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  1. hey chris thanks , Im not entirely sure what you mean, it was supposed to be some sort of super hardened leather as the characters in this book cant protect themselves with metal. as such it has been moulded into interesting shapes, heres the sculpt to show you what I mean. It isnt meant to be like the way current day materials are used, its supposed to be crude and medieval but also hard and stylish but maybe I strayed a little too far from peoples expectations. I will try to take into consideration materials more in future. oh and thanks shapeshifter.
  2. Thanks all, hey chris any photo ref you can give to describe the percieved issue? Im really not sure what a leather and fabric armour would look like so i just made it up as i went along, seeing as this is a fantasy character i hoped people would be more forgiving of the less than realistic minor details.
  3. thanks! Oh I also used 3dcoat for the retopo so the whole lowpoly of her body and clothing was edited or created in 3dcoat.
  4. This is almost done but I thought I might give 3dcoat a mention cause I used it to do all the small details like stitching and designs on her leather breastplate etc
  5. is there a game engine that runs real time point cloud data? Ive heard of a few in development but never seen one used yet. Otherwise this is going to be a pain in the neck to retopo/texture if you dont do it in a modular fashion and rebuild it in engine.
  6. thats a pretty cool sandworm, gotta have a little car next to it to show the scale or something
  7. lol yeah its young cable thanks guys haha, Im working on the body proportions still but havent got much time, quarter to 12pm here and Ive only just got round to making some dinner!
  8. Im busy working on this guy for the comicon contest, using 3dcoat to make the basemesh with autoretopo. Ive come across a problem though, I want to make one arm out of voxels and then duplicate it and flip it to make the other arm and then merge it all with the body, will this work? and if it does will symetry still work?
  9. coming along well phil but theres still alot of work to do to make her appealing as a character, you need to not only know anatomy and follow reference but also exaggerate reference and anatomy very subtly when needed for example her eye lids are very thin, make them slighly thicker to create a little shadow above her eye, also add a little shape to to tip of her nose and some slight edges to the pout on her lips and people will most like accept the character as a woman. Ive done you a little paintover, Ive morphed her and painted her to make her more like what I think you are trying to create, hopefully you can see all the differences eg my paintover has a much smaller less pronounced forehead and less bags under the eyes and softer larger cheek bones etc. You dont have to follow my paintover, take it or leave it thats fine with me.
  10. nice piggy!
  11. very good finish, would be wierd to see it animated
  12. yeah congrats on a useful site, I visit nearly daily, though I must admit I do find some of the announcements a bit irrelevant(like its just advertising for a product) but for the most part its been an informative and punctual source of 3d industry information
  13. well done for getting it finished, not bad but if Im honest it still isnt a wonderful finished feels rather dead and wierd. I think there was alot more that could have happened in the sculpt, texturing/shaders and lighting, the retopo is fine and the skills shown during the making of were good but ultimately its only about 60% done when compared with the man himself. next time try hard-er 2 with a vengence! hehe