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  1. I ended 3D-Coat, and tried it again. It worked the second time.
  2. I'm trying to upload a model, 500k polys 4k texture. It has been displaying PreparingToUpload for a long time. In the upper left corner of the 3D Coat app it displays 0% (Not Responding). 3D-Coat 4.7.35(DX64)
  3. The Paint Room breakdown is also excellent.
  4. Pluralsight also has one of the best modo tutorials I've seen. Creating Game Interiors Using MODO and Substance Designer
  5. The Getting Started with 3D-Coat tutorial series on Pluralsight is excellent. It really put the whole voxel workflow in perspective for me.
  6. Excellent course. Really pulls things together well.
  7. The modelling is straight forward once you start playing around with it. Being able to pass models between it, MoI and 3D Coat is really powerful. Similar to Silo in that it is uncluttered and less finicky than modo.
  8. Looks good!
  9. Cool! good luck.
  10. Really nice intro.
  11. That would be great if you do it after the 4.7 release. Be nice to have the mesh flow between rooms simplified too! Don't know how you can be so prolific with quality tutorials, you produce them faster than I have time to watch, but keep up the GOOD work, I look forward to viewing them when I have a chance.
  12. Hi AbnRanger, The Banshee tutorial series is excellent! At the end of the video Finish Retopo_Bake Texture Maps you mention the next video will be texture painting. Is this still in the works? Thanks for all your great videos. Extremely helpful.
  13. Is there a way to constrain the line to an axis when using Line mode with the Pose tool?
  14. He has a different approach and presentation, but stick with it. There are some real gems buried in there.