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  1. Stencil Preview glitchy

    Click RMB over move icon , to reset preview the projection guide is centered to stencil and to display center. not to smart material preview. - Are you using latest version 4.8.15C ?
  2. Visual Bug In tweak Room

    Are you using 4.8.15c ?
  3. This video is a brief overview of the Integration of the "Instant Meshes" Auto-Retopo engine into 3D Coat, as an option to using 3D Coat's default Auto-Retopo engine. For further information about Instant Meshes, please visit the following website of IGL and their more detailed demonstration of it. http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/instant-meshes/
  4. Coat discarded all my settings

    Issue reported to support@3dcoat.com Thx
  5. Coat discarded all my settings

    Can you share yours comp specs ?
  6. How to move Smart Materials to a new install?

    The command Help > Migration Master its useful too, i dont know from which version are you upgrading.
  7. How to move Smart Materials to a new install?

    Hi Try File > Create extension
  8. Mesh Statistic

    Is the information found on the bottom middle of the display useful for you?
  9. Hi Are you using latest version 4.8.15C ?
  10. Curvature map problem

    Hi You have switched Separate paint objects command to on ?
  11. Specular view

    Texture Conversion: Metalness -> Specular Converting to the specular workflow from the metalness workflow is easy as well. We simply need to split the diffuse and specular information from the albedo map into explicit diffuse and specular textures. Diffuse Map Load your albedo map into Photoshop Create a new fill layer that is black (#000000) Paste your metalness map into the layer mask of your fill layer Specular Map Make a duplicate of the original albedo map and move it above the fill layer Create another fill layer with a value of #383838 Paste your metalness map into the layer mask of your fill layer Invert the layer mask
  12. Specular view

    If you need PBR workflow, try Gloss / colorspecular. For specular/gloss workflow, both the dielectric F0 and metal reflectance values are placed in the specular map. But if you need to work with the previous texture method I advise you to use the previous version 4.5. You can install both versions without conflicts.