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  1. Yay! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, and welcome! Yes, this is intended behavior. Paint layers can share many, many objects. The only thing that needs to be observed is they have unique space in the UV space. Such as a different location in 0-1, a different tile/UDIM or a different UV map altogether. The other issue you describe, sounds entirely different, however. If you could share your file, I could take a look at what is happening. When you send to PS, the texture should show up if you're doing any layer syncing and the "mesh" should show up if you're doing a projection.
  3. Pretty much all the sliders are broken, in this build. Not sure why, but I am sure Andrew will fix it asap.
  4. Hi, Can you post your file? If it's under NDA, please send it to me privately, and I can take a look.
  5. Hi! And welcome to the forum. I would Right Click>Download As the files, and play them through a video player like VLC. You'll have no such errors in this regard. As for attempting to play them through my browser (I'm using Chrome), the reason is because apple has stopped support for quicktime videos on Windows, and most browsers actually play them any longer, unless you're running an older version of a browser that supports that file type to be played directly from within the browser.
  6. Also, now that you have made a smart material layer, is it possible to have other kinds of layers that are also non-destructive? A tweakable gradient layer, procedural noise layer, etc.? With a great feature, come 10 more feature requests. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  7. I'm also expecting #1. Andrew, I have another request from a user at our studio, regarding the Fill Tool gradient mode related to the gradient nodes. It would be great if we could have multiple nodes on the gradient, like in other tools such as PS, where we can specify the color and alpha/trans of each node. Here's a screenshot:
  8. I'm also liking the Smart Material Layers, nice work Andrew. One thing I would like to see, and this would make it a lot more intuitive, is that when you click or double click the Smart Material icon that's attached to a layer, that it brings up the Smart Material Editor for the material icon that you click. Also, like Dimitri said, the fill by mask option is really not apparent. I know what it's supposed to do in theory, but something seems missing. Further, there's a long standing big with the Fill Tool when using a gradient; The nodes of the gradient are not visible and impossible to place accurately. Could you please fix this Andrew? Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing this new SM Layer system evolving.
  9. Windows builds of 4.7.27 are uploading to Google Drive now. It will be a little while before they are done. So if folks want to wait for that, check back in an hour.
  10. No exact date but sometime very soon.
  11. Very snazzy looking cloth tools. I'm looking forward to it.
  12. Hey Justin! There is no camera move undo in 3DC, sorry. You could always put in a FR on Mantis.
  13. Hey Chris. The Smart Material Layer, is going to be exactly as you're describing. A lot like Substance or Quixel, but no doubt with the Andrew-style added in for good measure. For resource tracking, I completely agree!
  14. Smart material layers, layers masks and UV changes/improvements are in dev right now.
  15. Could you record a video of this happening? Also, a few questions about your computer: What is your OS? What version of 3DC? What is your video card and the version of its driver?