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  1. look pretty cool so far Nice character and work on your folio by the way
  2. hi all, thanks Guedin , some other stuff done , all painted with my weapon of choice for that >> 3Dcoat
  3. this is looking really great, love your tree !
  4. Hey , I couldn't get time to play with teh successive alpha so much and what a great surprise to see that now we can paint on low poly ( yes I slept a long time ^^ ), as my current work is a lot for iPhone game this is really great , 1000 thanks to you andrew , you do a fantastic job with 3dcoat , wish you all the best So here my first lpm textured, I need to get back in 3dcoat , i lost some habit with it , but this soft rock happy coating everybody
  5. Excellent frog !! or whatever it should be really a big improvement you did on that texture. I agree with daniel , more specular to make it more wet will certainly add teh final touch for this model
  6. HI 3Dcoater I am still working on my project , some new stuff has benn made , and recently this character, 100% 3dcoat for texturing. Right now 3Dcoat is the central piece of my pipeline for texturing and retopology and that work great for my need here Mr Shroom ( well I ma not that good for naming things ^^) good coating and see you soon ! You can see mre on the blog dedicated to the project here >> Knightmare Game Project
  7. thanks for reply all, jedwards >> thanks, well for the pipeline , since XSI fbx exporter work well , import in unity is quite smooth ( after did little test for but overall it is working great ) I can use all of this usefull biped guide in XSI and this is a big time saver at this stage, I actaully have some issue with Motor to target bvh on some of my rig , but other than that, I definitly prefer do animation work in XSI rather than maya ( just my taste ^^ ). For an artist point of view, Unity is really a pleasure to use and engine stability and capability is really great, and if you arae a bit familiar with java or C# , coding script should come really quickly too. Try out teh demo if you can and when you have time for, there is full project tutorial to get you up and running . I Don't have website , but a blog only for the moment, you can see that in my signature ^^.
  8. HI ! Well This is a test for mainly camera angle view and scale purpose , the level itself will of course doesn't look that flat at the end. notice than the tree coming from andrew tree generator ^^ 60deg thanks for looking
  9. Another piece made in 3dcoat for texture ^^. My Zbrush /3dcoat workflow start to become efficient , love that for this one I also add tiny details using 3dcoat as well , not only for coloring,mostly done with solid color, 2 different fill and playing with layer rework on color
  10. disgusting ^^ but looking really good so far ! I really like the treatment you have done for the skin.
  11. hey Akira , the last screen look pretty nice, nice work on the skin texture, maybe with some test on lighting and some tweak for teh specular you will can get something more close to reality if it the target you try to reach. At least to me she look pretty cool at this point, maybe some hair work now :lol:
  12. Whaou this is so fast and fun to paint with 3d coat ^^, I have to make me a bunch of alpha for it I finish my sketch Hires...I am going to use retopo in 3dcoat after to make and bake map into the low poly here the guy
  13. Hi ! thanks for comments, I start to work on a next character for this project, as usual , i do all the sculpting in Zbrush and then export a low and high res from it , import back that in 3d coat using big mesh import feature. not complete yet , he has wings and larvy tail ^^, i will post up once painting will be finished little up with wings
  14. Hi ! Ok , so I recently decided to purchase 3D coat to handle all of the texture process for a game project I have just started with a coder friend. We use Unity3D to make it , and XSI , Zbrsuh and..3D coat now. I am still learning the soft and digging around different workflow , so far I love the way to import low and very hires fron zbrush , then I can do all my color work in 3d coat ,I didn't use retopo so much now but for cloth making i should test out ^^. So here is a first character i made , zbrush for sculpt details and color work + some extra details with 3d coat. and a screen under the game engine so far I think this project going to be nice to learn about the many possibility offer 3d coat, I am not going to regret this spending ^^
  15. Hi everybody, I am a french freelance 3D artist and I am so happy to have discovered 3D coat, still need some pratice to get to know teh soft better but for what i got already , I am pretty happy with the time/result it give. I actually do some character for a short movie and I decided to texture the head of one of them using 3d coat here it is >> I am still run the trial but for sure , 3D coat is going to be added to my soft collection real soon !