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  1. Posted this 6 days ago, any chance of looking over this?
  2. While doing displacement map painting, I usually get a random amount of undo, sometimes the undo doesn't work at all. It gets frustrating because I could be brushing, and if something doesnt necessirily work, there's no UNDO! I'm using version 4.5.19 CUDA DX64
  3. more and more smoothing, perhaps smear/blur?

    no one still interested on this? I seriously think that would make a huge difference...
  4. more and more smoothing, perhaps smear/blur?

    Right, this is mostly because a lot of the hand painted gen texturing devs (world of warcraft, diablo3, and other hand painted games) are also concepters or they like to paint that way. Well at least I know some. Maybe not them all, but I'm sure they would love to have such tool. And specially for big companies like Blizzard. I'm just saying this would be a plus.
  5. more and more smoothing, perhaps smear/blur?

    Not so much since the mixer brush tool pushes and pulls the color into it's direction, I mainly think it needs to stay only where the brush size is. But it could work like that.
  6. more and more smoothing, perhaps smear/blur?

    I still think this is very important, thats why I'm bumping this thread.
  7. REAL Ambient Occlusion, Why we need it.

    bump here too. very needed
  8. more and more smoothing, perhaps smear/blur?

    Oh I was mainly requesting smear for colors, not for voxels... Smudge is not a blur function. It creates a virtual mesh that distorts/push the colors on the brush direction. There's a huge difference inbetween Smudge and Smear. And what I am requesting here is Smear on painting tools only. If you never seen Smear make sure to check on Painter/PaintTool SAI what it does. It can also be called wetness. I think what it does on the background is it averages all the colors that are inside the brush size and paints it on top, which makes a lot of sense if you want to blend colors. Hey Andrew is there a way to mix both? It takes quite some time to keep switching in between these. Using smudge doesn't get the necessary effect, really.
  9. Love 3d coat smoothing feature, it's a handy tool for blending colors, for sure! But, here's my request. I'm really used to softwares like PaintSAI tool or even Painter that created the smear feature. It does a great job blurring the colors inbetween your own brush size. I wonder if maybe increasing the smoothing would create that feature? Smoothing seems so weak on intensity compared to smear. I like smoothing, I just think it needs to be more pronounced. For painting lowpoly models that would really help!