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  1. Hi! I don't have 3DC in front of me at the moment, so I can't check, but this feature is in there. It's either 0-9, O-P, or [-]. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  2. Hi! The obj format didn't retain any kind of parenting information. If you want to keep your hierarchical structure, the best option is to export only the texture maps from 3DC and apply those in your DCC. If you did any UV mapping in 3DC, this won't be an option unless you replace each objects meshes with the updated ones from 3DC. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah it's really weird. I don't know why they would be changed at all. Seems like a rather static setting until the user changes it. Or it should be anyway.
  4. It sounds pretty interesting, I wish I had time to join in!
  5. I find that depth does the same thing. It's always at some random setting I never set it at when I boot up the program.
  6. I don't know about imported normals, I haven't done that in a while, it did used to work if it's not working now. But for newly created depth layers, it does work for me in 4.7.10 on windoze. I'm using the feature on a project right now, and just in case, I tested in a new scene. It's working without a hitch over here. Just to be sure, are you using the color channel to mask depth?
  7. Hi! I'm on build 4.7.10, I just tried it in the texture editor, and it worked alright with various colors/gloss/etc.. If you're on windoze, I recommend using this most recent build. If not on windoze, let me know what OS you're on, and I'll get it to Andrew that it's not working on that build/OS/etc..
  8. Hey Tony, thanks! I might be able to change the direction, though I am on a tight deadline to have it complete. I'll see what I can do! I appreciate the attention to detail.
  9. Chassis, Complete 2

    From the album "Elvis" War Boys Car/Mad Max

    Interior /w Seats and the door ripped for easier viewing.