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  1. I've seen the mannequin preset on youtube but cant figure out how to get it into 3dcoat. What folder is it in? update: got it through the 3dcoat exchange. Is there an easier way?
  2. Thanks Daniel but it's Confirmed. It's just a nasty bug that is present in the build on the download page. I downloaded the free trial and my first exposure to the program was a bit difficult because of this. It's a wonderful bit of software but that build on the download page will scare people away with this texture problem. Wow, now I can buy. I was hesitant because of this, but I don't mind purchasing now that I can confirm it was just an issue that has since then been fixed. 3.7.14a does not have this issue at all. (:
  3. Yes, I have unwrapped after making seems. It must be a bug in this build. A pretty brutal one.
  4. When attempting to bake a color map, Im getting solid colors. Can someone walk me through the workflow of importing an obj that is already textured, retopoing the object, then getting those original textures onto the retopoed object. After retopoing, I have mark seems and everything, and when baking, I set the reopoed object as the target. Is there anything else special that needs to be done?
  5. The video above doesn't work. I'm really needing a lot of help on this. I have a obj that I've imported into 3d coat that is a basketball player. He's fully textured (jersey, shorts, sneakers, etc). What I'm trying to to accomplish is retopo the object, add some areas to include things like arm bands, etc. After, that, I want to bake the original textures onto the retopo'ed object and then begin painting... So, import obj -> retopo -> bake original textures with retopo as target -> additional paint edits When I attempt to bake the textures, any textures, I'm getting a solid color everytime. Sometimes its gray, sometimes red, its very confusing. I dont understand why Im getting solid colors. Please advise.