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  1. Is mac version ? If yes need to switch to GL version.
  2. Great !
  3. The version 4.7 is a free upgrade for 4.5 users, lot of bugs was resolved in this release.
  4. At export window, is Use source position = ON ?
  5. Hello Are you using the latest version ?
  6. Camera > Customize Navigation > Rotate around vertical
  7. Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition: Empowering the New Generation of Data Scientists, Visualization Professionals, and Digital Pioneers At CES when we unveiled the first details of our new GPU Vega architecture –codenamed “Vega” — I was hoping for a positive reaction, but I didn’t quite expect this. Millions of gamers, game developers, data scientists, and professional content creators around the world are anxiously awaiting products based on Vega. And every week, I get hundreds of emails and tweets from community members asking me when these products will be available on store shelves. Well, it’s time. Today we’re announcing the first of several Vega architecture-based products to roll out this summer, and soon we’ll be launching Radeon Instinct, Radeon Pro, and Radeon RX flavors of Vega. But today’s Vega is just a little different. Let me tell you why. Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition Compute units 64 Single precision compute performance (FP32) ~13 TFLOPS Half precision compute performance (FP16) ~25 TFLOPS Pixel Fillrate ~90 Gpixels/sec Memory capacity 16 GBs of High Bandwidth Cache Memory bandwidth ~480 GBs/sec
  8. State of the art content creation, scientific and engineering visualization applications require the processing of big datasets, far larger than can be contained within the capacities of existing GPU memory. Current limitations require slices of data to be processed individually and later merged by software, and often incur significant latency for fetching additional data from system memory. These big data problems discourage developers in these domains from leveraging the advantages of the GPU. Radeon Pro SSG memory addresses the big data problem for GPUs, paving the way for improved performance and dramatically increased user productivity.
  9. What happens if you do not use a new hard surface created part, but any default one ?
  10. If you want an early look at what to expect with NVIDIA’s next generation of high performance GeForce graphics processors, code-named Volta, today at GTC 2017 the company's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang just offered the first public unveiling of a product based on the next generation GPU architecture. NVIDIA just announced its new Tesla V100 accelerator that's designed for AI, machine learning, and HPC (High Performance Computing) applications. It's powered by Volta and it's looking like a mighty beast.
  11. Yes, prevent an object from being too deformed when using a Curve modifier will be a great feature.
  12. Can you change the settings in the tablet config ?
  13. Is there a way to 'tell' 3DC to always respect the original dimensions of the spline shape, and basically not affect that shape in any way? Its not possible at this moment, sorry.