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  1. Haha! I love it makes me wanna follow in your footsteps! Bon! bon!
  2. I'm enjoying this thread so much. Besides modeling a nice horse I can see you're a fun person (those WIP images made me laugh). For rigging you might want to use the anzovin plugin that has a modular system for rigging newbies like me But the Fahrenheit rigging tutorials are also very cool. check them out. Peace!
  3. nice going Gavin! AWESOME blog! Don't forget the freshness!
  4. +1, maybe 16 bits would be nice too, just to have more freedom in post...they say 32 bit textures are a bit overkill, but I'm no expert so why not
  5. Hey Michalis! I LOVE your rocks! They rock! I read how you did it, an I have to say, that I only understodd half of it But if by any chance you have time for an illustrated, or maybe video tutorial...that would be awesome! you rock! cheers, Adam
  6. Hey! il like this character, it's a good start to a promising design... keep it up!
  7. Another quicky! Awesome 2D software! this was done on a tileable plane (built in) I don't know why but imported .obj 1 poly meshes seem to be slow?! for some reason. The painting. Yes a ONE poly plane....hmmm
  8. 2DCoat rocks! I did this quick sketch in 3DC cause at work i don't have access to Photoshop. But wait! Who needs photoshop if 3DC can do the job of fast painting. Hell yea. There could be some improvements, but i'm going to go ahead and work out a workflow for painting in "2D". With the 3D camera you have all the freedom needed if you're into rotating the canvas. Let me quote a master I look up to regarding 3DC: " The future looks bright!" (Bay Raitt) here's my doodle: this was painted on a cube btw
  9. Hey! the second try (purple) looks neat. I really like some of your forms there
  10. Thanks Artman! here is my first retopo in 3DC. It took about 4 hrs, but it'll get faster soon. Manual retopo of course
  11. Woah! This is a funny one! Love the rabbit-carrot scene. Made me laugh! Let's see what you make of it... cheers.
  12. Hehe, nice presentation! I like the way you delivered this one, even being a wip, it has a mood Not much to crit here, carry on exploring! ciao, Adam
  13. different type of character, it took a while to do it, but let's call it a doodle for now
  14. Hi! I saw this feature and found it useful in another app similar to 3DC. SomethingBox I think So when I ended a MB sculpting session and saved the file in it's native format, the app automatically created a small screenshot of the current viewport and named it with the same file name.jpg. Like this I could easily browse through my sculptures and know which incremental file I'm going to continue to work on without actually opening it. Just a little nifty feature. It really helps when categorizing models. Probably useful for kitbashing too. Not a must have, but a could have I love the program Andrew! Thanks for everything... Adam
  15. I love the proportions! Sweet piece this one!