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  1. Shift tool in the paint room broken?

    Testing vertex paint mode, is working fine. Can i ask what happend if you change the alpha and switch off -if any- strips and stencils ?
  2. UV Automap cluster size?

    There isnt anyway to control the result so that islands must be of a min size/cluster. 0002112: Auto Seem creating too many islands. Below Auto Seams there is another tool - Sharp seams Help to solve this task ? ------------------------------------------ Add Clusters tool (Add Cluster then unwrap) Use the LMB to add a cluster center directly on a polygon face. Clicking again on the same face will remove it. This tool lets you mark local selections of polygons, or clusters, and marks the bordering edges of these clusters as UV Seams, allowing for a whole UV island to be split into parts with little work.
  3. Decimation like Proxy Decimate setting?

    Which proxy method are you using ? Decimate or Reduce/Resample ?
  4. curve bug

    Try switching Brush along Curve = off
  5. How to 'hide' an island when UV Mapping

    Bug reported. Thx ! Clear button add some issue.
  6. Shift tool in the paint room broken?

    I was performing some test and is working fine. Can you please try changing Degree values ?
  7. How to 'hide' an island when UV Mapping

    Is working fine from my side. Please try again but deselect any island first. Or select all hidden islands (Shift + LMB) and press Unhide.
  8. Black Friday Sales

    http://3dcoat.com/buy/ BLACK FRIDAY Sales!!! 4 days only! Nov 24 0:00 – Nov 27 23:59 (GMT+2:00) Save $100 on each PRO or Floating license!
  9. Bug reported, Thx ! Please remember to send any support-related questions, or feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com
  10. Paintstorm Studio

    VERSION 2.10 (12.11.2017) - New «Refine Edge» featured added for selection. Now you can expand, feather and smooth out the selected area. - «Lasso» tool improved. While selecting, hold down Alt to switch to Polygonal Lasso mode and back, hold down Backspace to change the last point or Enter to apply. «Stabilizer» slider added for the lasso for more accurate selection. The edge of the selection became smoother. «Auto action» option added for the lasso. It can be used to perform actions after the selection automatically: Fill, Gradient, Delete. - «Color wheel» can now be dragged to the Custom panels. If you hold «C» (by default), the "Custom 1" panel will move to the mouse pointer and become a transparent background and when release, it will return back. - «Brushes history» added. Enable it in the «Brushes» panel settings - «Rulers» improved. Ruler states can now be saved / loaded. You can choose the color of the lines: gray, RGB or the custom color. Holding ALT + R (by default) you can highlight all ruler states and quickly select the one you want. For the 2-points and 3-points perspective a point is added that can be used to rotate the horizon. An ability to «disable the following rulers» added - The parameters of the H, S, B - brush have been slightly changed. Now the sliders can be moved in both directions for a more accurate distribution of random values - «Place image» feature added to Menu-> File to import the image to the current document. If you select several files, they will be imported as separate layers - You can now change the cursor type between Arrow, Point and Cross in Menu-> File-> Options-> Cursors. There you can choose the «Brush Drag resize" tool mode as well - Finally! «Tooltips» added! You can also set the hotkeys with them - You can set the selected preset as a default in the «New File» panel. After the relaunch a new canvas will be created of the new defalut size Little things: - A new «Lines width» slider added for guides, rulers, helpers, etc. to Menu-> File-> Options-> Main - «Free transform» is extending in both directions with holded ALT and rotating by 5 degrees with holded Shift - «Gradient» tool aligns the direction by 5 degrees with holded Shift - Hold Shift when moving the layer to move it strictly in vertical / horizontal direction - If you click the «Brush tool» while using «Free transform» tool, it is applied and you can start drawing immediately
  11. Baking flat surfaces gives relief surfaces (cushions)

    Remember to switch off Show voxels in paint room too Pamiętaj, aby wyłączyć Show voxels również w malarni.
  12. Baking flat surfaces gives relief surfaces (cushions)

    To paint a baked surface on two sides use the stroke command Ignore back faces off, and BackfaceCulling = off Aby pomalować wypaloną powierzchnię z dwóch stron użyj polecenia Ignoruj tylne strony, a BackfaceCulling = off.
  13. Baking flat surfaces gives relief surfaces (cushions)

    You can also hide normal map layer in paint room to paint it over again a new depth map. Można również ukryć zwykłą warstwę mapy w pomieszczeniu malarskim, aby ją ponownie pomalować.
  14. Baking flat surfaces gives relief surfaces (cushions)

    Hi After baking the model for painting the flat surfaces become convex. Try before baking change Sculpt shader to flat. RMB over the shader > Edit permanent... > Switch Flat Shading ON --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Po upieczeniu modelu do malowania powierzchnie płaskie stają się wypukłe. Próbuj przed wymianą piekarnika Shader Sculpt na płaski. RMB nad cieniownikiem > Edytuj na stałe.... > Włącz włączanie cieniowania płaskiego.
  15. Align to U/V axes?

    Try PackUV2 please