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  1. Hi, Just loaded up 3D coat version 3.7.08B Looks awesome so far except for one thing... Is there something simple in the preferences that will allow me the choice of using the Sculpt gizmo with Voxels? The (Sculpt->Select/Move) rotation gizmo works great. Fast and easy to use, just like it is in Maya. I don't have to click on an axis constraint or use the screen space constraint. I can click anywhere in the sphere of inflence and just move my mouse around until I have things lined up nicely. Looks and functions great just like in Maya. The (Voxel->Transform) rotation gizmo is much more difficult for me to use. Takes a lot longer to rotate parts to where I want them. Visually it seams to be more cluttered with more selection handles. The only free form rotation method seams to be in screen space? I can't just click inside the sphere of influence and rotate an object. It appears as though I have to use one of the small and difficult to grab constraint selection handles or constantly spin the entire sceen around so the screen space constraint lines up with the direction I want to rotate the voxel object. There is also an option to move just the gizmo so that you can line up the constraint axes handles first before applying a rotation to the voxel object but this takes way to long to go back and forth between moving the gizmo, move the object, move the gizmo, move the object and on and on.