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  1. no one still interested on this? I seriously think that would make a huge difference...
  2. Right, this is mostly because a lot of the hand painted gen texturing devs (world of warcraft, diablo3, and other hand painted games) are also concepters or they like to paint that way. Well at least I know some. Maybe not them all, but I'm sure they would love to have such tool. And specially for big companies like Blizzard. I'm just saying this would be a plus.
  3. Not so much since the mixer brush tool pushes and pulls the color into it's direction, I mainly think it needs to stay only where the brush size is. But it could work like that.
  4. I still think this is very important, thats why I'm bumping this thread.
  5. bump here too. very needed
  6. Oh I was mainly requesting smear for colors, not for voxels... Smudge is not a blur function. It creates a virtual mesh that distorts/push the colors on the brush direction. There's a huge difference inbetween Smudge and Smear. And what I am requesting here is Smear on painting tools only. If you never seen Smear make sure to check on Painter/PaintTool SAI what it does. It can also be called wetness. I think what it does on the background is it averages all the colors that are inside the brush size and paints it on top, which makes a lot of sense if you want to blend colors. Hey Andrew is there a way to mix both? It takes quite some time to keep switching in between these. Using smudge doesn't get the necessary effect, really.
  7. Love 3d coat smoothing feature, it's a handy tool for blending colors, for sure! But, here's my request. I'm really used to softwares like PaintSAI tool or even Painter that created the smear feature. It does a great job blurring the colors inbetween your own brush size. I wonder if maybe increasing the smoothing would create that feature? Smoothing seems so weak on intensity compared to smear. I like smoothing, I just think it needs to be more pronounced. For painting lowpoly models that would really help!