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  1. retopo is fast again, thanks Andrew!
  2. dx cuda 64 perfectly reproducable for me - both in existing files and in new ones - making a polygon and moving points is very slow, regardless of the mesh complexity
  3. all tools in retopo in the latest build is slow below usable. version 35.03 is fast, using that
  4. wow i have been using it regularly and missed it too. Thanks! Maybe the menus can be cleaned up a little - e.g. moving symmetry to retopo menu or moving symmetry options to symmetry menu
  5. Thanks for sharing. Worth noting that "Add Pens from Package" is in the tiny triangle popup menu in the right top corner of the pen panel
  6. i have evga 480 - its fast, has dx11 and tesselation etc. BUT - 3dcoat cuda does not run and it has some shadow filtering problems. I suggest waiting a month or so - it will get cheaper and better supported
  7. thanks! its not too detailed - increased resolution twice from default sphere, 1.5 mil or something like that
  8. played in 3dcoat last night. Would be great to have some sort of mask/freeze tool with easy access(ctrl key in zbrush). And in general, I would rather see time spent on voxel modeling tools and performance instead of PTEX
  9. Congratulations Andrew!
  10. that looks great! post meshes!
  11. Fun. Though it starts choking at about 100k triangles on a powerful computer reminds me of leonardo 3d - it also uses dynamic tesselation
  12. thanks for reorganizing the first post!
  13. thanks Andrew, good update! on the first page on this thread can we please have version history in descending order and download link on top?
  14. second this request. Please allow moving windows to second screen
  15. don't even know what to say, i guess yeah that's really cool