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  1. Hi! Welcome. To the point; If you don't apply the primitive, 3DC assumes you don't want to create it. It makes sense. I do agree however that a dialog would be good to have, if you leave the primitive tool. That said, any tweaks you've made to the primitive tool should still remain until you change it, or end the session. So you don't really lose any work.
  2. Hi, and welcome! Couple of things, regarding your considerations: 1 + 4: What is your guy's purpose of posing both your sculpt and retopo mesh? The workflow I've used and seen at most places keep the same high res and low res models unposed for baking purposes. Whenever an update is needed for a texture, just re-bake your new details with the same scene file, no need for the new poses. So long as the UVs have remained the same throughout the process after it's hit 3DC, it shouldn't have any impact down the pipe. Export new textures and apply them in whatever engine or DCC you're using. 2 + 3: Bake using Per Pixel. MV is left in only because of backward support with scene files. Per Pixel produces superior results. Regarding your pipeline: As noted above, why not use the same 3DC high & low res meshes for baking, and not with the posing? Unless there is something I'm missing in your pipeline, it seems unnecessary and causing problems.
  3. I am unsure if there is a way to convert that file type, because it contains more data than just the image itself. However, you can get the image/alphas for the brushes and import them right into 3DC without any issues.
  4. Hey there! Welcome. 3DC does not do that. Transferring UVs is a pretty complicated thing to do, believe it or not. That's why it's really only in the bigger more "expensive" DCCs like Modo, Maya and Max.
  5. I agree. I've been working around by creating geometry in Modo and importing it into the scene where I want to have the gradients nodes. Totally long winded and annoying. Anyway, here's the report! http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2264
  6. Can you share your scene file?
  7. It's a bug. I sent an email to Andrew about it a few months ago. Thanks for the reminder, I'll poke him about it again and file a mantis report if one doesn't already exist.
  8. Ok. I tried a few times on CUDA GL version. On builds 4.7.23 & 4.7.24. I couldn't get a crash. I even used the Sketch tool, still no crash. I'm on Win7, geforce GTX760, intel i7 4770K, 16BG DDR3. Also, try uninstalling 3DC completely, rebooting your machine, then reinstalling 3DC and trying again. There may be some latent issue from an older build causing instability with the build you're using. If that doesn't work, is there anything else in your setup that might help troubleshoot?
  9. Thanks! I'll try the CUDA GL version.
  10. Looks like you're on Win10, can you provide us with your system specs as well?
  11. It depends on where you created the primitive. If it was created in the Sculpt Room in 3DC, than you were doing vertex painting, which of course, doesn't require a UV map. You can just paint on the vertices if there is no UV map.
  12. A very painful bug. I've experienced this too. In the meantime, I have not used layer groups and recommend to avoid this bug, you do the same.
  13. I know you were not directing the question at me, but more experiences from many is better, right? 1. I used ZB v2 a lot, v3 a lot, off and on with v4. I think v4 is pretty amazing though. I pretty much use 3DC for almost everything it can do, with a heavier focus on painting, sculpting and baking. 3. Many. The curves tool is what you're looking for. It functions very closely to zspheres. The Sphere tool works pretty well too, it lays down a blob of clay. 4. Yes. It uses cached levels of subdivision. Regarding meshes, please clarify?
  14. Hey again, pleasure to help, even if it's not positive. I agree with you, it would be a really great way to work. It's something that a number of us have asked for. I'm guessing it must be a bit far from trivial to implement.