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  1. Andrew, is there any movement on a fix for SVG file import for the curve modes? It's still very, very broken (they don't import at all). In fact, none of the curve import supported files import. Which leads me to think that the whole importing process is broken and not just for one file type. Please can you take a look at this? It's been this way for many months.
  2. Cool, ok! Glad to hear. I must have been uploading right when you looked.
  3. I would email support directly ( support AT 3d-coat DOT com ). Andrew may be able to help you. In the mean time, I would definitely use OBJ. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Which version of FBX are you exporting? It might be worth trying the latest version (4.7.17X). Link is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByesnXO2ExYDRGRxMUljSHk2dWs/view?usp=sharing If you're pressed for time, using an OBJ file should work.
  5. Are you importing to paint, sculpt, etc.?
  6. It does seem like it would be a padding issue. Maybe try turning down the pixel padding in Edit>Preferences>General>Padding Width, and then erasing that area, and trying to paint again?
  7. The 5.7.17X version should be on Drive as well. Do you not see it?
  8. Thanks! The most likely culprit is the build of 3DC you're using. Please try using the latest (4.7.17X as of this writing). Here's a link to that build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByesnXO2ExYDRGRxMUljSHk2dWs/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hi. Can you upload a screenshot of what is happening? Also, please post the exact build of 3DC you're using, OS and system specs. Thanks!
  10. It depends on what you're referring to. In the manual and in the interface (as much as possible), I've tried to not use the word layer or group too much for various and different things. In the manual and most of the UI, a Layer refers only to the layers in the Paint Layers panel (ala PS). Otherwise in the VoxTree, that is known as a Sculpt Object. So for the two more important aspects of the program, it is "nailed" down, so to speak. For tutorials that I don't mind, I cannot control that aspect.
  11. No luck yet. Any steps to reproduce?
  12. My pleasure, and welcome to the forum.
  13. Hey there. Sorry about any confusion. We recently did a forum update and that changed some of the functionality of the forum software. That said, I have elevated your status to "Member" from "New Member", you should now be able to edit your posts and the like as you need.
  14. My pleasure! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  15. Hi! Yes, that works. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk