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  1. Congratulations to the prize winners, and I just wanted to say, IMHO....there were about 5 or 6 entries that deserved to be a winner, based on creativity, lots and lots of work involved and demonstrated skill. I think the only distinction would be in the final composition/images. It had to be an incredibly difficult choice to make.
  2. I would also guess that AMD might have been very close to leapfrogging Intel, by offering a 16 core desktop CPU. That would certainly shake the market up, but it could be that they are trying to get what they have ready, on the market and once Intel responds with some upgrade of their own, AMD can counter-punch with the 16-core, several months later. That would give them time to get it ready for market. Main reason I think it's plausible is because very early reports about ZEN were that it was going to be a 16 core/32 threads CPU for the Desktop FX line. It was scaled back to 8 cores months later.
  3. That's pretty awesome, but CPU tech is still WAY behind GPU tech, and thus CPU only renders, with these 2 socket/128 threads doesn't necessarily put it in the same league with a GPU render on a single 1080. So, it would not make financial sense to throw down $2k+ on 2 CPU's and workstation motherboard. Server chips usually have much lower capacities in terms of Ghz, so in some regular tasks it might actually be slower than the desktop (8core) version. My guess is, initially, AMD will probably try to charge well above $500 for the desktop Zen, and the server chips will probably be around $1k or so.
  4. Really fine work. Lots of extra details all over. Bravo.
  5. Yeah, that does provide some nice contrast and the bright colors help break up an otherwise gloomy, apocalyptic environment.
  6. That is sweet. Very clever concept.
  7. Great work, and good luck.
  8. Blender is also a very good option and it's free. Cycles is a native GPU engine and Blender has a fairly nice set of volumetric tools. If I were a concept artist, I would first want to give Blender a solid try. You don't need to learn everything, just the UI, Cycles and materials. I would definitely give it a look before you invest hundreds of dollars in a render. Cycles is probably more than you'll ever need.
  9. Try a little experiment. Use one of your scenes to test...in the Sculpt Room, drag and drop each layer into the Models pallet. But first, you might want to go to the upper right part of the models pallet and click the drop list menu toggle > ADD NEW FOLDER > create a project folder for your scene. As you drag and drop (go to the right side of your layers and when you see the MOVE icon LMB + drag) your layers, you get a decimation dialog that lets you decimate the objects before storing. Test one > then click on it and apply it to a new layer, so you can inspect just how dense the mesh is and see if it kept enough detail. Toggle wireframe (VIEW Menu) to see if it is still too dense or did it reduce the model too much? Once you have stored all your models into the models pallet, you can now import those into your render app. They are stored in "My Documents/3D Coat 4.7/Vox Stamps/Objects/Your new Subdirectory Another option you can use to mitigate the poly density issue is to use Auto-Retopo as much as is feasible. It can do a pretty fantastic job if you try and reduce the complexity it has to handle, but breaking up complex models into logical parts. An AR-15 is a good example. If you threw just a high res version of it, as one complex part, Auto-Retopo will probably fail. But break it down into a handful of discrete parts and it will look amazing. You can buy used licenses of Modo pretty cheap, on their forum (in the Marketplace section). There probably isn't a better poly-modeling app out there, and it's render is very robust, even if it isn't as fast as a GPU renderer (Keyshot is a CPU only render, so it won't be a lot faster than Modo's). It has a nice volumetrics engine which can interactively render changes and adjustments, and it has OpenVDB support. I've been a 3ds Max user for a long time, but am switching to Modo, myself. Like 3D Coat it has tabs for different workspaces/tool layouts. So, it has one for Rendering, just like 3D Coat does. Follow this workflow that is typical for 3D Scans and you should have nice, low poly models cranked out very quickly in many cases
  10. All of them look great. Splendid work.
  11. Actually, I think it would be cool to have just the one girl looking into the camera, to stay (maybe with some jeans and boots on). It appears she is pumping the gas (driver of the truck). I might also have a fuel hose going to the other side of the vehicle. The implication to the viewer is that this small girl is driving this huge truck. Sort of like Furiosa in Mad Max. The 2nd hose sort of reinforces the size of the truck. Regardless, it's still an incredible piece of work.
  12. Overall, it looks pretty awesome, but could I make two very small suggestions/requests? The first one is regarding the color of the station, in general. Here in America, and I think it is probably the same, globally, gas stations tend to have RED as one of their main colors. Yellow also tends to be the other. Reason is mainly that both are colors that attract driver's attention the most. Could you test, in Photoshop (with the REPLACE COLOR Adjustment) replacing much of the yellow color in the pillars or around the pumps, with some read, and maybe a little white trim elsewhere? I think it will help the viewer's eyes hone in on your truck. But with almost everything being colored yellow, your centerpiece gets a bit lost in the sameness of color. Just an idea to explore, that is all. The 2nd one is regarding the 2 girls. It's worth mentioning that Andrew and the Pilgway staff are devout Christians, and while they may like your design best, they "might" feel like they would be condoning 2 chicks "getting it on" if they announce this as the winner and showcasing it. So, it might not be a good idea to put them into such a dilemma. It's always a good policy for any artist to know who his "client" is and what they prefer. So, I'll leave it at that. I really like this entry, and admire all the hard work you've put into it. Good luck.
  13. I was able to install the latest one (1.9) which is updated on the main post. When you first run the script (Script menu > Run script...not drag and drop. That doesn't work for some reason), choose to UNINSTALL first, then run the INSTALL. This will give you a clean install, which is sometimes necessary. See if that doesn't help. It worked for me a few weeks ago.
  14. ...can you ALT + SHIFT + S from inside the app? It will upload a screen grab automatically. Then you can embed that here.
  15. It doesn't have a tool that is going to parametrically do this for the user. It does have some primitives that has filleting options, but there is no "crease my corners" tool. It's hard to understand precisely what you want because we cannot see if your cube has soft or bevel corners, or if you actually mean crisp beveled edges or what.