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  1. intial autopo shape

    thanks C, this is very helpful. I'm learning ZBrush at the minute, I want to avoid traditional 3D software (like blender or maya) as much as possible as I've never liked the modelling process. It seems that sculpt in zbrush and retopo in 3dcoat will do for now. Maybe one day when I'm better at 3d I'll try other 3dcoat features! Thanks very much j
  2. intial autopo shape

    Thanks. I kind of got the idea anyway, it was more the application of and the principles of working within the software that was confusing me. It's all good information though so thank you. I think I'm getting the hang of things now - I've found that I don't need a very detailed mesh in the retopo room anyway - if I just trust to 3DCoat getting it about right I can adjust the mesh at the low poly stage in ZBrush and project all to get it to about the right shape. Then, using a combination of the project brush then dividing and projecting as I go, I can 'grow' the mesh into the correct form. My mistake was trying to project hi detail into the new mesh straight away. This new gradual technique seems to give better results. Thanks for all the help and advice
  3. intial autopo shape

    Thanks that seems helpful carlosa. but I don't think I'm familiar enough with the software yet to quite be able to utilise these commands properly. I increased the resolution as you advised in your posts, but the autopo was taking 30+ minutes. I don't really know what you mean by "merge the layers to the highest voxel count layer" I not even sure I know what a 'voxel' supposed to be (is it a pixol?) I've decided to separate the glove into two parts now as the shape is proving too tricky to do manually - splitting it into a simple cylinder and hand shape should make things easier..
  4. intial autopo shape

    well I thought I had, but I'm getting this again. I've merged as a skin and upped the resolution a few times too...?
  5. intial autopo shape

    ha got it! thanks! took a few attempts but got there in the end. thanks both
  6. intial autopo shape

    sorry Greg, I can only see 'import for voxelizing'... ?
  7. rogue vertices in autopo

    hi, sorry for not replying earlier -- I mustn't have had email notification on and I just carried on through the days struggling with it. I did it manually in the end. but some of the problem seemed to be that it was made from multiple subtools (in zbrush) but had holes and areas of the mesh that weren't connected etc. - I manged to get the autopo working ok in the end but I wasn't happy with the results so that's why I did it manually. Here's what I managed eventualy - I was quite pleased with the result considering it was my first ever attempt! thanks for the help anyway guys. and apologies again for not replying
  8. intial autopo shape

    hi, I have a glove which I'm trying to retopologise. when I open it for autopo I get this.... when I open it for manual retopo it looks ok, but I can't get a poly to appear on the surface. It was made from multiple subtools in zbrush then merged and exported as an obj - I'm assuming there's something wrong with my geometry..?
  9. applying symmetry

    I got it! thanks jc
  10. applying symmetry

    hi, Is there a way I can 'bake in' the symmetry of a retopo and then continue to work without symmetry turned on? I've added a few extra edge loops etc. to one side of an autopo'd character mesh which I then copied to the other side using symmetry (x). This gives a nice even mesh, except down the middle (x axis) - it's the reason I turned symmetry off in the first place whilst working. It'd be great now if I could apply that symmetry and then work on resolving the centre line/area by merging verts ect. But having symmetry on makes this difficult. Is there some method for this, or some other approach to the centre axis when setting up autopo and work symmetrically? thanks jason
  11. rogue vertices in autopo

    hi, I'm pretty new to 3dCoat and it's routines. Like many people I started using it for it re-topology and auto retopo capabilities. I've had reasonable success so far but this particualr model is giving me grief - verts are snapping over to the world centre. I've tried fixing up the sculpt in zbrush (where it was made originally) and a number of different strokes in the autopo wizard, but there's always some verts that snap over. They're not always from the same area of the mesh. If I had some idea as to why this was happening I could work towards fixing it. Any ideas? thanks in advance J