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  1. Спасибо большое!
  2. Denis is my friend and he participated a bit in 3D-Coat's programming (he made panoramas droplist). Glad to see you there, Denis!
  3. Add facture, select it. In Paint room - paint with brush. Use RMB for facture properties.
  4. Factures are sort of big "easter egg" in 3D-Coat. Actually it is very powerful way to make super-detalized objects. For example you have landscape and want to cover it with grass, rock, sand etc textures. Of course direct painting over uv-ed mesh is bad idea there - huge textures will be required. Putting tiled texture is bad idea as well - tiling is well visible, edge between different textures is visible too. Factures is good solution for this. It is per-vertex textuing. UV coordinate assigned to vertex, textures are assigned per-vertex as well, if different vertices has different textures - they will be blended between each other and no seams will appear. But there are several problems: 1) Export. Engine/3d-package should support per-vertex color/alpha channel to use FBX exported from Coat. Usualy need to setup nodes to use exported result correctly. 2) Still unfinished a bit. No good textures, no defaul library of textures. No shaders included. I will include shaders in next build. That technology may be amazing and revolutionary, but still unfinished. But we are slowly moving it to useable state, it is not fast process. Some help may be really helpful - need license-free textures for factures. Grass, rocks, sand, etc with color, gloss and normalmaps. I attached missing shader, just install extension. It will work only for DX version. FacturesExt.3dcpack
  5. Do you use same version of 3D-Coat for Win and Mac? Older versions may fail on 3B files saved with newest versions. What versions used on Mac and Win? Let us continue discussion via e-mail - write me to
  6. 1. If you have several objects or materials, press ALT + eye icon in any panel (objects, material, surface, voxels, retopo, layers) to isolate - like in PS. Hiding polygons is also possibe. 2,3. I don't know. But OBJ/STL formats are very common for all applictions.
  7. I see you are using microvertex approach. I recommend PPP approach, it is much more suitable for painting and completely free from such problems. But if you are using MV, ensure that each UV set uses own separate material. Also, write me to e-mail if problem still not resolved, othervice I may loose the thread. Also I may look scene if you wil send it to me (3B file).
  8. just downsample hires textures twice. Mipmapped projection of textures is still not done...
  9. Похоже на то, что текущий слой перекрывается другим слоем на верхней части объекта. Я бы посоветовал послать меш на (Даниил), он поможет разобраться.
  10. Вероятнее всего UV-карта с самопересечениями. Да и версия оооч старая. Очень рекомендую 4.5.06 с форума или 4.5.03 с оффициального сайта.
  11. @chingchong Syberia has good concept, I played it, but we was considering some freedom for player. We was aiming to do something like Oblivion/Skyrim but with christian background. Include moral characteristics that force personage to do some uncontrollable thinngs. For example: - beat someone who is in bad relations with character even if player wants to stay peaceful. - avoid moving to some locatio due to too big "fear" of character. - steal something even if player does not want - just because player used to steal before. - stop fighting just by speach if character has experience in communication and fights never or rarely. - giving some money/items to other characters without will of player if character is kind. @Psmith Could be interesting to know your opinion on other articles, first article is just introductory, just questions and short story.
  12. I was asked about Pilgrim Progress game that we wanted to do. There are main problems: 1) It is not easy to do rpg-like gameplay where fighting is not main "background" action. There should be some background action, what may it be? We had idea of hero with many moral characteristics that does not always submitted to player, in some cases he may have own will based on his moral principles. 2) Generally it is too hard to make sort of gameplay based on Christianity, at least on protestant version of Christianity. If salvation does not depend on deeds there is almost no gameplay if purpose of game is salvation (like in PP book). 3) To be honest, after year of thinking over making game I started to disagree with main idea of the book. Mainly because of (2). There is almost no "gameplay" in traditional Christianity. So many peoples are just loosing real interest in deep christianity after several years and are becoming formal, loosing sense in deep inversigation. Generally it led me to another view on Christianity and on what I believe - (not all translated to English, all text written by me, it was written initially on russian and then translated to English). So, I think that games with moral background are good and helpful, pity it is rare. But Pilgrim's progress is far not easy book to make game based on it.
  13. The developer is friend of mine, feel free to test and give feedback! This retopology approach seems to be stable enough but gives too uniform quadrangulation.
  14. I don't know why, but object's scale is incredibly tiny. If it is in mm - tube size has atomic scale. Go to Sculpt room, geometry->Edit scene scale and set scale to be 1. Then all will work.
  15. Go to select tool, open UV window, zoom in, select wrong island, press delete command from the left menu.