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  1. Hi ! Press the "END" key to define Hotkey. Preview option let you distort image to fit, but there isnt a warp grid tool.
  2. Hi ! Are you working in voxel or surface mode ? How many polys your model have ? can you share any pic ?
  3. Hi ! Exporting using fbx i get this result, is ok ? Im using version 4.7.11
  4. Hi. Do you have a nVidia card and Cuda drivers installed ?
  5. Possibility to plug external renders is in plans. And Export constructor makes is really close to reality. Andrew
  6. Everything looks fine from my side. Sculpt room is ok retopo room is ok the model baked in paint room is ok. please check opening this project.
  7. Some tools are related to sculpt mode -voxel or surface- This might help
  8. on sculpt room, your last tool is import ? if yes, try change it to another tool
  9. Hi ! Please contact directly "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com" Ty !
  10. Hi! Paint Room View Show voxels in Paint Room = off
  11. Hi ! You model have UVmap ? can you share a pic of uvlayout ?
  12. The computer power supply is ok for your system ? Do you added more hard disk or another component lately ?
  13. Can you perform same test using ? C:\Program Files\3D-Coat-V4-yourfoldername-\3D-CoatGL64C.exe
  14. Switching between voxel and surface multiple times generated holes, yes. Try to avoid it. Upgrade to last version, can help too.