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  1. Beautiful models, I especially like the faun Congrats on your hard work!
  2. So true! Nice characters Ok I'm going back to trying to be inspired ^^ Later!
  3. Okayyy this time I think there are no seams. Look at the parameters I've used (yeah I now sorry it's in french). Maybe it worked because I didn't export a normal map along with it. Or maybe it's the higher size of the texture, or the scan depth parameter. The process is this (you never leave the voxel room and the retopo room, you never export the model to paint room) : -sculpt voxels -retopo -unwrap UV in retopo room -subdivide retopo if necessary -menu->retopology->export (to export an .obj) -go to voxel room (not sure if necessary) -menu->textures->bake texture -enter the parameters like I did (select your .obj to project texture onto it and enter a path and a name for the displacement map) ->OK ->load object and map and test render (in Poser for me) My object doesn't look very good because the voxel sculpt is rough, not because of the map itself.
  4. I've watched the tutorial as well, but I see you're getting seams which are not acceptable for me. Did you manage to get a map without visible seams? Thanks ^^
  5. Hi! Ok I'm editing my message because I thought the seams were gone, but they're still there >.< I'll have to experiment a bit more. Here's what I've tried : -I did the UVs again from retopo room -I unchecked Vue/linear texture filter -I subdivided the topology once -I baked the texture with "prefer outer details" checked The map is 2k x 2k, the model has 4,5k quads. Thanks for the tutorial I'll look at it as well. Bala
  6. Here's what my map looks like ^^.
  7. The map I get makes the model look a lot like the voxels (except for the seams problem). I don't know if I could expect a more precise reproduction. What do you think? Is it ok? Pictures attached : render 4 is voxel, render 5 is a Poser render (with the seams... by the way seams are also visible in Daz studio so I don't think it's a Poser problem... this time ). At first, I tried to bake the texture with the model in the voxel room and in the painting room (=I had already exported it). Didn't work. I don't know what it baked but it was weird. Worked only when I deleted everything besides the retopo and voxels.
  8. Wow, it worked, and it looks almost exactly as the voxels! Note that the first map I made had black holes in it. I had to smooth these areas on the vortex model to get rid of them. I have another problem : the seams are visible, any idea where it may come from? Thanks!
  9. Hello, thanks for your help! Nice, I'll try this now and get back to you later.
  10. *I am no man* lol Thanks for the info michalis, I wondered why I didn't find a tutorial ^^ So it looks like there is no direct voxel to displacement option. Well I'll have to remember to add details in paint room instead. Thanks again everybody, Bala
  11. Thank you. Good to know that micro-vertex would be good for displacement and all painting modes will work as well. ^^ When I sculpt detail directly in voxels, and merge the model for per pixel painting, it seems that the model is created with a normal map only. Is there a way to get the depth as well?
  12. You're right, everything is there now. I had used mark seams but didn't notice the change in the menu. Now I get quite good results. I was able to unwrap it correctly. When I merged the retopo I added 1 subdivision, so the normal map isn't really necessary (poly count is high enough). But if I wanted to approximately convert a normal map to a displacement map, would it be possible? Thanks again, you've been really helpful
  13. Ah, ok, thank you! It's more clear now that I know that I can't edit it in uvroom until it's merged However I only have 2 UV options in retopo room : mark seams, and loop (I'm using french version of 3dc). Where are the others? Is there an options panel or popup somewhere I'm not seeing?
  14. Hello, I have made a sample model in Voxels. Then I went to retopology room and did a manual retopology. Now how do I edit the UVs for this model? I have tried adding seams in the retopo room. The UV preview window whows correct mapping. But in the UV room, the uv group isn't listed, and I can't edit it any further. The global workflow that I'm trying to have is voxel -> manual retopo -> manual uv-> mid or low poly model with displacement. I also failed to export a model with displacement maps from retopo room. I don't want normal maps because the model will be used in Daz Studio and Poser. The only method that works is merge to scene with Ptex, but then I get texture conversion problems. What would be the correct method? Thank you very much, Bala
  15. Hello gregh, I'm quite a newbie in 3DC but I may have some ideas. You could try the logo tool in the voxel area, use it with a black and white silhouette of your png to turn it into a quite flat 3d version . But I would rather do it outside 3dC inside a classic modeller : I would draw the contour with a free polygon tool point by point, or with curves, then extrude and subdivide it in quads. Otherwise you can simply make a plane with your image as a transparency map (black and white). Now I guess you should wait for answers from more advanced people Bala