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  1. I just checked: in version 4.5.29 the problem stays the same...
  2. I am quite obviously missing something fundamental (as I am just starting out using 3D Coat for sculpting), but whenever I import an existing object into Voxel Sculpting mode and hit apply, the object disappears as soon as I select a brush and I am left with nothing to work with... Importing the same object in Surface Sculpting mode works like expected though. I am using version 4.5.28 CUDA (DX64).
  3. I just uninstalled and reinstalled 3D Coat once more and the reported problems seem to have disappeared. All is good now.
  4. Yes, I did, but it still only adds geometry even if I try to use some other brush. And the weirdness in the "Paint Room" remains a mystery as well... edit: I think I have figured out what went wrong in the "Paint Room", this was a stupid NOOB error, not having tried 3d coat for so long rears its ugly head, I hadn't taken the "depth modulator" into account, but the problem in Voxel Sculpt persists, all brushes seem to give the same result.
  5. Not having tried 3D Coat for a while now, I just reinstalled it on a new computer (version “4.5.19 (CUDA)” both DX64 as GL64) only to find some weird behavior. When I start voxel sculpting with a mere cube, the moment I activate one of the “Voxel Tools” the cube disappears. And when I start with a sphere I only seem to be able to use the “grow” brush as none of the other brushes act any differently... I must be doing something horribly wrong, but cannot figure out what, so any help would be more than welcome. When I try “Paint UV Mapped Mesh (Per-Pixel)" all I get is a result similar to the “grow” brush, i.e. no painting, just adding of geometry. The attached image shows what I mean concerning the "Paint Room".
  6. Tried to get version 4.5 to work, but I failed miserably. My "3d-coat" PC "lives" offline permanently and i got a fserver to get this to work. But now updating the license doesn't seem to work. Please tell me what I am doing wrong...
  7. That's good news. Thanks!
  8. Haven't been around here for a while, so it probably already has come already (although a quick forum search didn't turn up anything): is there any (approximate) price for the upgrade from 3D Coat version 3 (full) to version 4 (full) yet? If not, when will this price be set (hopefully before the release)?
  9. Thanks, Andrew
  10. @Andrew - Would it be possible to at least rename the file name of the new build, adding the corresponding letter to it? The way it has been since 3.07 makes it very hard to track if the last download you've got is actually the most recent one as well. With the file name renaming (to V35-08B for instance) this would really be way easier... PS low bandwidth & the fact that my workstation isn't on the internet might explain why I am so adamant about this
  11. After getting around installing 3.5.04A on Vista x64, something odd happened: the first time I started the program it welcomed me in English, as I have come to expect. The second time I started it however it opened in another language / font I couldn't decipher. Then, the third time and every time since (so far) it opened in English again... Weird, especially as it didn't happen the first time I opened this version of program...
  12. Thanks for the info, Andrew!
  13. Might be not the best place to post this, but it would be nice to hear something about the future plans for version 3.5 (what these beta eventually will hold in store for us and what culminates in the next "full version") and beyond... If this is the wrong place to post it, please move it & if it has been discussed to death already, please point me in the right direction as I obviously don't visit here often enough...
  14. Thanks for the info!
  15. Is there any ETA ("estimate time of arrival") for the other AppLinks, for instance (most interesting to me personally) the Softimage one?