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  1. Ok Andrew helped me. Problem in my situation was that symetry was not perfect ( i think mirror in maya was done not right ).
  2. Hi all. Not sure if this is good place to poste this : i am working in last beta version and i found some painting problems with symetry , this have something with pen presure if it is big all is ok but when it is less then there are problems. I will show You the screen and You will see that both sides are not matching. If somebody can help will be great. Here is the link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/51563336/IMG_10022015_113400.png Like You can see some information from one site is not going to another one. It is big problem when You are working with symetry. I saw same problems in 3d coat 3.7 but not all the time that why i am not sure what is wrong.
  3. No those options do not help anyway i deleted inner part in maya and now stroeks wor well.
  4. Hi i have question. I imported scan mesh with skin option because this gave me the best result for futere cleaning the mesh. Now all is good and clean but model is empty insiede. Is there a way to fill this object? I found that now when i use strokes in retopo room they are not working....
  5. Very good job thank You for this video Malo !
  6. Sad...
  7. Where i can fing video from this presentation BeatKitano?
  8. "3D Coat is far better than either ZBrush or Blender in 3 major areas....Texture Painting, UV Editing, and Retopology" , - and i will add working with scaned mesh in which 3dcoat is for me the best !
  9. http://www.itsartmag.com/features/witcher-3-animation-progress/
  10. Here i think is the answer for Your question http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8uzhr2Fbuw&list=PL0614F2A03AD725CD&index=47
  11. Ok. On screen from PSE You can see 12 images all of those are normal maps from 3dcoat. There is 12 images because i have 12 retopo grups in retopo room. I merge those 12 images into one in PSE because i do not know how to export all of those into one file from 3dcoat.
  12. Hi i have theseme problem can You explain me step by step what i have to do to merge all this uv sets to and get one normal map ?
  13. Hi. I have model in retopo room with couple of retopo groups. Then i bake normal map one by one and everything looks good. Now in the paint room i have couple of layers with those baked informations. Can i copy all those information to one layer ? Now when i pres export i have couple of psd files bu i want one with all those baked informations.
  14. I wonder why some people who use zbrush and say it is so perfect are still here and use 3dcoat ? It is not logical for me.... if You found other soft better for You then work in it that is all. Andrew is doing his best for 3dcoat. For me some discusions here are strange, there are lot of people in the world and all of them have different taste and will want something different from UI in 3dcoat for example. There is zremesher in zbrush which is much better that autopo in 3dcoat and in mudbox and so what ? Everything needs time, maybe Andrew needs some time to think about it maybe he doesn't know how to do it for now like Marc said we are all humans. I think this is good idea to give beta versions here if some do not want to use it then use stable version but a lot of us want to check what Andrew is doing.