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  1. Necropost. While we're at it, since we're on the topic and bumping old threads... FWIW, You don't pay each year for upgrades to Modo. You can skip a complete version and still pay the same upgrade price, even after two version, or three version for that matter. If you have a copy of Modo 101 laying around, you can upgrade it right now for the same cost as someone who has 901, or 501. It doesn't matter. That might change in the future, but that's how it's been since Modo came about, and that's how it will be until The Foundry say otherwise.
  2. Hi! Yes, hold SHIFT then LMB each vertex you want to select. Hold CTRL then LMB each vertex you want to deselect.
  3. Hi! On the Stroke Mode Panel ("E" hotkey, or also on the top left of the tool panel, near the 3D viewport), change the setting called "Border Width" to a smaller value.
  4. From the album The Duke Mk 10 Hand Cannon

    Modeled in Modo. Textured in 3D-Coat. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.
  5. Completely hear you!
  6. A quick note: Retopo Meshes show in only the Retopo Room Sculpt Meshes show only in the Sculpt, Paint (for vertex painting only, not UV mapped) & Render Rooms Paint Meshes show only in the Paint, Tweak and UV Rooms It is possible to get some of these meshes from one room to another that they are not normally in (for example, Retopo meshes to Sculpt room). But otherwise the general workflows "don't allow" these other mesh types to be in those other rooms where they "don't belong", if you will.
  7. Hey Rob! Is is definitely counter intuitive. Once you know that, it's generally no big deal. Just in case I wasn't exactly clear though, you still do need to do your UVs before you bake. They are just done in the Retopo Room. The Retopo Objects have their own UV tools (which are identical to all the UV tools in the UV Room). Confusing for sure. Luckily, it's the only thing like that in 3DC. I've pushed for years to have a more clear way of doing this, like an outliner/item list and any object can be whatever you need it to be. It would make more sense. Maybe it will happen in the future. We'll see.
  8. Yes. It's always been a nuisance. But it was also hit or miss. Sometimes it would work correctly, other times, not. It's been really annoying to fight with the tool when it should just work as expected.
  9. Hi Rob! Welcome to the forum. A couple of things to note - The Retopo Room has all of the UV tools available in it The Retopo Object is a sort of virtual object. Retopo Objects show up only in the Retopo Room. Which leads us to; Paint Objects only show up in the Paint Room, UV Room and Tweak Room That all said, you should be able to do all your unwrapping in the Retopo Room before you bake the object. Once baked, it will create a Paint Object, and it will then show up in the Paint Room. Once there, you can then use the UV Room to tweak the UVs if you still need to. Also if you decide to tweak after baking and/or painting on the Paint Object, 3DC will re-bake all of your textures to the new UV layout automatically for you, once you hit Apply UV Set (it will also ask you if you want to re-bake if you try to leave the UV Room if you've made any tweaks). Hope that helps.
  10. I just tested the latest build, and yes I agree. Build the Alpha right into the RGB channels as other applications do. It's an unnecessary step, especially when you're working with large scenes, teams, etc.. Pain in the butt.
  11. My pleasure. BTW Andrew is on vacation for a spell, so it probably wont happen until he returns.
  12. Not at the moment, but don't hesitate to make a Mantis report for a feature request.
  13. I'll share mine with Andrew, maybe he'll include it in the release build.
  14. Hey Frenchy! Do you mean on the manual site, or something else?
  15. Congrats Pilgway Team on the release! Your hard work is very much appreciated.