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  1. Simple Image Window

    Oh YEAH .... this is great ... exact what i looking for. Zoom and Pan works too. Cool ! Thank You !
  2. Simple Image Window

    Hello everybody, i am new here. I working with 3D-Coat since some months and i just use it to have private fun. I do not make any really professional stuff. But i have the Pro version ofcause. First i have to say - 3D-Coat is very cool, easy and not-complicated. Well sure some functions are perfectly hidden, but if you know them you use it without thinking about ^^ Great. But i miss a very simple image window, where i simple can load a image (png, tiff, tga, psd, whatever). This window should not be an single instance. Each click on (maybe) Windows->Plugins->Image View open a new window where i can load stuff. I primary work with XSI - idea "stolen" from there. This window should have navigation like 3D view, except rotation ofcause, and it should be enable to pic colors from the image. This picking of colors is the primary wish. At this moment i help me by dropping the texture into the material tab, setting color to white and paint the color i need on the model :-) It works - sure - but it's not perfect. It would be great if something like this could be implemented. But please ask all the professionals if they really need that, before you waste time for me :-) If this already implemented, and i am to stupid to found it - sorry ... i searched but i don't find it ... That's all :-) Keep up the great work on it ... Wolfgang