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  1. Haha, Yes. I am. My motivation is seeing the community thrive and seeing new tools like yours come to fruition. I hope it does well and you get a lot of attention!
  2. PS - If you need some more help testing the closed beta, I would be happy to try it out when I get some free time.
  3. Just picked up my pre-order today. I was waiting for the sale to end so you could get the full amount ( more money = motivation ). Looking forward to trying it out. Cheers.
  4. Those things shouldn't be happening to you, they appear to be Linux bugs. Sorry to hear you're experiencing them. Definitely contact Linux support (Sergii). BTW, it's good to see you here Chris! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  5. Totally understandable. And baking like SP sounds good to me, I like the maps it bakes most of the time from there, sounds like your tool will be a welcome addition to many artists.
  6. Right on! That is cool. Would love to test out some of those baking abilities if I get some free time. Any chance baking might be in the builds available when you release?
  7. Really amazing work Michael, congratulations on the release! I'm happy to see your new work. Is your plan to keep it as a viewer? Any plans to perchance bake textures, too?
  8. Thanks. For future reference, the thread below is for language/typos.
  9. It's hard to say exactly without seeing your settings on the top bar and the material you're using. I would say to double check all of your settings, make sure they are turned up and turned on. Also double check the material settings to see that those channels are not set to 0, the same goes for the layers you're painting on, check to make sure you have those channels higher than 0 as well.
  10. Just in case anyone is trying to get the MacOS or Linux builds of 4.7.08 and are seeing it slowly download (or not at all); Right now those builds are not downloading correctly, or might take a very long time. I've notified the webmaster. Please bare with us. Thanks!
  11. Hi! I don't have 3DC in front of me at the moment, so I can't check, but this feature is in there. It's either 0-9, O-P, or [-]. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  12. Hi! The obj format didn't retain any kind of parenting information. If you want to keep your hierarchical structure, the best option is to export only the texture maps from 3DC and apply those in your DCC. If you did any UV mapping in 3DC, this won't be an option unless you replace each objects meshes with the updated ones from 3DC. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  13. Yeah it's really weird. I don't know why they would be changed at all. Seems like a rather static setting until the user changes it. Or it should be anyway.
  14. It sounds pretty interesting, I wish I had time to join in!
  15. I find that depth does the same thing. It's always at some random setting I never set it at when I boot up the program.