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  1. Andrew would it be possible to have the Lamblight shader back in latest builds even tough it is a new shader system or is it vey hard to convert? New shaders are very good for texturing I think but I have a hard time making even one good shader for rendering unpainted sculpts. I tried various matcaps based on Lamblight or just fiddling around the clay and skin shaders to get the same look but it never really reach that look/finish. Lamblight looks very special with Light scattering when tweaked properly.... Thanx.
  2. actually the ones in the default install are mostly older...or seem mixed with older ones.I always remove them anyway as Im still using only the ones attached here.. I dont really need to update them for the same reasons DamStandard brush in Zb is the same since like 5 years.... What I could do tough is make new ones for different purposes/effects but I do better work when not bouncing between a gazillion brushes and I dont really want to spend time making new ones as it was a pretty tedious process....what is truly missing is Fx brushes like cracks and stiches ect...and anyone can make those with a few good alphas and fiddling with spacing values...I just wanted to have good core brushes for flattening/polishing/blocking and sharpening.
  3. now,that's pretty cool to have in huge voxtrees....thx !!!!
  4. it is for converting Materials not Shaders....
  5. This is really an efficient approach,smart materials are great but those shaders are really fast....I mean you cannot get any faster than this. A lot of texturing artists are gonna love this .
  6. Does anyone experience crashes when loading camera position files?
  7. Refactoring the whole app is a pretty huge task...I'm not sure its finished.
  8. @Digman: Polygroups keeps the mesh altogether. You can save/load both Freeze selections and Pose tool selections : pose via Tool options and Freeze via Freeze menu.
  9. No crash so far and it seems it also solved an issue where LC sculpting on meshes with non-depth picmat shaders displayed weird grid pattern.
  10. no special settings...really basic stuff. Crash happens when using mouse too. Im not surprised you can't reproduce since Im the only user who seems to experience this with 4.5.26A. Normally I would think something is wrong on my system but since I experience no crashes at all in 4.5.25 it means it the issue comes from the build itself. I remember one time you sent me a build that was able to "record" the issue while happening that was better than crash file report.Maybe you can send me this kind of build again...
  11. redownloaded ,reinstalled and crash happenned after 10 secs brushing with the basic Liveclay brush (no presets)
  12. always after approx 10seconds brushing ,using most of my Liveclay based presets (sharp ect..) Big sphere or headbust....Its a pity crash file does not tell you what is wrong . Anyway,maybe there is a problem on my side (windows,nvdia ect...) but crash does not happen in 4.5.25 now after 1 hour sculpting. I will try redownloading 4.5.26A.
  13. I get constant crashes using 3.5.26A when sculpting over default sphere or manbust with my presets (both Dx and Gl) I attached crash report as 3Dcoat does not offer me to send it.I reverted to 4.5.25 (no crashes there) I tried a clean install of 4.5.26A and also reverted to another nvidia driver to no avail.
  14. When using Lamblight shader I cannot rotate light in sculpt room anymore Beta 19.
  15. 1.I dont use it anymore as Im always starting from 200k-300k lumps of clay and RemoveStrteching does not generate enough resolution to produce nice clean clay strokes. JoseConseco asked me to make a livecaly based Clay brush (amClayBuild) and after making it I really started loving it a lot see,I really need those strokes to be nice as I use the natural folds and creases it creates when crossing strokes to base most of my organic wrinkles from. Also when using it for hardsurface I also enjoy more resolution in the strokes But feel free to keep using the old Rapid2 one ,anyway it was pretty close to default rapid2 anyway...but I might have fiddled with the flatten curve a bit. 2.For this particular brush I dont encounter any issues on a daily basis, but I dont indulge in the build up aspect of this brush... somebody might use it to too much extremes and get unhealthy self-intersections, Its true of any brushes with "build up" anyway. 3, AmFix purpose it to remove any sorts of bumps in hardsurfaces that are already flats, I use it in both add and ctrl mode to be sure erything is super crisp. amFixArea is basically the same brush but using curve (the way to define area is to set different radius to the curve points to cover surface as much as its possible .Then by using Apply in both add and Ctrl mode multiple times(a hotkey works best for this) I get very sharp,clean surfaces.) The purpose of both those brushes is to remove the "sculpted" look out of hardsurface sculpted parts so they can look similar to what you get when creating hardsurface using subd modeling 3D packages.I dont think poeple are gonna use them a lot,but personally I really needed those,they really were a missing piece for see ,I dont want to do any retopology for the sole purpose of sharpening hardsurface shapes,its already a big enough chore to make the lopoly retopo for bakingI,m not gonna make an intermediary midres retopology on top of this ,that takes all the fun of sculpting it in the first place imo... The strong points of this update imo is really the polish and Trim brushes which are less harsh then the ones bundled in 3DC and are really complementary to both make sharp bevelling with Trim or really intricate hardsurface shapes with Polish. and the Sharp brush which imho is superior to DamStandard brush (mostly due to adaptive tessellation) I had to balance it a little bit when Andrew changed the relation between depth and radius.