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  1. Re: @Andrew Shpagin, would you please look into it when you have some time? http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2267
  2. Yeah, the new booleans are pretty darn incredible. And so is the biharmonic capture which can save hours of skinning. Overall, from what I already tested out I can say that this is an awesome release. So many cool features and bugfixes! I can't detach myself from the computer...
  3. Merge them into a single voxel volume first because right now it looks like the wall is made up of multiple intersecting geometry pieces. No wonder why the algorithm attempts to retopologize every single brick, when it is told to do so.
  4. Unfortunately, they don't show up in version 4.7.24 either. By the way, Update Islands from retopo and uv rooms doesn't seem to work. It should update all islands where UV seams have changed since the last unwrap, either by splitting them or merging together without the need of another unwrapping. At least this is how I understand the tool's description. But it doesn't to anything. In fact, I don't recall it to be working in any past 3D-Coat version.
  5. 4.7.23 Can anyone confirm that start points of the Fit tool do not show up in the viewport?
  6. Tube Clay with a constant pressure, spacing of 1%, and a sharp default circular alpha. This does not happen with other default circular alphas. Somehow this alpha makes the tool explode the mesh. Edit: Just noticed I was using an alpha from Artman's presets. However this is the same alpha that ships with 3D-Coat if I'm not mistaken. And the interesting fact is that the one from "default" folder doesn't cause this issue. Edit2: Okay, the default one also causes this issue. I forgot to reset the spacing to 1%.
  7. Do we have a tool that automatically aligns an island to U or V axes using an edge as a guide? IIRC something like this is possible in Maya. For some reason 3D-Coat insists on placing some of my UV islands at odd angles. I'd like to avoid correcting this manually because it's impossible to perfectly straighten anything this way.
  8. Excellent! Though a little bit grainy.
  9. Enable View->Axis to display world axes. Positive is where axes' labels are. You can always invert the symmetry direction by marking the Invert Mirror checkbox.
  10. Great alternative to a school bus.
  11. Oh, I like it.
  12. That's a very convoluted solution. Have you chcecked for multiple UV sets in your scene, like I suggested?
  13. Check if the island is not on a different UV-Set.
  14. Nice find! I'm most definitely going to watch this. Every video related to Houdini is priceless.
  15. Many thanks for this feature!