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  1. So hum. I did use zbrush since "it didn't yet appeared". (dev version 0.88 and it was only pixols back then...) Do I win the game ? (seriously guy that was a ridiculous argument)
  2. "When it works". Zbrush. Period. Sorry AbnRanger, I was a believer, I tried it recently again... I just can't stand the uncertainty during a project. You don't label stable a release that has the same bug as it did 3 years ago. Nope, nope.
  3. I sleep 3 hours a night (except week end when I take 9-10hrs). I take 15 minutes naps on afternoon, just closing my eyes listening to music, feel refreshed after that. It's ok, some people don't need much sleep anyway. In the end it doesn't matter we end up sleeping a third of our life, no matter what (if you get my meaning)
  4. No, try clip studio paint. Then forget sai... it's that good.
  5. What software shouldn't be. Yeah PSmith, tablets pretty much suck for content production, get used to it !
  6. Now they're just merging all their meshmixer tech into maya. This always have been the plan since they acquired it, it goes along with 1,2,3 sculpt etc.
  7. THANK YOU Timmy. Yes CINTIQ SUCK. YES INTUOS ROCKS. And no buying super expensive hardware != better.
  8. It's WAY better than sai. Which was the best for me before CSP. I can't go back to photoshop now, last few weeks I've tried painter, paintstorm, artrage. I still prefer csp over all of these, even if some features are missing.
  9. SO. WORTH. IT.
  10. Your stylized work and that Dino are rad. Keep up the good work.
  11. Nowaday it's so easy to pickup another software and get used to it (they all have the same concepts, ok the UI change but that's a very small obstacle to transition) that I don't think Autodesk took the measure of their action. Refusing the entrance to newcomers (students and hobbyist) with very high price will only result in them taking their business to less pricey solutions (blender, modo etc)... Studios will probably continue to have their licenses, but Autodesk is alienating the future flow of "could have been autodesk" users. They're trying to copy Adobe unfortunately for them Adobe was smart enough to have reasonable prices even for hobbyists... not them. Software as a Service is only gonna work if the price of the admission ticket is reasonable, autodesk is going to learn the hard way.
  12. I got it Carlosan, it's just the technology catching up part I was reacting to
  13. I don't see any advancement compensating our natural wiggling of hands/wrist/arm. We use support such as the one you posted to keep those to a minimum, to avoid muscle fatigue AND keep a relatively steady hand. You'll NEVER have a more precise control over something that you can't touch and therefore get force feedback from, than something that may look as antiquated as a pen an tablet that offers arm rest and a physical feedback (albeit a wrong one that's true). This is not a technological problem. I've used a phantom haptic device for a few month a few years back as a test run for the company I work for, it was nice, yet it was still a bit unpractical: you gained feedback you let go of the keyboard a bit, BUT you still hurt your wrist cause you twist it in unatural ways to get the proper angles. There's technicaly NO device on the market right now that is as precise and healthy as pen tablet, and I honestly have trouble imagining one that would keep our members in a healthy posture while retaining precision advantage, that will be significantly better than the tablet/keyboard combo. To be perfectly honest I don't see the tablet/keyboard disappearing anytime soon, there'll be evolution, small changes, but they probably won't go away before we get some neural interaction (which would render member use obsolete), but that's a looong road. As for the keyboard it's still the better option as it provide quick functionality with a relatively healthy use. And don't talk about carpal tunnel syndrome, trust me I'm familiar with it all too well...and that's why I now place ergonomics above all and why I'm so critical of all those gadgets.
  14. 1)Lift your arm 20 cm hover your desktop. 2)Move your arm like you're manipulating your 3dmodel. 3)Do that for one hour 4)You look like a morron and you're hurting your shoulder/arms. You're welcome. My SpaceNavigator is gathering dust, and yet it's still an ergonomic device... so the leap... AHAHAHAHA. I'm a d*** here, but this discussion keeps popping up with different people and it seems no one is considering the ergonomic factor, everyone fall for the cool factor while the user experience is flawed to the core. There's a reason we need supports, we're not built to have our arm raised and waiving in the air for long duration, hell even having your elbow flexed for a long time repeatedly (arm on keyboard and mouse/stylus in the other so basicaly everyone working in computer graphics) is hurting yourself ! I mean if this was a no brainer we would all have interaction gloves for a very long time at the very least if not better (remember the power glove during the Nintendo Entertainment System era, yeah, that long )... that's not a technological issue, but a physiological one.