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  1. Please drop a email at with your Spacing Issues Research. Ty !
  2. i had similar issues working with GL version. DX version works fine... still testing.
  3. What if you export any default model created inside 3DC ? Can you drop an email at asking for this issue ? ty !
  4. 3D Coat Training Channel This channel is intended to be a supplementary resource for 3D Coat training and demonstration videos
  5. Appears normal is inverted on green channel.
  6. To change this settings help ?
  7. Hi ! Are you using the last version 4.7.10 ? Please drop a email at attaching a link for download your project. ty
  8. 3DC export by materials - surface materials- Assign to every model different UVset can help. Do you have name correspondence on before baking ?
  9. Sometimes we are having trouble scaling the sculpted object to fit the texture without trial and error exports.
  10. Can you export all the models at once as fbx ?
  11. Windows > popups > Strips... is close ?
  12. Imported normal maps cant be painted over. can you open a default sample model -shift+M- and try ?
  13. Hi ! Are you painted a mesh with uvmap ? cant paint Deep on sculpt surface models.
  14. Hi Currently is not possible but Michael did some fake glass materials, if you like to take a look
  15. Are you using the version 4.7.10 ?