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  1. No, it isnt. Try to bake AO on Paint room, avoid to bake on retopo room. And try to change the unwrapping , You can specify which unwrapping algorithm you wish to use. There is LSCM unwrapping, ABF++ unwrapping and 3D-Coat’s proprietary GUUV unwrapping method (Globally Uniform). I see some overlapped faces here and there. Hope this help
  2. 3dprint request

    Hi Please send feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com Thx
  3. Do you have overlapped faces on the uvlayout ?
  4. Source Recent Unreal Dev Grant recipient, Pakistan-based 3rd World Studios is on a mission to produce high-quality animated features for local and international audiences, exposing a side of Pakistani culture that doesn’t get covered by the mainstream media. “Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor” is the company’s first feature film about a young Pakistani boy from the North setting off on a journey to save his friend Mehru. The 3rd World Studios leadership team has extensive experience working on AAA game titles and drew on that knowledge to develop an Unreal Engine-based film animation workflow.
  5. Issue with Normalmap

    You can add new Normal map Software presets at Preferences. Currently, Sketchfab only supports tangent space normal mapping. If you export a valid format with tangent spaces, we keep them. Otherwise, if you include UVs, we generate the tangent spaces.
  6. Issue with Normalmap

    Bug reported to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com Thx
  7. Issue with Normalmap

    Bigger and... do you changed Bake scan settings before bake it ? Please try this: open on paint room any default mesh (Shift+M) and export it to sketchfab. Robot like example. After that, the default model show the same problem ?
  8. Issue with Normalmap

    Try making models bigger. So the algorithm can work on more relaxed space.
  9. Please send support-related question about this issue to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com Thx
  10. Issue with Normalmap

    Try scaling the model a bit, it is very small. Layers have non-uniform scale. Use the command RMB > To global Space. On retopo room, activate Name correspondence for baking = on Bonzai2.zip
  11. Sorry, using version 4.8.10 I cant open the eps file. This issue was reported to support@3dcoat.com Thx
  12. Check out CGI 3D Sci-fi Shortfilm: Singularity - Alpha version by Federico Pelat. Which is done in four months using Cinema 4D, Otoy's Octane, 3D Coat, MoI, TurbulenceFD, Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro.http://federico-pelat.squarespace.com/?p#/singularityy/ Singularity is a glimpse into the relationship between man & machine, trying to project how these two entities will evolve in the near future. Inspired by scientific facts and some of the most influential authors from the science-fiction genre, the idea is to lead the spectator to realize the present and future stakes of these technological evolutions; From the utopian almost infinite possibilities to the dangers & conflicts it could create, that could ultimately become a threat to the very existence of our species. The trailer was created in four months by myself as a one man army project and also as kind of a personal challenge. - said Federico Pelat
  13. can you share the object please to take a look Thx
  14. Smooth brush doesn't work...

    Hold RMB and press it UP to change smooth value. Horizontal green line change from straight line to max value curve. Use T key -to select another alpha brushes- to change how accurate the smooth can be.