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  1. You have enabled Ignore Back Faces in stroke settings.
  2. I'm using Rotate in Screen Space event for trackball-like navigation.
  3. Quick! Get to the choppah! Nicely done predator model. Good form, but it could use some more details on the skin. Composition: 5+ We can only wonder at who is he pointing his weapons at. Which is good.
  4. Hello Michael, nice to have you joining our community. In case of trouble - ask away.
  5. This is usually taken care of by mip-maps, pixel/texture filtering or anti-aliasing in the target renderer. At worst case scenario scale up the pattern, which from what I read you already did.
  6. Here's how it looks on my 3DC instance. 100% SM depth, 100% brush depth. Maybe your paint layer has depth opacity > 100%, or you made some changes in SM height channel's extended parameters window?
  7. Is depth map from the link the same as used on screenshots? Looks different.
  8. No need to use normal map for this. Export height from SD in .exr format and use it as height in your Smart Material.
  9. Unfortunately in this particular "boxy" case, to main axis will just put the manipulator inside the bounding box of an object. It won't rotate it to orientation the object was originally imported with, which is strange because this button seems to be working much better in the retopo room, as it at least attempts to reorient local rotation axes. They still don't match the original orientation though (as seen below on the screenshot from retopo room):
  10. I just made a test by exporting a rotated and translated box out of Houdini and imported it back into 3D-Coat and Blender. Blender does preserve the local rotation axis, but places the box at the origin (though the axes are probably wrong because in Blender Z+ is up). 3D-Coat ignores local rotation axis, but places the box correctly. A bug, behavioris intentionalis or user error? :P Original: Blender: 3D-Coat (Sculpt Room):
  11. Here's the link: http://3dcoat.com/files/3d-Coat-V4_7-10-64.exe
  12. It seems I will not sleep today. I'm waiting for id Software's presentation.
  13. It seems they have some technical difficulties. LiveStream just stopped on Peter Konig's presentation. So far I enjoy watching the summit. Most of the techniques presented can be easily ported into 3D-Coat's environment.
  14. http://zbrushcore.com/features Import/Export Export : OBJ, STL*, VRML*