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  1. Ahh cool. Thanks! Their twitch streams are good.
  2. Congratulations everyone, thanks for participating!
  3. Cool, thanks for watching. It's a pretty easy process. I also sometimes do it in Photoshop instead of baking. Either way works well. Also, once Andrew puts in Smart Material layers, Color ID maps will play a much larger role than they do now in 3DC.
  4. Ahh, cool. Thank you RabenWulf! I will check out this show. It looks good.
  5. That's cool. It looks great. Is this character from anime, your own concept, or...? Just curious. I'm digging it.
  6. Nice work! What did you do the clothing in?
  7. Nice work Wes! I'm glad to see you joined in the fun.
  8. Very refreshing art. Thanks for sharing it.
  9. Superb.
  10. Hi! Retopo Objects do not show up in any of the other rooms. They are considered "virtual" meshes. So: To get your Retopo Object to the Sculpt Room, select the Retopo Object you want to bring to the Sculpt Room, then from the Sculpt Room, activate the Import tool, then click "Pick From Retopo" To UV map a Retopo Object, there is a full set of UV tools in the Retopo Room. They exist on the Left Tool Panel under the UV sub-section. The UV Room is only for Paint Objects That should get you going.
  11. A few 3DC PBR videos from @offrench.
  12. Updated original post to include: https://www.allegorithmic.com/pbr-guide Thanks to @offrench!
  13. I'm in the chat from time to time. Just in case. I've never seen anyone on though.
  14. Very nice work as always, Kargall.
  15. Hi! Could you show the results you're getting with the different methods you're trying?