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  1. There are some other free packs on Youtube:
  2. I have not had problems with undoing Transform operations in the Retopo room, but the 2nd problem (Conform Retopo Mesh), I have. Please send that issue to support@3dcoat.com, as a reminder to Andrew. I recently reported that and noticed he fixed some of the things I mentioned, but that was probably one that slipped through the cracks.
  3. In general, It's a good practice to try and keep the components of your models separated, as much as possible. If you keep everything modular, so that a complex model is essentially a bunch of simple shaped objects, you can use Auto-Retopo like a boss. But if you insist on trying to throw the whole thing at Auto-Retopo...which is just an algorithm, after all...you will have a lot of trouble trying to get the results you want. Keep things as simple as possible for the Auto-Retopo algorithm, and you'll tend to get better results.
  4. 3D Coat is already a better sculpting app than Mudbox, by a mile, and that is why AD probably threw in the towel years ago. Because for them, it wasn't generating enough revenue, and it was facing stiff competition from 3D Coat, and ZBrush was adding more and more modeling tools, which Mudbox still doesn't offer. 3D Coat has way more brushes and tools just in the Sculpt workspace, than Mudbox, and the brush feel is already on par with Mudbox. I hope Andrew will finally get around to adding Sculpt layers and revamp some of the tools like Pose and the Curves tool, but let's stop pretending 3D Coat sculpting is subpar. It most certainly is not. It's a firm 2nd behind ZBrush, and considering that 3D Coat is more of a multi-purpose app, rather than a specialty, it doesn't need to beat ZBrush in sculpting, head to head. It already does in most other areas (Retopo, UV and Texture Painting). When Mudbox comes out with 37 new feature and bugfixing builds in a year, then maybe we can talk about it making a comeback. But for now, they've merely shown a pulse by fixing a host of bugs.
  5. Has anyone found a way, via one of the two Blender Applinks, to get the textures to accompany the mesh (from 3D Coat to Blender)? I have tried for years and still have never found a way to do it. I don't even know what the applink is good for if it cannot send maps with the mesh. It's just an import/export mesh button, otherwise.
  6. It doesn't do that on my end, so it sounds like there may be something going on with your "Documents/3D Coat 4.8" directory.
  7. There is a nice Unity plugin for 3D Coat, that is fairly close to the SP plugin, but it doesn't seem to update as fast. The 3ds Max applink is also very close to having that level of interaction, but you still have to go to the FILE Menu > Export each time, and it takes a minute or two to update. So, it's not as streamlined or quick to update, either. Now that Blender has the Principled Shader, which can be the Uber shader to rule them all, it would be nice to have a live link to get updates to and from 3D Coat and Blender (has a massive community, so anything to help make 3D Coat more appealing to them, would be a boon for sales).
  8. ....IMO, this is a better option than trying to integrate 3rd party renders in 3D Coat. Because integration in Renderman, for example, leaves a LOT of limitations...such as no sequence/turntable rendering like the default 3D Coat render. No interactive mode. No shadow catching shader/material, etc. It's better to just streamline the process of getting content into apps like Blender, with material nodes all setup (using an Uber/Principled shader with relevant exported image maps already hooked up for the user).
  9. http://www.cgchannel.com/2017/10/download-hedgehog-labs-free-substance-painter-live-link/ Been asking for a live link to other apps like Blender, for a while. Someone made it happen....for Substance Painter.
  10. There is no correlation between the two, but it would be nice if there were. Feel free to send the request to support@3dcoat.com. I was trying to get Andrew to convert the CURVES tool to using a variant of the E-Panel Splines, but he never responded. I hope the V5 cycle focuses heavily on the Sculpt Room, starting with Sculpt Layers, then revamping the Pose tool and Curves tool...and consolidating the brushes into brush/tool groups + folders for PRESETS panel.
  11. I think your best bet is to try and find a used 3dconnexion Spacepilot Pro on eBay or Amazon. You'll love it, I promise. It has an array of hotkey combinations at your fingertips, and all based on the app. It speeds up your workflow so much, because you are not having to constantly stop sculpting/painting/retopologizing > navigate > stop > navigate, a thousand times a day. You move the object with your off-hand, like it was in your hand and you can spin it while you are painting or sculpting. It really comes in handy when you are making spline strokes along a model. I've been using my SpacePilot for several years and use it with every 3D app. ZBrush is the only 3D related app that doesn't support it.
  12. It's hard to see where they are going with this, especially if they keep the subscription price around $10/mo. My guess is they are trying to put some minimal development effort into keeping it in their portfolio, in order to placate their Max and Maya customer base, who want to keep using Mudbox as their sculpting app. It has one major thing going for it, still....a very clean and simplified UI, and easy to learn and use. It also has the best implementation of Sculpt Layers that I've seen. Been trying to get Andrew to emulate it, for years, now. Despite many other user requests for it, Andrew seems reluctant to do it.
  13. I am selecting that path (MyDocs/3DCoat 4.8/Exchange) and when I send an already textured model to Blender (not round trip....starting from 3D Coat > Blender) and click the IMPORT button in the Simple3DCoat Applink section, I get nothing (Blender 2.79). This is very frustration as it could be a very nice workflow, now with the Principled Shader as the default for all materials coming from 3D Coat to Blender. Is there any way we can hook this up, to where a user can start from 3D Coat > FILE Menu > EXPORT TO > Blender (point to 3D Coat 4.8/Exchange folder) > Inside Blender click the IMPORT button, in the Simple3DCoat Applink section, and have all the materials set up with Principled Shader nodes w/appropriated images hooked into it properly? This is pretty much how it is done in the 3ds Max Applink, and it's awesome to work with.
  14. I would also see if you can bring them in as OBJ or FBX format, and see if there is a major difference. I don't use PLY, myself, and have never really had a problem with OBJ or FBX.