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  1. What happened to the stencil hotkeys? I can't move it around anymore. right clicking.. shift right clicking does absolutely nothing now.
  2. Haven't posted in ages. Been doing different things. I have some free time today. Opened some old and recent files (couldn't open some really old files sadly.. 3dc kept crashing) Also included some recent kitbashes.
  3. It's not my engine.. It's a commercial engine. The indie version is $200 and the pro version $1500, the difference being with realtime lights being able to cast shadows and materials with surface reflections. It's much easier to use than UT3 and source. In terms of technical sophistication I am not sure how it compares to UT3. The nice thing about the license is that there are no royalty fees if you try to sell your game or whatever it is you make, unlike source and UT3 which have various things in the EULA where you have to surrender certain rights in order to use their engines. My trial version is about to run out and so I'm probably going to just buy the indie version as the advanced features aren't things I would really use anyways. With anything, try before you buy. They have a trial version that allows you to save. Basically you just create a project folder and drag drop your FBX files into the project folder and it loads them up into unity and view them instantly. You can use prebuilt scripts like the first person controller to walk through your levels. It does all of this stuff pretty fast. Here are some really complicated demos built in unity that you can view through your browser. The island might take some time to load or might chug some as it streams in. As for models with lots of triangles, I know some people who built levels with millions of polygons and it still ran smooth and the graphics card was nothing special... Unity uses bones for animation and you animate in whatever package that supports FBX. You can use normal, specular, diffiuse, and it also supports parallax mapping. The avert fate demo is pretty cool. but you'll have to download it to try it.. The unity forum where there are many people who know more about it than I who can probably answer your questions more thoroughly.
  4. Not sure 3dc has such a feature.. If you have access to maya, softimage, or cinema4d. All these have baking tools that should give you the options you want. In Softimage (xsi) it's located in properties under rendermap I think. Just remember that in this menu checking on means to disable (contrary to common thought, where checking on means to enable). Final gathering thought is not supported with rendermap. Cinema4d has bake Object which is my favorite baking tool at the moment because it's fast, you see the results as it goes, and you can do multiple sets of textures for multiple objects at a single time. It also has the older method bake texture. Maya also has good baking ability and final gathering does work with baking. It's a bit cumbersome though and it can crash very easily and when it crashes there is no easy way to tell. Not sure about 3dmax but it wouldn't surprise me if it did have baking tools, everthing else does...
  5. It was an old project that was meant to be a game for timewarner to advertise their cable products, but somethings happend and well. I figured I might try to make a different type of game with it. I didn't build the water or sky. (although I could if I wanted to) I just went with prebuilt stuff in the engine. Everything else though, models, textures, baked lighting I was responsible for. You can construct projects inside of the unity engine and have it output a file that will load up in a browser as long as the client has the unity player plugin. Unity is similar to source and the UT3 engine that it can be used to construct games and simulations. Unlike source and UT3, models are very easy to drop into unity and view. You just have to use FBX format. Here is an early test version without hardly any textures except for a theatre wall that has a color and normal map. I decided to not bother with normal maps as it would take longer.
  6. Has different water now. Textures should be a higher res now as well. Same link as before. Also added a boat with particles trailing behind. Haven't textured boat yet. still redesigning it.
  7. This was an old project that was revived. About 85% of the geometry had to be rebuilt, UV mapped, textured, and baked in 2 days. I wish I had more time to spend on it. But I decided to live a bit dangerously and use the alpha dp for the painting process. Luckily it didn't impose too many problems and probably sped up the painting process. (Although there were a lot of camera navigation problems that hindered the painting of some textures) You will need the unity web player to view it in real time. You can right click to full screen the image. Standard first person controls. w=forward s=back a=strafe left d=strafe right. camera pitch and yaw controlled by mouse. If you fall off, just reload. This is supposed to be for a boat racing game.
  8. Probably the last version of the gator.
  9. I think there is something wrong with the way xsi handles normal maps from other applications. I tried the compound. I got better results but not quite right. Like you said, I ramp it up to high and it looks blown out and wrong. A strange effect I noticed was that some areas of the normal map were dipping in where it shouldn't be and some places were actually behaving correctly. This seems like a really old problem with xsi. Either the SI team or the Mental images team is to blame, or either there is some magic trick to getting it to work. I tried the normal map in cinema4d. It worked fine given I increase the intensity. I had to get rid of the ridges on the chest it created an odd optical illusion in both xsi and c4d. Like the rises sometimes look like dips and the dips look liked ridges it all changed based on the lighting scheme, I think normal maps probably don't work so well when placed on a surface that is rather convex. My last rendering using xsi. Still not quite right.
  10. Here is a gator. Having problems rendering normal map in xsi 7. I import the model in xsi, give it a tangent property (as advised on another forum) open render tree, you can see the setup I used... For some reason the normal map has seams and also it's rendering backwards. Where there should be grooves coming out they are pushing in... I know this isn't an xsi forum. Was hoping that maybe someone might know. I tried checking on unbiased tangents and it only gets worse. Aside From the problems with xsi. Painting in 3dcoat is fun and works good. I had to redo my uvs a little and it was great that when the uvs were redistributed the texture was as redistributed with the right uvs. (great feature)
  11. Thanks for the kind comments. Also I didn't realize I could keep working inside 3dc and still save. But I guess if I ever want to get them out for animation. I'll have to get a license soon, must support production of good software. I must admit I'm getting more done creatively in 3dc than I ever did with zb.
  12. Found one more. A turtle
  13. I usually don't like posting work that is raw. But my trial ran out so I figured why not. I was trying to make a dynamic pose with the first two sculpts. Then some cartoon heads. Guitar pose, a very dynamic pose, very recognizable even without guitar. It was made with hemisphere curves. An updated version of the pilot head. An Elf ear. An old Bird that I meant to have shoes and and collar and maybe a jacket and suspenders, and of course a walker. but was having trouble sculpting in details on the low res and I couldn't figure out a good workaround to raising the resolution yet keeping the mesh sculpt able... Hope you like it.
  14. I figured it'd be better to have a thread for the sketches than to make a new thread every few days or so. So I made a hand. I guess you can say I'm still trying to grasp VS. (ok I'm sorry) When making the fingers I had problems because the fingers are so close than when I smooth them out, they would begin to merge. I put some wrinkles in using vox pinch. Maybe there is a better way to do this? I worked on this hand for about 40 minutes. VS is fun stuff.