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  1. Hi. Currently cant be. Sorry
  2. F ley is used by default to focus cámara rotación on last click and cant be remapped. Sorry
  3. Are you working on orthogonal view ?
  4. Press W and change rhe shader helps?
  5. Switch on the specular channel
  6. Cool
  7. Nice!
  8. View > backface culling solve the issue ?
  9. i was testing import tool too and cant replicate this issue. how many polys your base mesh have ?
  10. Hi ! I was testing your mesh on another project and cant replicate the error, sorry. I found that the model scale is huge, but this should not interfere with importation. What if you import the mesh as model using Primitives tool and Models window popup ?
  11. I had notice that some meshes are not in Global Space, and the mesh scale is not uniform (red warning at bottom) remember to convert that meshes to Global Space after any resize in one direction because the mesh keep stretched.
  12. Hi ! This video explain Surface Paint workflow in 3DCoat
  13. Please can you share the model ?
  14. - Do I have to work with 300 dpi from the beginning ? Surely yes - Is jpg a bad choice ? png can be better file format
  15. without a bevel... hmmm i cant think another option.