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  1. 4.7.24 [stable] - Textures->Calculate cavity got important update. Now you may mix loacl cavity (usual) and long-range smoothed cavity (sampling based). It allows to get much better quality for PBR usage because many things depend on cavity quality. - Transform tool in paint room got "Scale around center" option. - Connector with PS works correctly with layers folders. - Tweak room's selection now visible (there was longstanding problem).
  2. The problem confirmed and fixed in upcoming 4.7.24
  3. 4.7.22 - Import tiles as UV sets fixed problem with negative tiles - Warning about incorrest scene scale. - Polished, improved retopo primitives - curve / line drawing problems corrected. Published only small changes for stability improvement. No slowdown there. Big things are in development.
  4. 4.7.19 - fixed problems related to "Lines/curve chunk" drawing mode in E panel (line was invisible). - Critical fix. Correct curves correction in export dialog. - Possibility to drag sphere primitive by connector line (like cube and transform gizmo). I hope this build should be stable. My main goal now is next stability point, so updates are frequent and relatively small.
  5. 4.7.18 - fixed several instabilities, including crash when switching from paint to render room that happens in 4.7.17 - Retopo primitives polished, new primitives included. UI in primitives polished. - Free form primitives from RtpModels palette working correctly in Retopo room. - Transform gizmo may be moved using not only arrows, but connector lines as well. - Fixed smooth over seams problem in multi-UV scene.
  6. I have not seen your letter, please re-send it. Tell me any keyword that may help to find your letter.
  7. Updated links on first page to update shaders (anisotropy, sss).
  8. 4.7.17 (possibly stable, need to approve) - Proxy slider. Windows->Proxy slider allows to change proxy density on the fly. - Correct inverted mask preview in cube/cylinder/etc mapping modes. - Edit in external editor padding problems fixed - PSD edit in PS padding width increased in correspondence with settings - A lot of new shaders for concept disign (not for baking). - Fixed buggy merely visible glow around the stroke with gloss/metallness - Instant Light preset included
  9. I included the preset into 4.7.17. If you have any propose how to integrate it with 3DC better, please write me to support.
  10. Just report about our investigation about this task: The problem happened because there was layers below layer 0. You need to delete that layers and all will work. Anyway, it is fixed in 4.7.17
  11. Please send me the scene to support, I will try to reproduce.
  12. Turn off automatic antialiasing in video diver settings. For example in NVidia settings just set "Settings according to 3D application"
  13. Reuploaded, link updated due to pose/axial gizmo problems.
  14. Попробуйте 4.7.16
  15. 4.7.16 - Spline points are in 3D in almost all cases (except manual detouching). It means you may rotate curve in 3D even if points are outside the model. - Export Depth along Y problem fixed, now sader baked more correctly, transform of object correctly treated for shader baking, painted color correctly blended with shader. - Borderline for VoxExtrude etc visible again - right align of read-only numerical controls - A lot of polishing in retopo primitives