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  1. @AndrewShpagin: Are Trello's or Mantis' feature requests taken into consideration by the DevTeam when it comes to define goals for the next release?
  2. You can emulate shift selection using a script that looks-up visibility of layers and treats visible ones as being selected. It's a workaround, but it works.
  3. I had a pleasure of testing Oculus Rift out on Saturday at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology during the Long Night of Museums. Everyone was given about 3 minutes time to run around a fantasy world (which was a WIP student project done in UE4). The most satisfying moments were when I came in a close contact with some vegetation. The 3D effect really shined there, with bushes 1 feet away from me, partially obscuring my view, in contrast to the rest of the world in a background. Really cool feeling. However I have noticed one problem with Rift. My field of vision wasn't 180+ degrees, so wasn't completely immersed in the game. In fact the field of view was limited to about the same angle as what can be observed in Google Cardboard clones. Is this normal in Oculus? Anyway, later on I went to test out Microsoft's HoloLens. And holy cow! This thing is incredible. On a small arena, I was playing a game in which small floating robots were coming out of holes in the walls. Immediately after flying out of said holes, robots spread out on a whole room and began firing their fireballs at me, and I had to dodge the shots while firing death rays from my fingers! Every single 3D object felt almost tangible, like it physically existed beside me. This was friggin' AWESOME! Narrow field of view for lens that are responsible for presenting rendered objects was noticeable, but the fun factor was still absolutely amazing.
  4. Ah, sorry. I wasn't aware of this Medium program. I thought you were referring to Oculus as a new medium that allowed for a new type of experience in sculpting, ha ha. Why a cut down version? Doesn't 3DC work out of the box with Oculus, with keyboard and tablet as standard inputs? Isn't Oculus treated by OS as another display device?
  5. Oh man, this sounds awesome. I didn't have a chance to try Oculus yet. Perhaps tomorrow - on a local tech show. So you actually did try sculpting in 3DC with the helmet on your head? The experience must have been literally out of this world!
  6. You have non-manifold geometry here: You might want to fix it, reimport the model for unwrapping and see if it helps. It it doesn't, select the island and use the To GU tool. I just tried it and it unwraps this island correctly (even with this dirty area present). Looks like unwrapping with UV Room's Unwrap works in a little bit different way than a direct unwrap of selected islands with Global Uniform algorithm, even though Unwrap uses Global Uniform by default. Strange.
  7. Yes, you can do it.
  8. Here's some nice info about this type of links: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
  9. Well done!
  10. Without Houdini the list is incomplete.
  11. Create a symbolic link that points from your Documents\3D-CoatV47 folder to a place on another drive.
  12. Can you provide a direct link to the video?
  13. Retopo is your friend in such cases. An excellent model. Very original weapon.
  14. Unfortunately, I'm all out of ideas. Have you tried notifying 3D-Coat's support about this issue?
  15. Confirmed. It seems that all modal dialogs that allow for curve tweaking are causing this issue.