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  1. Hi ! Hope this help
  2. Hope this help
  3. In Sculpt room, pressing the RMB over a layer, can you import the model ?
  4. Learn Squared uploaded almost two hours of 3d talk with Vitaly Bulgarov, Ash Thorp and Maciej Kuciara about their Ghost in The Shell work. Ghost in The Shell flopped at the box office, but it became one of the most beloved projects in the artistic community. This project was actually created by a trio of amazing artists, whose contribution to modern commercial art is amazing.
  5. Hi ! Please send support question about this issue to Andrew Shpagin at Ty.
  6. Are you working on the corresponding UVset?
  7. Virtual Mirror Mode When you turned off, it allows you to create actual geometry when Symmetry is turned on. When this is turned on, virtual geometry will be displayed so that you can see your mesh symmetrically.
  8. Please send support-related question to Andrew Shpagin at Ty !
  9. No directly. You need to convert the HL2 SMD in Milkshape3D or Blender to an .obj file then import it into 3DCoat
  10. Toggle Freeze View Try changing this
  11. Hi You can do PBR texturing in 3D Coat.
  12. Hi ! Texture Baking tool can help your workflow.
  13. Hi ! Hope this help