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  1. Autodesk Maya 2017 available now. With Arnold Whats new in Maya 2017
  2. Please send support-related questions, feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at ty !
  3. All discussion related to UI consistence, and ZB vs 3DC comparison was moved here.
  4. Hi ! You mean Tiled Box ?
  5. which are your move tool settings ?
  7. Hi ! The model scale does not affect the resolution of the textures.
  8. // reminder - υπενθύμιση Contours functionality to the Strokes Tool
  9. Hi ! You mean if 3DC has equivalent tools to Contours and Polystrip ? I have not bought the addon but let me show you the equivalent tools in 3DC. 3D Coat is much more complete than RetopoFlow (previously known contours + polystrips). If you're looking for a complete retopology solution then 3D Coat is probably the way to go.
  10. Implement possibility to select more than one voxel layer feel free to add a +1
  11. Try to change view mode
  12. Welcome !
  13. Let me contact support about this issue.