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  1. well I'm sort of doing that in maya. I export the object to maya and mess with it until I get a tilable seamless texture. So I can do it but the feature would save me many hours every time I need an new tileable sculpted texture.
  2. I don't need to retopo, so what would I do in the retopo to get tiling? I'm only baking down to textures. Edit just added an example. You're not going to get this to tile with out paint fixes in photoshop. Its frustrating that I have to come up with a lot of extra steps to get this to work for me.
  3. Its not special. Its just making tiling textures.
  4. This has been requested many times, with a lot of forum posts about it. Its frustrating when my co-workers tell me the solution is another piece of software, but I don't want to use another software I want to use 3d coat for all my sculpting needs. Would it help if I said Please? I would say the request is for instancing of brushes. so a user can have copied strokes with a user defined offset. This would be amazing.
  5. Another way it could work is brush instancing, (vs surface instancing) with an offset, so on 1 plane I'm painting 9 times. So if I bring in a plane 90x90 and offset my brush 30 I should get a perfect tiled space in the middle 30x30.
  6. I know we have the instanced voxels, and the surface tiled also instanced, but thats not good enough. I need to be able to sculpt/paint smoothly across the tiled edge. Even if its only in surface mode thats fine, if it works. I see from my search its been brought up before. I want to sculpt terrain textures, and its all about smooth sculpting across tillable seams. The picture attached shows how that (2 strokes) could never be smoothed perfectly with this setup. That needs to be 1 stroke that seamlessly draws across the tiled edge. Are we anywhere near being able to do that?
  7. btw this (logo tool) is by far the best method for doing what I was looking to do. Thanks!
  8. I guess I figured it out. Masks. um duh, lol
  9. Is it possible (I think zbrush does this) to use a normal, or displacement map and convert it to 3d voxels or surface? For example I take a picture of a brick wall, convert that into a normal map, can I take that into 3d coat sculpt on top to then re-bake to an even cleaner tighter normal of the brick wall? I know I can import a normal map in the paint room, and edit it that way, looking to sculpt it tho
  10. I'm going to try to do more quick sculpts to get better at it. this is about 20-30 minutes. I'm still pretty far from being good, I hope in time I will be able to see improvements.
  11. Yeah its more like wing commander style as in you're a pilot, there's no resource management or ships to upgrade etc. Just pilot missions of varying complexity.
  12. hey thanks!. We're still working on it. I'll post more here when we're to the next step, demo.
  13. I didn't see the 4x in the drop down on the versions. But I see the project needs to change to get the 4x.... huh well I can delete it can make a new one.
  14. Awesome! - E-mode circle/lasso/rectangle/spline etc will work closer to PS style - SPACE + LMB will move whole shape. Bug in 12A you can no longer paint "Materials" in the texture editor. I used to start out covering the whole texture evenly in the texture editor then cleaning up in the viewport
  15. true, well thats kinda a key issue, hah. But yes, I suppose we could try.