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  1. There is no direct equivalent of polygroups in 3D-Coat. You could store freeze states or pose tool selections, but due on-the-fly changes that are being applied to mesh structure by most of the tools, those states will quickly become unusable (unless you hold yourself from using LiveClay tools or surface tools with "Remove Stretching" flag enabled).
  2. The tip with the brush is priceless. A hidden gem of sorts.
  3. Very nice. Was the skirt made in 3D-Coat?
  4. I'm currently on vacation. Maybe someone else could come up with a subject of the challenge? Otherwise, I will be posting it after Monday.
  5. At the moment I don't think it's possible. Unfortunately for the time being scripting covers only some aspects of 3D-Coat and the support of UV-sets and materials is incomplete IMHO.
  6. Holy cow! Is it a bottle opener? Nicely done. Are you planning to print it?
  7. There was a bug in Clone tool in one of the previous versions which placed the cloned mesh in currently selected retopo group, instead of creating a separate group and placing the cloned geometry there.
  8. Maybe 3DS treats surface continuity in a different way than 3DC? Who knows. I'm glad that you found a solution to your problem.
  9. And I have even less buttons available when browsing with my phone. I need to be able to edit BBCode because the Titanium 4x theme doesn't seem to like mobile devices. Whenever I quote someone, move my cursor below the quotation tags and start typing, the cursor jumps back at the end of the [-quote-] BBCode tags. Just before [-/quote-]. (Ignore the "-" characters. I put them just so that the quote isn't interpreted as a BB quote).
  10. I don't have this button.
  11. AFAIK, ambient occlusion in the Paint Room gets baked from a lowpoly geometry. I think boils down to multiple lights casting shadows on your lowpoly mesh. For that reason I personally very rarely use it as most of the time I'm not satisfied with the result it returns. For example, this is what I got the last time I used it (with 2048 lights / sphere+hemisphere): If you need ray-traced occlusion, try baking it from highpoly in xNormal (or some other software), at least until 3D-Coat gets this feature. Don't cite me on this, but I heard that the ray-traced AO is on Pilgway's roadmap.
  12. If some vertices have been merged together, then I'm afraid there isn't much you can do about it other than rebuilding the overlapping area. Maybe try deleting each of the overlapping faces once (just remove a face that gets selected first over each area), and then after you're done, manually merge nearby vertices. Don't use paint selection tool as it will select both of the stacked faces. This should fix it, but it requires some work. You could also do it in a 3rd party modelling software, which most likely have some automatic means of merging vertices within a customisable radius, so after deleting each one of the overlapping faces, the next step should be a breeze. How did you manage to pull it off anyway? With the Clone tool?
  13. How can I switch the new post editor to display raw BBCode instead of WYSIWYG? This was possbile with the old skin.
  14. I've never ran into such problem. Could you perhaps record a short video that would show it?
  15. Depending on your needs, you might want to try any of the following solutions: a) Use this icon to rotate the environment light: b ) Lock the environment light to viewport camera with Camera->Background->Lock Environment c) Double-click the contrast icon (the first icon on the left from the image above). This will increase contrast to 100% and lock the environment light. Double-clicking the icon again will reset it to 0% contrast and unlocked environment. d) Use a MatCap material, which is completely independent of environment light. This is my preferred solution. And if it's just the background that bothers you, disable it by selecting Camera->Background->Vertical Gradient. You can choose gradient colors in Edit->Preferences->Theme->Top/Bottom Background Color.