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  1. that looks kinda familiar...... Great job Herve. The detail is amazing.
  2. very nice.
  3. Congrats Herve! Best of luck with it. /b
  4. I have asked about this before. Basically you need to be able to paint with white, or some other colour in the depth channel (or spec for that matter). It's not supported and I don't think I received any indications of whether or not it ever would be. Hopefully you can drum up some interest in it, as it's a major gap in the workflow IMO. /b
  5. +1 Layer masks is a major missing feature.
  6. Great job! /b
  7. I made a new scene and tried again and I was able to do 8K as well. Not sure what happened, but previously there was no 8K option - the list just ended at 4K. Anyway, if it happens again I will save the file for you. b
  8. I'm just getting around to trying this out again - kinda gave up on Ptex at first I can't seem to get the Texture Bake options to allow me to bake a map larger than 4K. Is that a built-in limit or am I missing something? b
  9. I hear you on that one. b
  10. Wow - nice work! b
  11. Thanks very much Oliver and Digital777 - much appreciated. b
  12. Looks really good. That is about as detailed as anything we could get out of voxels so far. More than that and we were ending up going to Zbrush (so far anyway). It looks like you managed to avoid a lot of the smoothing problems we were having with voxels though - finding it hard to get nice smooth edges. Well done. b
  13. Looking forward to seeing what you have done with voxels. Your work is always top notch, so I'm sure it will be great. b