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  1. Video on modeling an auto on Youtube

    I tried talking Andrew into adding a Spline Deformer mode for the Pose tool, where the user could use the Spline Draw modes in the E-Panel to create splines on a model > adjust the gradient per point interactively and use the Transform Gizmo to deform the mesh via the spline points. That would make it a lot easier to model the nuanced shapes in automobiles. It's a little too hard to do that now. One could do it if he would add Soft/Gradient selection in the Retopo Room, because that and a BRIDGE tool would make it very close to a full blown poly-modeling toolset. It's too hard to do, now, without some kind of gradient selection.
  2. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    He just added the 2-axis gizmo in the latest build. That has been requested for years by multiple users, and is a standard in 3D applications. It was mentioned in another thread, here, and Andrew dropped in to say he was going to add it. If it has 2 axis constraints for scaling it should have it for Move/Translate, too.
  3. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Screen space isn't the same, obviously, as moving/translating along 2 axis in 3D space. To be semi-precise, one has to switch to an orthographic view and then use it. You have 2axis translate/move handles in most 3D apps (as well as the ability to move in screen space), not just scale.
  4. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    ...and it might be helpful to add an option in the Tool Options panel to hide the 2-Axis widget, for those who aren't using it and feel it's cluttering their view?
  5. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Thanks Andrew, but we need some way to move/translate along 2 axis, as well as scaling. Perhaps a smaller triangle on the inside of the yellow rectangle. It would look something like this...
  6. Issues with autopo

    Auto-Retopo is really not the tool to use on one-sided meshes. I won't work with other Auto-Retopo tools in other apps, either. You need to use either the manual Retopo tools or use a Retopo Mesh preset (Retopo Models pallet)...ie. simple square patch. Uncheck Auto-Snap in the Toolbar (above the viewport) > use the BRUSH tool to roughly shape it to match the shape of the High Poly sculpt > Click SNAP in the COMMANDS section of the Tool Panel, to snap it to the High Poly sculpt.
  7. KBP 3D Coat Beginners stream

    Cool. I think using the same smart material from the handles, would look great on the trim pieces (that are currently white).
  8. Sadly you lost me

    I asked about that a while back and it's not a sustainable business model for a company of their size. BTW, I could be wrong, but I don't believe ZBrush has a Subscription model, either, and they are a much larger company.
  9. Sadly you lost me

    I bought a license of VRay for Modo over a year ago, during a "Christmas/Holiday Sale" and got hit with not only 10% sales tax, but my bank charged me an overseas transfer fee ($50), too...so no, it didn't seem like much of a sale, but it wasn't Chaos Group's fault. It would have been much worse without the sale. You also have to get it out of your head that the USD is much cheaper than NZ. Maybe it is. Maybe not, but all global products would/will be subject to the currency differential. Just because I see software that might be listed as 200 Euros, I know that does not = 200 USD. It's probably more like $250 USD. It is what it is.
  10. Retopo Quad tool - Move vertex instead of edge?

    Yes. Email support@3dcoat.com, to make the request and mention why it's important. I think the reason it moves edges is because that is essentially what the Quads tool is. It is an EDGE Extrusion tool, thus RMB dragging moves edges. Add/Split and Points/Faces work on the vertex level. That's the logic behind it, but I agree with your suggestion. Many times I've wanted to move a vertex in that tool and have to switch to something else to do that.
  11. Intel is still price gouging, too. To get anything near the performance of the 16 core ThreadRipper, you have to pay twice as much, if not more. I'm not gonna let them swindle me anymore.
  12. Retopo Quad tool - Move vertex instead of edge?

    It would be a good idea to add a feature request for this, to Andrew. I have usually just worked around it (switching tools). In the meantime, the best way to handle it is to use the POINTS & FACES Tool, with has the ability to switch tools on the fly by holding down the CTRL or CTRL + SHIFT key combination. So, you could choose the QUADS tool with the CTRL key held down. Then when you need to move a vert, release the CTRL key then RMB drag the vert.
  13. It would be a good idea to save ANY custom shaders, Smart Materials, Presets, etc. as a 3DC pack. That way they are stored in a .3dcpack file that you can save elsewhere on your hard drive, and quickly retrieve them, in such events. It's also a good way to move all of them to your laptop or other computers. You can create a 3DC pack by going to the FILE Menu > CREATE EXTENSION. Choose which assets you want to store in the file, and you can later install it by clicking INSTALL EXTENSION, in the same FILE menu.
  14. Sadly you lost me

    He's angry at Pilgway because the Christmas sale price is listed in US dollars. It's not the same currency rate as New Zealand's. He's also angry that NZ probably charges some form of tax. I live in one of the lowest tax states in the US and I still have to pay a sales tax for every software purchase I may make. That's life, folks. $280 USD is $411 in New Zealand dollars. It is what it is. Some software I see, is posted in Euros, so I know I have to check the exchange rate to see what it will cost me in US dollars.
  15. Sadly you lost me

    What do you mean "Leech's adding on it"...? If you are talking about VAT's and such, what does that have to do with Pilgway? They aren't adding anything, themselves. What something costs in the US and what it may cost in the EU or Australia/NZ isn't up to them. Why come to the forum and fuss at them for something they have no control over (ie., currency exchange rates)?