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  1. Will there ever a AppLink for Carrara? Just asking
  2. k, this has to be a very stupid question... but anyway, I installed the 64bit version (edu), and now i have 2 startup icons: the GL version and the DX version. Is there any reason why i should use the one or the other (atm using the DX version). I'm sure other stupid questions will follow... sry in advance
  3. Little question: Will there ever be a plugin for Carrara, Mike there are for THE other programs? Sorry for typos, but had to write this with iPhone. Language is set to dutch, wicht makes it even more difficult.
  4. Hi all, My name is Patrick. I come from Belgium. I'm not even a new user since i have yet to buy 3D-coat (hobbyist version). This will be done tomorrow. I'm actually very hesitant, since i'm afraid i wont ever learn the program. I hope there are a lot of tutorials around here !! gr. P. aka Scythar or TheTeacher