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  1. [Solved] Modify ocluded vertices by ref mesh

    Yeah, pretty much what Tony said, but this video helps show it in action:
  2. change mesh thumbnail?

    Transform tool > Rotate Y axis 180 degrees > drag and drop the layer into the pallet again and it should reflect the change. Rotate it back after the thumbnail is created. The camera angle looks down the Z axis (cannot remember which end). I wish Andrew would let us change the axis or take it from the viewport camera.
  3. Painting using photo reference as material

    Yeah, in 4.5, Smart Materials were added, which just extended what MATERIALS could do, rather than replace them.
  4. Import base mesh in retopo

    You're welcome. Hope it helped.
  5. Import base mesh in retopo

    You can just import it and 3D Coat will ask you if you want to SNAP it to the underlying voxel/surface mode object. Snapping can result in some areas that need fixing, from time to time. What happens is vertices that are up against an open edge or bunched together with other verts (like corners of the mouth, eyes, etc), may not have a nearby voxel surface to snap to and 3D Coat doesn't know where to place it. So, you might get some spikes. If you do, this might offer some tips on quickly cleaning the mesh up:
  6. Import base mesh in retopo

    Yes, that is a common workflow in 3D Coat. In fact, you may want to import your base mesh into the Retopo workspace first. Then you can go to the Sculpt workspace > GEOMETRY Menu > RETOPO MESH TO SCULPT MESH, or just use the import Tool in the Sculpt room (so you have some more options, if needed....such as subdividing a time or two before hitting the APPLY button. Now, you have a copy in both workspaces (3D Coat keeps them separate), and if you make any large scale changes to the sculpt mesh, using tools like the Transform, Move or Pose tools, there is an option in the toolbar to COFORM RETOPO MESH.
  7. Retopo reference mesh change shader

    Yes, I appreciate the one you created. I thought he, like others who have asked before, was wanting to manually change the color of the RETOPO mesh, individually. I am not aware of any way to do that. I thought Andrew would add the ability to pick from that group of color swatches, but he didn't, AFAIK.
  8. Retopo reference mesh change shader

    Referring back to the original post, I thought he was referring to the RETOPO MESH color, not the Sculpt Object (High Poly/Voxel mesh). Sorry for the misunderstanding. Carlos and AJZ are correct.
  9. 3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Can somebody else test 4.8.13 and see if they get proper Camera Snapping....or ANY Camera Snapping, for that matter. I hadn't noticed the CAMERA SNAPPING menu in the Camera List Menu. So, I decided to try and test to see how they work. They don't work. At all. Even when switching to ZB-Like navigation option....NO SHIFT key snapping. None.
  10. Retopo reference mesh change shader

    You'll have to email Andrew (support@3DCoat.com) and request that feature. He added a panel, a long time ago, to change the colors 3D Coat picks from, but for some inexplicable reason, he didn't add the option for the user to change the color of the selected mesh/layer, themselves. 3D Coat still randomly assigns colors from that group of swatches.
  11. 3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    ....4.8.13 (DX Windows), Airbrush is not fixed. It still flattens out after some unknown and arbitrary level
  12. 3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Thanks for the corrections, Andrew. Will test.
  13. Backface Culling and Ignore Backfacing in Retopo

    Oh, I see. Yeah, when I have run into that problem in the past (like a dragon wing for example), I would create a duplicate of the voxel object > RMB > THICKEN or EXTRUDE a little bit. Then, once I am about ready to bake, I snap the retopo mesh to the original. Andrew does need to look into this, though. It's probably something only he can address/fix.
  14. Noise and patterns generators

    Please send your request to support@3dcoat.com. Anyone else who agrees with the request should send their own email to the same address. I have pounded the table for a full-fledged procedural noise generator in 3D Coat for years...to no avail. Andrew says it isn't as simple as copying an open source library like Bercon Maps. I don't care. If ZBrush can have one available for several years now, there is no excuse for 3D Coat not to have one. There are some procedural noise types in the FILL tool (Paint Workspace) and there is a NOISE tool in the Sculpt workspace, but it's pretty limited, and doesn't offer various noise patterns.
  15. Feature Request: Camera Import

    What you could do in the interim, is to create a box or some sort of object to simulate the camera, in your 3D app > snap it to fit your camera position and orientation. Then when you export the scene, that box will come along with it. Then, in the upper right portion of the UI, just above the viewport, there is a CAMERA drop-list menu. In that list, you will see an option for LOOK ALONG NORMAL. The hotkey for that is NUM* Now, when you hover your cursor over the back side of the camera object and hit that hotkey, the viewport camera will be looking down the normal of that part. You can hide the object and the viewport camera should now be looking at your model(s) from the same exact location and orientation as your camera, in your host app. You can save that view (camera shortcut) with your file, by clicking CTRL + UP (ARROW). And you can render from that view in the Render Room.