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  1. Michael, maybe try bringing up those issues on NVil forum. I'm sure they will be resolved very quickly.
  2. @Michaelgdrs, have you looked in File->3D-Coat AppLink to see if 3D-Coat AppLink Enabled is enabled? Also, check paths in the AppLink Settings. Geo from NVil to 3D Coat exports fine, but the reverse operation is another matter.
  3. 3D-Coat AppLink description

    @Andrew Shpagin Is the AppLink documentation up to date?
  4. https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/2018/01/reading-privileged-memory-with-side.html
  5. Some update: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/intel-ceo-sold-millions-in-stock-after-company-was-informed-of-vulnerability-before-disclosure-2018-01-03 https://spectreattack.com/
  6. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/02/intel_cpu_design_flaw/ Projected performance drop after the leak is patched is to be from 5% to 30%... What do you guys think about it?
  7. Well yes Michael, Houdini Indie for instance. I didn't want to sound like Ebenezer Scrooge, but I couldn't stop myself from making this observation. Price aside, a couple months ago I went through Akeytsu's trial and I found the tools to be very neat and streamlined, so I fully understand why people like the program because the experience while rigging and animating in it felt kind of Zen-like. I do prefer a more technical approach though.
  8. $179 for a rigging and animation package? Annually? I'm sorry, but I know of much more lucrative deals.
  9. IMHO not possible right now. Please make a feature request on Mantis bug tracker: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/
  10. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    I noticed that I cannot paint in the Texture UV Editor. Is this a known bug in 4.8.05? I cannot switch from Color preview to other channels either (in that very window). Wireframe preview doesn't work too.
  11. One click Resample?

    You can store resample multiplier in a global variable which then you can use in a resample modal dialog callback. Last setting will be remembered until you close 3D Coat. You can bind a hotkey to any script that was ran at least once and exists on the recently run scripts list. Alternatively you can put it in any of 3DC menus with InstallToMenu function. See the scripting manual for more info.
  12. GitHub is the new home of my tiny scripty-scripts. https://github.com/ajz3d/3dc-scripts Some scripts had to go, but some new were added in their place. Erm... at least one... for now... New ideas and contributions to existing scripts are welcome!
  13. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    0002331: Switching between presets using GeneralClay requires GeneralClay UI to be expanded!
  14. Howdy! Has anyone recently switched from Windows to GNU/Linux (possibly Debian) and could describe his impressions about the difference in performance while working in 3D-Coat on those two operating systems?
  15. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    It seems there's a problem with textures and noise put into alpha slots of Smart Materials. When material A is applied on paint layer and then alpha-masked material B is put over it (on the same layer) it will fully cover material A regardless of B's alpha settings. To reproduce: Create a paint layer. Fill the layer with material A (like copper) Fill the layer with alpha masked material B (like dust_1). Ignored slots: condition mask texture, edge scattering texture, mask/opacity texture. Can anyone confirm? Another one (probably related): Fill layer A with non-alpha material, like the copper. Fill layer B (above layer A) with alpha-enabled, like said dust_1. Merge Down Layer B with Layer A. Areas that were transparent in layer B will appear as pure white and opaque in the resulting layer C.