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  1. I've given up trying to get anything done on the UI. I asked for the tabs to be arranged logically....nothing. I asked for some visual dividers between the tabs, because there are none. It looks one big fat tab with a lot of text under it. You can easily see how it should be done, either in Modo or Houdini. Nothing came of the request. I asked....even spent a few hours creating before and after mock-ups...for consolidation of the toolbar parameters, into the Tool Options panel. So all the options for a tool would be located in one place, rather than scattered across the UI. Nothing So, asking seems like a fruitless endeavor at this point.
  2. Still not enough, and even if they match AMD, dollar for dollar, I would still buy AMD this time....to teach Intel a good lesson. Sit on your hands for years, because you can, and gouge your customers....because you can....and this is what you get. A swift kick in the shorts, in terms of marketshare.
  3. Any brushes that are IMAGES, yes....3D Coat can use them. But proprietary materials from Substance Designer? No. For one thing, Allegorithmic won't cooperate with Andrew to allow it, because 3D Coat is viewed as a direct competitor.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if a brand new, rebuilt from the ground up, CPU line had a few bios hiccups on some boards and such. That other stuff, I'm not buying it. Sounds like some are just trying to throw a cold bucket of water on a much-anticipated launch. We'll see soon enough.
  5. ...and this applies to importing models, using Curves, or clicking on Models from the MODELS pallet. They are just temporary proxy objects until you hit the ENTER key or the APPLY button. Part of the reason for this is so the user can keep using the Primitive to create multiple instances quickly and place them on separate layers, if they want
  6. Mar 2, and you can pre-order, to make sure you don't get stuck out, or become a victim of price increases (due to high demand) https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=AMD+Ryzen&N=-1&isNodeId=1
  7. I knew Modo was getting stiff competition from Blender, but Houdini Indie is now even more of a threat. The only impediment now, for Houdini, is it's complexity and steep learning curve. The proceduralism is nice, but watching some tutorials the past few days, I was like "dang, it takes way too many steps to perform even simple tasks." The Boolean video you showed above, Modo and HardOps in Blender can do that in a fraction of the time. Was watching a VDB Cloud tutorial, today, and it was making my head hurt having to try and follow the 50+ steps he took just to create a decent cloud. I will probably just model in Modo and use it as a VRay rendering hub, but do everything else in Houdini. I wish Houdini would create a simple modifier stack and "Command Panel" with relevant buttons, for the selected modifier, so that it's much easier for non-TD's to work in the app. They could have the node network available, but the complexity of it is not for everyone. If they want to appeal to artists, give users a more simplified API to access their tools. For example, in Max, you can use the classic Material Editor or the Node-based material editor. Sometimes you don't want to have to fool with nodes just to slap a simple material on a few objects.
  8. Yep. That skinning feature plus muscles helps seal the deal with me. I suspect this release will be a milestone, where Houdini is finally viewed more as a full pipeline app than just a collection VFX tools. I was hoping Chaos Group would create a Modo port for their PhoenixFD plugin, but I got tired of waiting. They had a lot of people requesting it, on the Chaos Group forums, but they just said they would look into it. Too late, now. Houdin makes too much sense.
  9. What are they assigned to? BTW, I'm so glad they finally added 3Dconnexion device support. That was one thing that turned me off a bit, before.
  10. It's here, and they finally got me. Feels like being a kid on Christmas morning, again. https://www.sidefx.com/
  11. It happens to me, too....just saving the file. Which I like to do before any heavy calculation-intensive process, like Baking or Auto-Retopo
  12. Thanks for the updated link. The only one I saw, had the glitches you mentioned. I'm totally impressed and from what the speaker implied, Houdini is going hard after the disenfranchised XSI users. That tells me both modeling and Character animation will soon be on par with Maya, like XSI was. And that is saying a lot. Smart strategy.
  13. Glad to help, and hope it does.
  14. You can now replace Paint mesh with Retopo Mesh: