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  1. new tool

    No problem. I do wish, however, that Andrew would create an option in the Symmetry panel, to center the Radial Symmetry Axis. As you can see in the video, it takes more effort to line it up (using a 2D grid), than is necessary. Could you email Andrew and request this? I'm afraid he won't listen if I request it, because I'm way over my request limit, and none of the things I've requested since 4.7 was released, has Andrew implemented. Requests such as putting a copy of the CONDITIONS list menu (from the Paint Room) in the Sculpt Room. That way users have quick and intuitive access to cavity painting (for Freeze/Masking selections). It doesn't make much sense having to step into another workspace to access tools that are needed for sculpting in the Sculpt Room. Other requests include consolidating similar brushes, in Surface mode, into TOOL BROUPS, like Photoshop does with many of it's tools. They pack all the Marquee Selection tools under one icon. To access the others, you click on the arrow located in the lower right part of the icon. The Fill Brush should have the Lute brush consolidated into it's tool group, as it is a Fill tool in it's own right. It just works differently. Same thing goes for Mud and Mud2, Rapid and Rapid2, Scratches and Scratches2. Flatten and Chisel should be consolidated into a Tool Group. This would reduce the number of buttons in the Tool Panel and reduce eye clutter....plus, it would make room for Andrew to add some of Artman's brush presets to be added to the default Brushes. There needs to be a POLISH brush....badly. Most trial users are not going to look for brushes in the Preset Panel. They are going to expect all the necessary and best brushes to be DEFAULT brushes, listed in the Tool Panel. Not tucked away and hidden in some secondary panel.
  2. The baking commands are now located in the BAKE menu, but the process is still the same as in this video:
  3. new tool

    You could also use the CURVES tool to create the single strip, with Radial symmetry turned on to create multiple simultaneous instances. I did this before with a button, that had ribs along the side. Use GENERAL CASE axis > select the center point. You can do this with the INSTANCER tool as well, with Radial Symmetry turned on
  4. new tool

    Using Radial Symmetry with the VoxExtrude would be the closest thing I could think of, to do this.
  5. It was happening with others I tested as well...including the Arch& Design Mental Ray/iRay material presets. I uninstalled and re-installed. Same thing. I think it even happens on Max 2016, IIRC
  6. I tried to uninstall > restart Max (2017) and re-install...and even choose a new scene with a different preset. Still the same. A Multi-Subobject material with 2 sub materials generated and both are STANDARD Max materials. Can we fix this, please?
  7. I don't know why mirroring the sculpt > symm copy the retopo mesh wasn't done before baking. That is the normal procedure, so I wouldn't see that as taking the long way around....when you realize that you probably should have done that in the first place. It really isn't that many additional steps. Symm copy your Sculpt > Symm Copy your Retopo Mesh > BAKE > Export. 5mins tops?
  8. I was trying to create a video showing how to create a custom material preset, but I never seem to have any luck. I followed the instructions to the letter, but with Redshift material preset chosen (after creating one per instructions) it creates a Multi-Sub object comprised of 2 Max Standard Materials. There is only one UV map on the model, so I have no idea why it created a Multi-Sub object in the first place, and why it had to ignore the preset.
  9. This applies to Stencils as well. Camera Projection is just one of the options in the Lower Left part of the Preview Options panel (that is visible when Smart Materials or Stencils are active)
  10. No, he doesn't read the forums much at all. He drops in once in a while, but largely stays busy squashing bugs and trying to keep up with the mountain of requests.
  11. Understood. Still, you probably want to ask Andrew for that while he is working in that part of the app. Doesn't seem like it would be a tall task to create a copy of the Smudge tool button and generate a new tool/button from it, calling it SHIFT. This time, rather than smearing the pixels, just do as the name implies.
  12. You can't just use the EDIT menu > Edit Projection in External Editor (Photoshop)? It's pretty easy and simple. You should view 3D Coat and PS as extensions of one another, as the integration is really good. I think Andrew may be working on Layer masks, so you could send him an email asking for a proper SHIFT pixels (not smudge) option in the SHIFT LAYER tool, so it works more like Liquefy in PS.
  13. The SHIFT LAYER tool would be the closest thing, but Andrew needs to add a true SHIFT pixels function...not just a blurring/smudging option. If you crank up the DEGREE (maybe between 5-10, rather than .5) in the Tool Options panel, you might be able to finesse it a bit...although it is not a direct equivalent to the Liquefy tool. If he would enable the user to see the actual textures in the UV room, you could then use the BRUSH mode to do a similar thing using verts on you UV's. In the mean time, the Transform/Copy tool does allow you copy > manipulate the copy with a gizmo > replace it or place it elsewhere. Another option is to use EDIT > Edit Projections in external Editor > use Liquefy in PS > SAVE. The downside to that is if you need to manipulate more than one channel in the process.
  14. This may seem a bit simplistic, but you'd be surprised how often it occurs.....make sure you have the right layer selected