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  1. Yeah the head is 15cm :P
  2. It's about 15cm from teeth to horns, so not very large, but considering it's just the head the whole thing will have trouble sitting on my shelf :P
  3. Made a 3D-Print out of polyamide, just the head tho. Manufactured @ Materflow Oy. Quite nice end product. I might test how it looks with chrome surface :P
  4. Here's another render with postwork! The skeleton is an old 3D-coat sculpt too.
  5. Thank you! I havent actually done that many renders yet. The model needs to be rigged and posed..The current standard pose is very difficult to capture properly :P Anyway Here's one more :P I sculpted the highres wings in 3D coat and then made a 1 sided retopo "base" which I then moved to 3ds max where I modified it a bit and added a shell operator.. They are quite thin so wasn't able to do it purely inside 3d coat..
  6. After a long while I had some time to make better wings. They are not quite done. The opacity map that creates the holes needs some variance since its just a mirror now, but anyway it's progress! Rendered with octane render The Bony parts are around 30k polys atm
  7. Thanks for the feedback! And yeah I agree with you. They are there for the looks atm only. Actually I already deleted them from the current build. Only the muscles are there. I'm about to start texturing soon!
  8. Yeah I was kinda expecting to have to find a workaround so thanks for the link!
  9. muscle tool for most places and cloth sim for the wings. I'm going to have to fix the wings later. Just wanted them there to see how they look
  10. Well..Spent the day adding some skin...It's quite messy atm but will tune it!
  11. I think there's a certain amount of time you have to edit a post or maybe it's linked to someone posting to the thread..not quite sure. Noticed the same thing just some time ago..
  12. Essentially yes, the bigger the brush the more it needs to process geometry. It can slow down quite easily if you upres too quick. Its best to get the bigger shapes right before upressing for details and ofcourse you can also temporarily downgrade/resample volume to improve big brush interactivity.
  13. Nice process! Good work
  14. Quick turntable. Will continue next year! Happy new year everybody
  15. My plan atm is to rig it in max, make a small animation where it wakes up, bring it to houdini and add some special effects. Some which I built already and some which I have to try to build..if I can :P It's not really for anything or anyone, just a practise work