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  1. Are you using 32 bits textures ? Is a big bug that has not been reported, I think it is a specific situation of your project. Please send this support question to Andrew Shpagin at Thx
  2. Your version of 3DC ?
  3. Hi The current focus is on stabilizing and fixing only essential bugs. Maybe some new features are added if needed. If no major setbacks appear, an estimated time for a RC would be a month.
  4. Press CTRL > clic using LMB to select spot to clone from. Use brush on another spot. Is working fine.
  5. It depends on the type of modeling you follow. For block modeling it is best to start with low values.
  6. Hi Scanline is not PBR engine render. You need to work and export in Gloss/ColorSpecular workflow (Textures menu) or Switch to any PBR engine render for Max like Arnold or RadeonProRender.
  7. Hi Your voxel resolution is very low. Try increasing it.
  8. Later than planned, here’s Krita 3.2.0! With the new G’Mic-qt plugin integration, the smart patch tool, finger painting on touch screens, new brush presets and a lot of bug fixes. Read the full release notes for more information!. Here’s GDQuest’s video introducing 3.2.0: Note: the gmic-qt plugin is not available on OSX. Krita now ships with a pre-built gmic-qt plugin on Windows and the Linux AppImage. If you have tested the beta or release candidate builds, you might need to reset your configuration.
  9. Hi ! This entry are brushes, you can access pressing T key --------------------------------------- Sculpt Room Shader, there are under this category --------------------------------------- Materials tab refer old legacy Materials, are not ready for v4.7x - V2 Legacy Extra Materials are for be used in version 3.x series
  10. Hi ! At Mantis you can find change logs, day to day reports about bugs and 3DC request list. Fell free to make an account there. Your help is welcome. or Send any support-related questions, feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at Best regards !
  11. Yes, use these 3 commands as shown in the picture below:
  12. Hi Camera > Customize Navigation