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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have been trying to learn Blender and had viewed a few videos about Muscle systems in Blender, but it seemed a bit preliminary and not fully developed.
  2. Like I said before, if the surface you are trying to place it on, has just a few polys, it probably won't behave like you expect. Increase the resolution on the object and just as it worked in the video above, it should work on your object.
  3. Install them all > restart the app
  4. It's looking very promising, Michael. Such a clever idea.
  5. The Proxy Slider is pretty nice, but I notice two small issues. It does not pop up under your cursor like other panels do, when you assign a hotkey to invoke it. It also does not disappear when you move your cursor outside the panel. It's best to dock it, but for those who want it to remain floating, these two things should be consistent with the rest of the panels.
  6. Maybe the mesh you are trying to apply it onto, is so low poly that there are no verts nearby to adhere to? Just a guess, if it works on other models.
  7. When using the IMPORT tool > ON BRUSH, you can adjust the offset by RMB + Dragging your cursor to set it on the fly
  8. Like in Photoshop, just click the EYE icon on the (Ambient Occlusion) layer to turn it off
  9. I've been waiting on this CPU to upgrade my desktop. Been using a 6yr old i7 970 for the longest. Problem is, Intel basically sat on their hands all this time and didn't really do much to improve performance since. Each successive generation was only a small 3-10% bump. That's not enough to warrant spending $1500+ on a new system. I bet by this time next year, they will be talking about 12-16 core variants....because they already have 16 core server versions of this CPU. I think they just wanted to challenge Intel's top range CPU's and come in at half the price, to steal a bunch of market share. If I had a big chunk of cash to invest, I'd buy some AMD stock right about now. I bet their market share will go up at least 10-25% more (of the market...not just bump in sales). That might change drastically if Intel has a big surprise up it's sleeve. But if they have indeed been slacking, they have allowed AMD to catch up and make things competitive again. Which is good for all of us.
  10. Another trick is to use the POSE tool (which is far more than just for posing....it's basically an advanced transform tool...3D Coat's Swiss Army Knife for modeling) > choose OBJECT selection mode in the Tool Options panel (it's a drop list at the very top) > click on the object you want to move. You should get a transform gizmo so you can transform it separately
  11. From the Splash Screen, you can click on the "Per Pixel Paint" Option. You can export a normal map + Displacement map if you use Micro Vertex. It just uses a Displacement, by default, when you paint/sculpt in the Depth channel. There is a little bit of overlap either mode you choose. PPP can export displacement as well as a normal map, but it primarily uses a normal map when painting in the Depth Channel.
  12. Try setting the TEMP directory in the Applink panel (withing 3ds Max) to "MyDocs/Applinks/3D Coat". Usually when you get nothing imported, it has something to do with the Applink looking in the wrong temp folder
  13. Plus, there is not animation in 3D Coat, so I don't see the value in importing a camera.