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  1. Hi Bryson! I assume that you are using v3.5 of 3d-coat. It moves program folder into new I will update this into script. I you want test it right now here is rar file and unzip and replace the file from Blender->2.74->scripts->addons->io_coat3D with this one. I haven't look into the script for long time but I hope this helps to fix the problem you have. Greetings coat.rar
  2. Here is recompiled version for Mudbox 2015. No added features, not yet at least ApplinkCore.rar
  3. Hi DreamboxDigital! I haven't updated the script for long time. Are you saying that the plugin dosen't work with mudbox 2015?? If this is the case I can take a look what's wrong. Also if you have good ideas how to improve the plugin, I'm open for it. But my time right is limited so I can't promise anything thou
  4. Sad news. Softimage was a great 3d product and it really shame how it was treated this past years. One countdown has ended but other one has started. Which one next Maya or Max?
  5. Hi mifth! These updates looks great. I have some freetime this coming weekend so we can talk about applink. I will contact you on friday or saturday. I try to arrange that you can have access to change the applink code into blender trunk. See you soon
  6. Hi mifth! Nice to hear that you are interested to develop applink code. Thanks for fixing this axis problem. Working really well now If you need any help to understand the code contact me and I try to help. My summer holidays are over so it can take some time before I reply thou. Also when there is more than one coders there is a fear that both are coding the same thing. So when you start to code something could you let me know what you are coding so I'm not doing the same thing. I have raw version about cycles node support so that something that I'm already coding.. If you add some extra settings to applink. I hope that you first add this checkbox "Use advanced settings" and if user checks that it will bring extra settings on screen. There reason for this I would like to keep UI as simple as possible and if users wants to see extra settings then they can click "Use advanced settings". Hope this helps and I'm excited to see what you bring into table
  7. LOL Well if you want to script code and hope it works, it means that you don't script for blender. Blender API changes so much that it really makes my head hurts sometimes. But I'm really loving this node system and you can access into it really easy with python. I can see that this can be very powerful feature. Michalis, Yes I think that ubershader really helps here. So I will see how it looks like when it released.
  8. Great info! This really gives clear picture to me about how nodes work in cycles. What I try to code is this. If node tree is almost empty. Applink is trying to build complete node tree for you. Meaning you can see your textures right a way in cycles preview render. But in situation where you already have quite many nodes in node tree applink is just bringing new texture (image nodes) into node tree and that's it. Not trying to connect them because I'm afraid it only do more damage than trying to help. Because there is endless situation where user wants these 3d-coat textures so it's not good for applink to trying quess where to link them. I try to update the script with these info trying to code first diffuse, specular, normal support. And let's move from there.
  9. Thanks Bernardo. That info gives me greate staring point. Thanks a lot digman. Yes couple screenshot about where you want applink to add nodes would be nice. I haven't used cycles so much so this is quite new world to me. But I already checked that I can create nodes and link them to other nodes using python so now we just need to know where 3d artists wants them Yes, we need michalis guide here...
  10. Hi everyone! I'm going to start coding cycles support for applink. I did some tests and it should be quite easy task to do but there is some issues that I would like to solve before starting and I hope some feedback from blender users who knows cycles render very well. 1) Shader tree can be quite big. (with many different BSDF shaders and mix together) Where should applink add textures? Should textures be linked into first possible BSDF or do you have better idea? Only easy one is displacement map because it is linked into "Material Output" 2) Where specular map should be linked?? Thanks a again for great support/testing for this applink.
  11. Harris3D, that's interesting. After pressing update button. Do you see any error messages in console. You can see console in blender when you choose Window -> Toggle System Console
  12. Hi Harris3D! Only what you need to do is to enable applink in blender. You can watch this short tutorial how to do it. http://vimeo.com/30723894 Hope it helps you to get started with the applink.
  13. You are mac user. There might be some issues that I'm not seeing but I'm sure that we can find a solution very soon. It would be great if we can get this to work perfectly to all mac users too. I uploaded new version of applink. Could try that and see if that helps? Just replace folder from blender/2.67/scripts/addons with the folder that is in 7z file. io_coat3D.7z
  14. Thanks michalis. I wonder why it has x=90 as a default value. But if you set it to 0 it works well with applink. The error you are having is fixed with the latest blender version. You can download latest version from graphicall.org or to wait the next official version.