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  1. Hi, I started blogging on 3D and the CG Industry recently. I cover everyday issues, new technology, tutorials and support topics. Softwarewise you find information on Autodesk Suites, 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, 3D-coat, ZBrush and Rhino and also on VRay, mental ray renderengines. Since there is already a great blog from 3D Coat Blog covering a lot of interesting topics I concentrate on prototyping and pipelining 3D-Coat with Rhino and Solidworks using sculpts for guitarbuilding and 3D-Coat for 3D Scan postwork. Feel free to follow and also ask questions youd like to have covered. http://3denthusiast.blogspot.com/ Keep rocking, Daniel
  2. Sorry and thank you for posting the link. It is working now.
  3. Hi, I made a little demonstration on how cool the workflow of the 3DS Max Applink is. I had some issues with the floor but nevermind, I think it helps a bit to see the Workflow between the Applications. Thanks to the developers for the Applink! Here is the Video on Vimeo: See Philnoland3d's Link below