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  1. Please take a quick minute to send this request to Andrew. I've asked, as have others, about this. I think it's a very difficult task for him architecturally speaking, but it needs to get done. The more people who ask and remind him of it, the more he is aware of it's importance. There are so many situations where it is needed. I'll ask him again, too, but the more the better.
  2. Have you tried hiding all the paint layers until you've isolate the one that may be causing this? One of them may have residual glossiness or metalness on it or something? Once you find which layer it is on, you can reduce the opacity of each channel, on that layer, there in the Layer panel. That's my guess.
  3. ...if so, you can remove the image map that has it on it, in the Smart Materials editor
  4. The Smart material has the text embedded in it?
  5. Here is a video showing that, but how you can quickly make the images from it a smart material http://www.screencast.com/t/KTTxKdtN
  6. There is only one material among them. Bricks, and after testing, the images are there but they are not setup as a smart material. You can create them as a smart material by click on the NEW icon and in the panel that pops up click the Color channel icon and locate the image map you want to use. This resource is nothing more than a folder with Brick images. Before PBR was implemented you would just see the images as flat thumbnails. There is no indication on that resource page that this is a Smart material pack. I'll tell Andrew to make sure they put some kind of note to clarify this, or just remove it.
  7. Thank you for these, Michael. Got all 3.
  8. Please email Andrew about this. He asked if the app was stable enough to go away to his laboratory (so to speak) and work on some heavy, time-consuming things (probably layer masks). I caught a bug with the Freeze tool, randomly causing patches of the mask to disappear. This sounds like one he needs to squash before he starts on that.
  9. Hit that mug with one or more of the Skin brushes in that preset pack, and see what he looks like. Also, under the mainpage's Download tab, there is a section for brushes, and someone has a set of hair brush alphas. http://3dcoat.com/download/resources/?tx_resources_pi1[uid]=19&tx_resources_pi1[cat]=1 Wonder how much better this sculpt would look if you used one or more of those on the beard, to break it up a little. Still looks pretty cool as is.
  10. Just to make sure I understand it correctly, are these a basic compilation from the other packs you sold previously?
  11. I would contact Support@3dcoat.com because I know this topic has come up before. Andrew has plans to change the UV structure from UV sets to at least an option for UV tiles. It might be a good time to make this request so he can add it in, to what he already planned.
  12. Daniel, could you PM me and perhaps leave a link where I can access a copy of the scene or at least the troublesome part? I'll take a lot at it and see what the problem is. Before you do, in Surface mode try and use the POWERFUL SMOOTHING option in your SHIFT and CTRL + SHIFT menu, at the top of the UI. It decimates/optimizes the geometry while smoothing, so it's a really good option for trouble areas.
  13. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=672089106
  14. I guess it would be technically permissible since it was made available to the public as a standard asset. Sort of taboo, though.
  15. Hope it helps paint a brighter picture for the sculpting tools. One the LC prefix brushes, depending on the size of your brush and density of your model, you may prefer to go to the Tool Options panel and bump the Detail parameter up a bit. The LC Gash probably needs to be bumped up to 3-4, rather than 2. And some of them have tooltips/notes, such as the "Buildup Soft." It uses tapering (icon to the right of the Radius parameter in the toolbar), so it works with singular strokes.