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  1. Ah, somehow it was fixed by itself? What I did is in step 5, just remember to select all faces in this layer and then merge selected only to scene(tried both ppp and microvertex) Since I'm newbie and can't edit my own post, this is my answer to my own question.
  2. Hi, another question probably leads to either a really simple answer or a bug. I'm still getting a hang of how to manage different oject and unwrap them separately, so far success to the point I can go to paint room and open UV Texture Editor and see different UVs for different objects. BUT, when I click to UV Room, one object is missing. My workflow is as following. 1. Voxel sculpt 2. put 2 object into 2 different layer.(just cube and cylinder) 3. go to retopo room and start unwrap cube. 4. create a new uv set, and use new uv set to unwrap cylinder 5. merge them to scene one by one. 6. in paint room I can do everything properly. 7. click to UV room I can only see cylinder. ( what ever merge to scene later?) In default uv set(cube) I see nothing, no model and no UVs. Am I missing something?
  3. Is it possible to run 3D-Coat from usb stick without any admin right? So it's easier for me to bring it to work and using it. Trust me I searched, and I assume many would like to do this.