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  1. And all searchable.
  2. This is really necessary. With having so many materials, the icons become meaningless to a point. Having names as well as the icon would really be useful.
  3. Looks like the gradient issues are all fixed. Thanks Andrew! No kidding! I got that email and was excited to see it. Bummer.
  4. Glad to be of help!
  5. Yep, you don't need anything else really. I personally do find it easier to model hard surface things in another application (modo), but that comes down to personal preference. 3DC is definitely capable of it.
  6. Hi! I don't know where the model was created for that video, but the answer is yes. You can definitely create hard surface objects in 3DC and use them in Unreal. You can also retopologize in 3DC and export, which is recommended for creating a low res asset from the high res sculpt.
  7. On the top right of the 3D viewport is a "Camera" settings area. If you go to "Customize Navigation", there's a function near the top of the list called "UseShiftSnapping". Untick this, and you're good to go. This function is meant to emulate the Zbrush style orthographic views (left, right, front, etc.) snapping.
  8. Glad to help. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  9. 3DC connects to the internet, as you said, when you first install and register the license. It will check occasionally to see if the license is valid, if there is an internet connection. If there is not one, it does not matter. It does not need a persistent connection to the internet. So you can install it, register it, and forget about it.
  10. I'm getting the same bug with the noise, when attempting to fill by layer or surface material. I'm also still not seeing the nodes in build 4.7.32. I did a fresh install and everything. I go right back to build 4.7.31, and I can see the nodes.
  11. I don't usually bag on software, but you are not kidding @willzacharie. UV mapping in C4D is probably the worst thing I've ever been subjected to. It's a hot, steaming pile garbage (UV mapping in C4D).
  12. Hey Andrew. Looks like the gradient mode nodes are broken again in 4.7.32. They do not show up at all, giving the user zero control over how to place the gradient. It works as expected in 4.7.31. Could you take a look at this? Thanks!
  13. Once you perform a bake, the Retopo object will be transferred, with the UVs you created there, to a Paint object. If you are meaning though if there is some way to transfer the work you've done UV seam wise, and only the seams. Not really. You'd probably need to redo it. But, if it's the same mesh in the Retopo room, baking is the easiest way.
  14. Use the "Mark Seams" tool, hold CTRL and LMB click on the edges you want to deselect.
  15. It looks like you may have islands that over overlapping or flipped normals on those sections, in your first bakes. If you supply the original mesh file (OBJ or FBX), the 3B and your baked normal map. I can take a look at it. For those auto unwrapped islands, just unmark the seams around the area you don't want them, and you should be good to go.