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  1. In the 3D environment and in the subject matter of modelling, there are two different approaches to modelling which are NURBS and Polygon Modelling. To understand and utilize these techniques I need to undertand the difference between them as with understanding I can apply them in right context within my model where I deemed fit to. NURBS stands for Non- Uniform Rational B-Splines which in context of a 3D environment denotes that the shape of an object is defined mathematically much like a complex formula. The Non- Uniform aspect refers to the parameterization of the curve of and so these Non-Uniform curbes allow with amongst other things the allowance of the presence of multi-knots which are essential in depicting Bezier curves. Furthermore, the Rational section of NURBS demotes to the underlying mathematical representation and with this property intergarted it allows NURBS to reprsent exact conics like parabolic curves an free-form curves. Lastly, the B-Splines are piecewise polynomical curves that have a parametric representation. Essentially, NURBS are mathematical models commonly utilized within the 3D environment for creating and defining curves and surves offering flexibility and precision for handling both analytic and modeled shapes. Conversely, Polygon Modelling counteracts against NURBS as it is an approach to modelling objects within the 3D environment by representing their surface using polygons, this technique of modelling is well suited and targeted to scanline rendering in turn making it an ideal choice for real-time computer graphics. In itself, a polygon is a an n-sided shape with is defined by its corners or vertices and the straight lines or edges between them. When modelling using polygons ususally they use traingles or quadrilaterals although in the Maya interface it supports polygons with many more sides and additionally the individual polygon is often refered to as a face and it commonly though of as the filled area defind by its vertices and edges that can be manipulated in modelling (extrusion).
  2. Hi The latest release is 4.7.24 Can you test that one ? Ty
  3. The latest release is 4.7.24 Can you test that one ? Ty
  4. Amazing !
  5. Wow !
  6. Amazing !
  7. Hi Are using the latest release ? It have several improvements and bug fixes.
  8. Take note if you upload to version 4.7.24 For improvements in PBR shaders many materials are no longer compatible. You need to Convert materials pre 4.5 - And to use Migration Master command
  9. Yes, you can search this subforum Many users like to share their materials. Hope it help
  10. We have very good offer for students that studying 3D-Coat in college/university, if interested, please write to Andrew Shpagin ‏
  11. If you found materials at 3DC website That are legacy materials for version 3. Are not compatible with version 4.7.x
  12. Because you need to copy the folder to user documents folders location -patterns- C:\Users\username\Documents\3D-CoatV___
  13. It should work... let me ask the development team. ty
  14. Is a compressed file. You can uncompressed it using 7-zip (as example)
  15. We have very good offer for students that studying 3D-Coat in college/university, if interested, please write to