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  1. No exact date but sometime very soon.
  2. Very snazzy looking cloth tools. I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Hey Justin! There is no camera move undo in 3DC, sorry. You could always put in a FR on Mantis.
  4. Hey Chris. The Smart Material Layer, is going to be exactly as you're describing. A lot like Substance or Quixel, but no doubt with the Andrew-style added in for good measure. For resource tracking, I completely agree!
  5. Smart material layers, layers masks and UV changes/improvements are in dev right now.
  6. Could you record a video of this happening? Also, a few questions about your computer: What is your OS? What version of 3DC? What is your video card and the version of its driver?
  7. Glad to hear it's working for you now. You should also now have the ability to edit your posts.
  8. Hi! Welcome. He changes tools at the 10:13 mark to the cutoff tool for the barrel hole, and uses a circle lasso to cut a hole. For the muzzle brake area that is being "extruded", he's using the grow tool with axial symmetry, from the symmetry panel. Which starts being demo at about the 8:28 mark.
  9. Did you uninstall the previous version? What format are you trying to export? Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  10. Hi Sean! Welcome to the forum. Please try the latest version of 3DC, 4.7.24. It can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_SttA137fidZmljODdfUm9qdHc Chances are, the new build will work. The build you're using now has a few issues with Windows 10 (it's a bit of an older build at this point).
  11. That only works within 3DC exported UVs itself. It's like the preset system in 3DC, if you saved one out of 3DC, you can import it. It doesn't work with other meshes, only the exact same mesh, because the vertex order must be exactly the same.
  12. Hi, and welcome! There is a way to get close, but only to doing part of what you want. First you can set a camera shortcut, this will always bring the camera to the world space/transforms. It can be done from the "Camera" button on the top right of the 3D viewport, add a camera "shortcut" to your scene. That's half way there, the next half, you'll probably need to eyeball the placement/scale of the stencil. I think you could get pretty close by using the 2D grid (under View>Show 2D Grid, and matching some key landmark on your stencil and material to the same spot on the 2D grid. I know it's not ideal, but should get you part the way there.
  13. Yes, Phil is right. Use a shader that has smoothing (try a few, and you'll find one). The shader you're looking at has flat shading.
  14. Hi! Welcome. To the point; If you don't apply the primitive, 3DC assumes you don't want to create it. It makes sense. I do agree however that a dialog would be good to have, if you leave the primitive tool. That said, any tweaks you've made to the primitive tool should still remain until you change it, or end the session. So you don't really lose any work.
  15. Hi, and welcome! Couple of things, regarding your considerations: 1 + 4: What is your guy's purpose of posing both your sculpt and retopo mesh? The workflow I've used and seen at most places keep the same high res and low res models unposed for baking purposes. Whenever an update is needed for a texture, just re-bake your new details with the same scene file, no need for the new poses. So long as the UVs have remained the same throughout the process after it's hit 3DC, it shouldn't have any impact down the pipe. Export new textures and apply them in whatever engine or DCC you're using. 2 + 3: Bake using Per Pixel. MV is left in only because of backward support with scene files. Per Pixel produces superior results. Regarding your pipeline: As noted above, why not use the same 3DC high & low res meshes for baking, and not with the posing? Unless there is something I'm missing in your pipeline, it seems unnecessary and causing problems.