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  1. Resample bug fixed in the latest beta but I still see this one.
  2. With the latest beta. Zooming in render room creates ghosts when you use realtime renderer and have orthographic projection. Also I had one renderer crash while testing the latest beta but I wasen't able to repeat it yet. It would be nice to have basic color tone settings in render room. Stronger blacks and whites would really give some extra to your sculpts.
  3. I remember I had a render crash once when I opened a very old file and tried to render it. After deleting .xml files I haven't seeing that bug anymore. To me 4.5.30 feels really great in every aspect.
  4. Taros, did quick test and it works here. I have same Win 10.
  5. Here is an other one. http://recordit.co/z8iabSSzDF 1. Paint something with LC brush into default surface sphere 2. Go to Voxel mode and then press undo and then again go to voxel mode. 3. Sculpt something into surface.
  6. Hi! Here is the video http://recordit.co/HDhF3HUprl to really see it set your radius to 40 and then density modulation factor 0.7 hope this helps
  7. Hi Farsthary! Here is a file for you and I promise that 100% bug find Follow these steps 1. Resample 2. Press Undo 3. Resample again 4. Use Powerful Smoothing (Normal Smoothing works just fine in this case) With these steps I can repeat the bug every time. I seems that this problem is related to powerful smoothing and resample. EDIT: Sorry.. should have created the mantis report but i felt lazy EDIT: It seams that "Smooth" from SHIFT action is only that using without destroing the mesh. all others actions destroy the mesh. testbug.7z
  8. 4.5.03 version and all is good. Thanks a lot!
  9. Thanks. I will do that.
  10. Sadly my 3d-coat file dosen't open anymore. I don't know what happened. I worked with the file several days and now it's not working anymore. Sadly many days work is lost
  11. Hi Bryson! I assume that you are using v3.5 of 3d-coat. It moves program folder into new I will update this into script. I you want test it right now here is rar file and unzip and replace the file from Blender->2.74->scripts->addons->io_coat3D with this one. I haven't look into the script for long time but I hope this helps to fix the problem you have. Greetings coat.rar
  12. Hi! I did quick test and it seams to be working. In my tests I had to turn on "Textures -> Export -> Flip ptex quads" in 3D-Coat. Hope this helps. I see that you vladimir has given very detailed answer in chaosgroup forum. I have to say that their support is the best in the world. You asked the question and they even take time to test your workflow(3d-coat & modo & vray) and help you step by step. Can you ask more For me Modo & V-ray combo is dream come true.
  13. I think one of the main problem what we have here is that bugs and feature request are in one place. I fear that when someone reports one bug into mantis it will be lost into feature request jungle. It would be so much for Andrew to find most important bugs if mantis includes only bugs. I have written feature request from this topic into mantis
  14. Here is recompiled version for Mudbox 2015. No added features, not yet at least ApplinkCore.rar