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  1. Hi, I'm doing something for production all in 3d-coat. however now that I have my detailed sculpt I went into the UV room to make nicer UV's than the Retopo room could make. . .My problem now is that whenever I go back to the Retopo room to bake the details from my sculpt for per pixel painting in the paint room. . it bakes those details onto the retopo UV layout which is not as good as the UV room layout. I've "applied UV's" in the retopo room and both UV maps show up in the paint room. However in the UV room you don't see a 2nd UV map from the retopo room. . If I could see both maps I'd attempt to copy the good one over the bad one. So why aren't these UV's syncing across the rooms? This has put a roadblock on my production path.
  2. Digiman, What export setting do you use to in SP to get your PBR materials into 3DC? At this point 3D-coat is definitely easier to use for stamps (decals) and freehand painting with more robust tools. SP seems good for getting the base material and the live Indie package gives access to tons of free PBR materials.
  3. If you are quick you can get Substance Indie package for a 25% discount today. (black friday in France). I took advantage of the sale to get the program. I was obliged to learn it at work for texturing props for a TV show. The biggest reason I bought the package for myself at home is I will have access to a huge load of materials and smart materials through their "Share" area on their website. . there are already hundreds of materials. Really hope 3DC will someday have a robust share library of PBR materials.
  4. I happen to be doing something similar to this challenge by making some characters from Alice in Wonderland. However I need to make them animateable. . not just sculpts. . so I won't meet the deadline. However I could post some WIP on characters.
  5. The plane carving tool for in Voxel sculpting could be VERY useful. .however it is tricky to use because you have to select 3 or 4 points on the surface and cross your fingers and hope the resulting plane will be where you want it and and the right angle. It would be MUCH easier to just have an actual preview. . semi transparent plane that you can rotate and move in any direction and get the perfect placement. and scale. . lock it and start carving away those planes. Anyone else agree?
  6. Thanks that answers a question I was asking on here recently.
  7. I also would really love to be able to use substance materials in 3D-Coat. I recently had to stop using 3D-coat at work because we had Substance Painter installed and had to create and share materials for the sake of consistency. 50 hours or so in Painter later. . I can say it is great for creating procedural based textures which can be shared, tweaked and reused. .and are small in size, fast and scaleable. However I miss the more developed painting, brushes and stenciling and import export options of 3D-Coat.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I am talking about the "Stamps" tab that used to be next to the "Stencils" tab. You used it similar to the way you used stencils but to stamp color images onto you model. Here is what it looked like: http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=614641Capturede769cran20150607a768132550.jpg so looking at the link Carlosan sent me. . do I need to now create a new smart material and load up my image I want to stamp through one of the nodes in the smart material and then set mapping mode to "from camera"? This is a very different workflow from the old stamps tab where you would just create a new stamp and load up the image you want.
  9. The stamps tool is completely missing from 4.5 I looked very carefully through the popups menu and whole interface. .nowhere to be found. Has the name been changed? I guess I'll install 4.5.03 to see if it is in there. Need to use it to apply a decal image to my model for client. Thanks Daniel
  10. Thanks for the replies. Turns out the client is going to use Arnold renderer. . so until I get my hands on that plugin they will have to handle it. . but thanks for the suggestions. .yeah I'm using Maya 2015 which doesn't yet have PBR native support.
  11. I took a Blinn shader in Maya and assigned color to color, spec color to spec color and of course the normal tangent space map to bump. Now I still have a "Glossiness" export map which I don't know where to assign to since the Blinn shader only has spec settings and not glossy. Unless it should be assigned to reflection?? I'm getting closer but still not as good as the PBR preview in 3D-coat.
  12. What is the best way to export and set up "Smart Materials" texture to Maya with no PBR support? For example I have a metal object and want to get as close as I can to the beautiful PBR smartmaterials results that I see in 3D-coat. If someone could write a quick tutorial on this that would be awesome! For now I'm just going to have to experiment a lot in Maya to try and get same results. This is for production so it I don't have much time to experiment. Thanks! Daniel
  13. Hi, I'm creating some tileable road sections and in order to tile nicely, the UV shell should touch the edge of the UV space. Otherwise when you tile it, you will see some gaps. By default 3D-Coat always arranges shells with some space away from the edge. I can manually scale and move the shell but it is not very accurate. . .anways to snap edge of shell to edge of UV space or just automatically make it fill the UV space? Thanks! BTW the fact that the texture UV editor shows the UV's tiled automatically has been a big help in creating tileable UV! I like that feature.
  14. If USA want to put trade embargo's on "communist type governments" why don't they do that with China? I guess too much money is to be made and China funds US lifestyle through purchasing their debt bonds.
  15. Aleksey, if you are Australian you can go visit Cuba anytime. . We Canadians go there all the time and make up the main tourist market there. They won't stamp you passport with a Cuban stamp. They understand that big bad USA will make problems for you if they see a Cuban stamp in your passport. With ISIS and Taliban and Boko Haram and Russia and Iran, you'd think USA have bigger things to worry about than Cuba.