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  1. Hey Robert, this is what you want your edgeflow to closely resemble if you are trying to animate the face later on. Try to use as few polygons as possible. The feet look pretty good, though to be honest I've never had a model where I thought the feet would be visible so I never retopo feet in the first place.
  2. Hi, I think 3dCoat is great and your hardware should be more than good enough. Just to fight against your fear I would continue to try the demo with more complex characters, that would be the best way to get a good feel of 3dCoat!
  3. Hello, there was a horrific school shooting in US today. I was thinking it might be a decent move to start some kind of fund to go to the families, to maybe help them with funeral fees and therapy costs. Do you know a good way to do this? The easiest way would be to piggyback a famous Twitter user or YouTuber. Anyone have any connections or advise on how to do this?
  4. Yeah, I just tried to save again and my computer become unresponsive. I re-logged and it was still super sluggish so I had to restart. Basically, I can't edit my save files anymore it seems. It's really sad there is no answer to this issue. You have to do so many things in 3dCoat, switching space density, voxel resolution, switching voxel to surface mode and back again, deciding on live brushes or regular ones, dropping info to HD and back, then the program storing color info on voxels at times even when you didn't tell it to. Between all these things it's really hard to tell which combination of actions is causing what to happen. I admire Andrew and this program is incredible work of art, however the complex workflow makes it really hard to isolate what might be causing a bug to happen unlike in other programs when you can think, "I did this, and then a bug happened" - so until the bug is fixed you can just work around it. With 3dCoat, I don't really know what is going on so it's not like I can tell him anything that would help him find the bug for himself, and it's not like I can just avoid doing whatever it was that caused the bug. What button did I press? Probably all of them at some point or another. I can't tell you what is causing this.
  5. Didn't work. Now each save is up to 1.3 GB a piece
  6. This is what I'm talking about. Today, I literally cannot continue using 3dCoat on my model. I am being forced to switch to something else, because once this file size upgrades itself up to the 2gb mark, I won't even be able to open it anymore, nevermind the fact that it is cannibalizing my harddrive. This is on a 1million triangle scene. http://i45.tinypic.com/2zexbtu.png First of all a 1million triangle scene should probably not cost 300Mb, but then there is the fact that it DOUBLED on its own up to 700Mb. On its own! I'm being forced to switch to a different program to work on this model because I literally don't have the harddrive space to keep saving in 3dCoat. This only started happening after the changes where you could save color information to voxels and when you can drop the voxels to harddrive. But I didn't touch any of those settings in this scene. So I don't even know. I may sound impatient, but that is because I have been experiencing this issue with 3dCoat for the past 6 months at least. At one point each of my saves costs over a gigabyte which forced me to delete a lot of my old saves which I really wish I hadn't had to do that. And now here I am again, looking a 700MB save in the face, eventually I'm going to have to delete these models. I don't want to have to do that.
  7. Hello, I'm not sure if I should put this in the bugs section or not. But was curious of others' experience with this. Um, but one of my biggest issues with 3dCoat is the harddrive issue. Right now I have a scene with 850k triangles in it and everytime I save file it costs me 60MB of harddrive space. Is it supposed to save as such a big file? Because right now, I can open the same model as obj in Sculptris and it only costs 9MB. Basically, I can't really use 3dCoat in order to finish models because once I begin adding details it begins eating up my 1TB harddrive so much. I mean, I like to save after every other adjustment I make. I usually save about 20-50 files per sculpt - then after I finish the model I will go back and delete 90% of those interim saves. In blender and sculptris it isn't an issue, but with 3dCoat it is completely impractical. Should a 800k triangle scene cost 60MB to save? Is that normal? It's really kicking my butt. It's got me wincing whenever I go for Ctrl+Shift+S
  8. Use Blender, it has probably a terabyte of free tutorials on the web for it by now. Okay...half a terabyte =)
  9. Yeah but in R14 he's sculpting inside of C4D notable that blender has had sculpting for years now, blender had sculpting in its 3d/rendering/animation suite before having sculpting in of your 3d/rendering/animation suite was even cool. Blender is such a hipster
  10. my problem with 3dCoat is after all this time I still don't know how to use anything 100% it's so complicated - as wonderful as the painting is, I've always had trouble exporting because of all those options that arn't fully explained for dummies like me Which is why when Artman gives his presets I have no idea what to do with this file. From my point of view it is just simpler to fire up Sculptris for sculpting. At some point I was hoping all the buttons would start to make sense. But it just gets more difficult to understand. Now I'm being told about a bunch of brush settings. Probably if I changed my settings after I restart the program, the settings would get reversed or something. Then I'd be like, "what happened?". And while I try to fix it, I will only end up breaking something else without understanding exactly how.
  11. One solution: SCULPT OFF CAGE FIGHT!! Two man enter. One man leave.
  12. o my gwad noice!
  13. Anyone have access to this?
  14. Watching a bit of the first vid really could help one appreciate 3d Coat more =)
  15. interesting. I'm willing to play around with any animation tools they might have there - though I doubt it needs to be said, Blender is way more powerful than Bryze and Daz Studio combined It always frustrates me when I go back to DAZ because Hexagon was my first modeling software ever and I fell in love with it. It is so very awesome but as far as I can tell they still haven't polished/bug fixed it enough. It had the best modeling tools and the best modeling interface...sigh even now, about 4 years later since I first got it, it's still pretty competitive from a modeling standpoint. Even the paint tools were good if not for the bugs. It's just such a shame. If they had focused on Hexagon more they could probably sell it at a respectable price.