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  1. What happened to the stencil hotkeys? I can't move it around anymore. right clicking.. shift right clicking does absolutely nothing now.
  2. Sorry for the late response. I do appreciate you taking the time to tinker with the file. What I ended up doing several days ago before you replied was separating the floor from the walls. For some reason when I did that it, it solved the problem with the normals.
  3. I tried locking. inverting... different combinations. It would almost be correct but something on doorway would be backwards. And I checked the surfaces and they were facing the right direction... But then inside the 3dcoat it wouldn't be facing the right direction. File included. I think maybe because the mesh is almost entirely closed and the normals face inward (it is a room) that is confusing some kind of automated process that 3dcoat does when importing objects. replicator_C.obj
  4. What do I do if 3dcoat is displaying the normals reversed.. but exports the normals correctly? Is there a way to make 3dcoat display the object normals as they are?
  5. Using the free tool. Select the "paint single polygons brush". Freeze some polygons. Then try to use.. Freeze border... Or expand freeze. Contract freeze.. Smooth freeze. None of these things work with anything that had anything to do with the paint single polygons brush. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. You need to use to the vox extrude to see the line.
  7. Uh. Where is your line? I don't see a line. (see pics)
  8. 4.1 I take it you haven't tried this yet...
  9. That didn't help.
  10. Haven't posted in ages. Been doing different things. I have some free time today. Opened some old and recent files (couldn't open some really old files sadly.. 3dc kept crashing) Also included some recent kitbashes.
  11. Before smoothing.. After smoothing.,..
  12. I freeze a part of the mesh with symmetry on. And it doesn't matter if I smooth with symmetry on or off it always makes the frozen area asymmetrical. How do I smooth a frozen area and maintain symmetry? (the image is a screen shot of a sphere that was frozen and smoothed with symmetry on. A copy of the image was taken into photoshop flipped horizontally and the opacity reduced and layed on top of a unflipped image.)
  13. 3dcoat really needs to just slice the polygons along the frozen sections areas and the push those areas in our out. As of now it doesn't extrude it just pushes in and out.
  14. I only get rough edges. But I don't want a separate object though. I want a clean extrusion.