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  1. Need to be on mark seams to open the submenu tools.
  2. This ?
  3. Hi ! There is a cloth relax tool in Retopo Room. 3DC 4.7.09
  4. Try these steps: 1) Go to Camera->Customize navigation (see attached picture) 2) Change hotkeys according to your likes (see attached picture) 3) Make sure you haven't got same hotkey for different actions! Hope that helps
  5. Also here is another method using the cloth simulator in 3DC.
  6. Ty for report. Support team is checking the issue.
  7. old video but.... hope it help
  8. VoxTree->RMB->Extrude It Helps ?
  9. Hello Guys! At last we are happy to announce First Official Contest's Winners! All of you put a lot of effort and creativity in your artworks, and all of us could see very good results! For many of you it was a great practice and improvement of your 3D skills. We received a lot of thanks from you - big pleasure!
  10. Congratulations to everyone !!!
  11. Hi ! Use voxel mode for rough sketches, surface model for details and polypaint, and live clay for fine sculpt details. Next you need to retopo your model and bake the polypaint information to texture maps to add more details in paint room. .
  12. please try import to separate instances on import without voxelization on
  13. Hi ! Render Room doesnt support render passes nor depth pass, sorry. But you can ajust DOF plane. Assign a grey clay shader and render a greymap picture helps ?
  14. Hi ! 3D-Coat does not directly support UVs outside of the base 1001 tile, so everything gets unwrapped inside this base tile. The first time you have unwrapped your model inside retopo room all of your UV-sets are inside 1001. Set as many UV-sets as Udim you need, name it 1001, 1002, 1003, etc and place retopogroups in appropriate UV-sets. Once your objects land in the paint room, you'll find your multiple UV-sets there, as well as multiple surface materials. At this point all of the UV-sets are on separate 1001 tiles (for each material), but don't worry. Once you're done with texturing, and choose to Export Model and Textures, you'll be presented with an export window where you will be able to select the Export UV Sets as Tiles. By enabling this flag all of your UV-sets will be put into separate UDIM tiles.
  15. Source To prove that Zen has the right stuff, AMD officials on Wednesday night demonstrated before a crowd of reporters and analysts that an 8-core Zen could run just as fast as Intel’s newest 8-core consumer Core i7 chip. The first two Zens will feature an 8-core consumer chip and a 32-core server chip.