will never feel it. You may change path used for all files that are created dynamically (settings, new items, materials etc). It may take 500MB - 2 GB in general. Create file coat_data_path.txt in installation folder and put path to new placement of data, like c:\3D-CoatDataFiles\
  2. Yes
  3. Updated to 4.8.04 - Fixed problem of baking sculpt shaders to paint room - Fixed problem of texture preview when you edit shader. - Bake menu in Paint room. It allows to drop paint objects to Sculpt room, modify there and bake normal/other maps back on paint object. - Plane tool in paint room works correctly with normalmap layer. - Sticky kays activation time increased to prevent false sticking. - fixed problem of very long importing for PPP in some cases.
  4. Try RMB->To uniform space.
  5. Maybe something unusual in model structure? For example several very close parallel layers of polygons? You may send me the scene to support to check, I may diagnose immediately.
  6. At the first glance problem is that shadow can't capture small details (rings) because of map size limits. Try not using directional lights, only ambient one. Try DOF to randomize light a bit.
  7. Of course, maybe you tried import checkbox "Import tiles as UV sets". Why is it not working for you? It is done specially for UDIM. Memory consumption is big issue, not easy to resolve, it requires complete re-ingeneering ppp painting...
  8. Possible reason is lack or resolution of shadowmap. Set 4096 shadowmap size in render settings.
  9. Btw, do you have OneDrive or SkyDrive attached to whole MyDocuments? It may also be the source of problems.
  10. Thanks for informing, I will remember it as source of problems.
  11. Similar problem was experienced recently by several customers. That are most common reasons: 1) There is some conflict between drivers on Windows 7. Installing Win 10 fixed the problem. 2) MyDocuments folder is placed on network drive. Should be on local drive. 3) There are too much pages open Chrome or other browser. Reboot helps.
  12. You need to try not only installing as admin, but running as admin. It is very strange that 3D-Coat's folder is in OneDrive folder. It should be in MyDocuments. What is your OS language? Does your user name contain some unicode characters (non latin)?
  13. So, you have no folder 3D-CoatV48 in MyDocuments? This may be reason of crash. Possibly 3D-Coat can't create this folder because of some limited permissions of access. Try to run 3D-Coat as Administrator.
  14. Try to delete all files MyDocs/3D-CoatV48/Options***.xml If it will not help, try to delete whole MyDocs/3D-CoatV48/ But keep backups it there is something important!
  15. Please download and install 3D-Coat from Will it run correctly?