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  1. Digiman, What export setting do you use to in SP to get your PBR materials into 3DC? At this point 3D-coat is definitely easier to use for stamps (decals) and freehand painting with more robust tools. SP seems good for getting the base material and the live Indie package gives access to tons of free PBR materials.
  2. If you are quick you can get Substance Indie package for a 25% discount today. (black friday in France). I took advantage of the sale to get the program. I was obliged to learn it at work for texturing props for a TV show. The biggest reason I bought the package for myself at home is I will have access to a huge load of materials and smart materials through their "Share" area on their website. . there are already hundreds of materials. Really hope 3DC will someday have a robust share library of PBR materials.
  3. I happen to be doing something similar to this challenge by making some characters from Alice in Wonderland. However I need to make them animateable. . not just sculpts. . so I won't meet the deadline. However I could post some WIP on characters.
  4. If USA want to put trade embargo's on "communist type governments" why don't they do that with China? I guess too much money is to be made and China funds US lifestyle through purchasing their debt bonds.
  5. Aleksey, if you are Australian you can go visit Cuba anytime. . We Canadians go there all the time and make up the main tourist market there. They won't stamp you passport with a Cuban stamp. They understand that big bad USA will make problems for you if they see a Cuban stamp in your passport. With ISIS and Taliban and Boko Haram and Russia and Iran, you'd think USA have bigger things to worry about than Cuba.
  6. Thanks Javis, your a lifesaver! It's called "Apply to Whole Curve" and located at the very bottom of the curve menu. I had assumed it was some option for the curve profile. . since it looks like it is part of the profile submenu.
  7. Hi, I'm using the great "Curves" tool to make rope in my game asset. I've saved a curve for a rope shape that I want to reuse with some tweaking on other parts of my object. Is there a way to move the laoded curve BEFORE hitting apply and creating the voxel shape? So far I've only been able to move individual control points on that curve, but no way to translate the whole curve with all it's control points. I know you can hit apply and move the voxel shape. . but I need to tweak the curve points once I find a way to move it into place.
  8. I agree fully. I brought my license of 3D Coat to work once animation slowed down and started helping create CG props for some 2D shows and an app game. Most the people never heard of 3D-Coat but they see me using it and seem impressed. Unlike animation and FX and compositing packages. . which are studion and pipeline specific. . sculpt and paint packages are more flexible as long as you can get a professional result in time and export or import must be fully compatible with the major animation packages.
  9. I use the 21 UX cintiq at home. I bought it used off another animator who wanted to downsize. It's the older greyish colored generation. I like using it for drawing and 3d Painting. . 3d sculpting is so so. . . . .One big downside that nobody mentioned is the fact that on a cintiq your hand is always obscuring part of your model or drawing. even I can't see the tooltips properly because the text pops up under my hand. Also the quality of the monitor on my older generation Cintiq is a bit dated. . low rez.. not the best contrast or colors compared to my Samsung monitor. Really wish there were more competitors in this market. . but I think Wacom holds the patents. .and thus the monopoly. I would love love that 24 inch HD one they have out now. I don't use a mouse anymore after I got a lump on my wrist before from overusing it. Do all my 3d with wacom board or cintiq.
  10. Yep Beta version is working perfectly with my project to make the normal maps. Great! Now I can finally get back to work on it! BTW when you guys merge with NM to make the normal and occlusion maps. . what do you choose for "Initial subdivision"? I left it at default "No subdivision" is there any advantage to having more subdivisions for painting? I guess it won't actually subdivide my polygon mesh when I export it. . but only to a temporary subdivision for painting purposes?
  11. Well I just un-installed the stable version and installed the latest BETA version of 3D-Coat. 3.7.10 When I tried a simple test object the normal maps worked without any problems. .. . SO. . I'm going to load up my project and test that next. But should work. I don't know why the stable release wasn't working. .just one of those things I guess. Thanks for the help everyone!
  12. @Phil: I just tried with a simple sphere with some detailing on it in the voxel room.. ->autopo for per pixel. . . and same results in the paint room..pure black occlusion map and pure blue normal map with none of the details. I'm quite sure there is somthing wrong with my 3dCoat install at this point. . . going to try to install previous stable version because it seemed to work for me. @ Zeddicus: what settings should I have for this? It defauls to BakeScanDepthIn: 10 and BakeScanDepthOut: 10. PreviewOuterDistance::1 is selected. Should I not be able to see something with these default settings??? I never changed the settings at any point. @ Polygoon: My original scene had several voxel objects put into layers.. and I was trying to retopo each object layer at a time... regardless. when a create a new scene with just one voxel object (and just one layer) I still don't get the detail on my normal maps. Going to go back to the previous stable version of 3D-COAT. This version is proving not to be stable for me! I'lll let y'all know if or when I can get it to work again. Frustrating! Since I just bought the program!
  13. All voxel visibility is on. . and there is only one retopo group for the wig. Also I made sure it has the same name as it's corresponding voxel object layer. Well I think this is some kind of bug. Does 3d-coat choose which voxel layer object to used based identical names or closest voxel layer object based on world space? Just wondering how it finds the proper object. I think I'll probably re-install the previous stable build and try it there. .. IF it can open save files from later versions of 3d-coat.
  14. Hi, I have purchased the pro license and upgraded to version 3.708B (supposed to be stable). I've sculpted a wig in the voxel room and then used the "Autopo for Per Pixel" option. I retopo'd it in the Retopo room and created a UV map. .. .. Next I chose from the Retopo menu: "Merge with NM (per-pixel) When I go into the paint room I can see my poly wig object but the normal and occlusion maps are all blank and do not have any of the fine hair detailing that I made on the original voxel sculpt. .. Why it is not using the voxel sculpt wig to make the normal map?? I've also tried "merge patch (per-pixel) with similar results (blank normals map and pure black occlusion map. Should I install the previous version of 3dCoat and write a bug report on this?? Or am I missing some steps? I managed to make it work with the previous trial version of 3d-coat.. before buying the license and updating to the latest stabe version. But I kind of forget the exact steps I took. Thank you for you help! ps: I can upload screen captures if it is not clear.
  15. So could I not just convert this voxel sculpt to high poly. . paint it and then save the textures and displacement maps . . .. . Then use my original voxel sculpt in the retopo room to create the low poly topology correct version for animation. And then I just put those saved maps onto this new low poly version?