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  1. On both Linux and Windows you can easily create a symbolic link to refer to another location, I hope this little trick will help you See more here: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
  2. Very fast update ! Great job Andrew
  3. Sorry, my fault, the step three is: Load a texture (face photography from 3dsk by example) for painting a model (using projection), then try distort the texture to fit the head, the texture simply disappears.
  4. Done; Thank you !!
  5. There is always a problem with the paint room in the "v4.00.Beta12" when we try to distort a material, it simply disappears and it is no longer possible to display other materials. To reproduce: 1) Load a model 2) In the paint room, import a material & open it 3) Try to distort this material to fit the model Result: 3D-Coat no longer displays the textures/materials and projection painting (using photographies) become useless... If anyone knows how to report this problem on mantis, please let me known.
  6. Someone here has problems using "projection painting" in the paint room (on V4 beta 11, Windows 7 64b; both Simple & Cuda version) ? Projecting textures are not displayed (or poorly when they appear), it is virtually impossible to adapt to the model. The model is also displayed with "soft shadow" (automatically), which prevents me from accessing/work on the UV grid of the model.
  7. Materials (used for projection in the paint room) are not displayed when using it (v4 beta on Windows 7 64, both DX & GL)
  8. I'll try directx version again, just to see and compare (my last test was made on the 3.5 release) Thanks Digman
  9. Hi AbnRanger and thanks for your response, i will test that later today (but i'm pretty sure that i will loss texture quality using this way, but i will test this solution), thanks
  10. Hi I created a lot of model and I texture its with photos from 3d.sk, I have no worries for the whole body, head, feet, details (hairs, eyes, mouth, nose, fingers ...), but however, I still mess with arms and the inside of the legs, particularly because of shadows from photos; Currently, I need 2 hours maximum to texture a model from head to feet (+/- exact copy of the photo and in high resolution) and pretty near a whole day just for arms the inside of the legs ... So do you have any tips to help me improve these parts (and earn lot of time) while keeping their realistic side (without smoothing or copy/paste other skin texture part on it) ?
  11. The OpenGL version seem really more responsive on my computer on alot of painting functions, else, you're French ?.
  12. It work on Windows 7 (64 bits) but only with the DX version (64b), opengl version (64b) put the studio in the image but without the models (only the studio itself, the preview materials, etc...) Strange...
  13. Ho, thanks Digman, then it's not an issue related to computer, I have spent alot of time to check my computer (permissions, kaspersky, uac, ......) without found a solution, I understand why now lol ! Thank you for your response Digman
  14. Hi I have an issue with 3D coat (all versions, Cuda 64bits on Windows 7), all the thumbnails attached to the 3b files are "empty", every picture show "the studio" but not the contents, anyone has the same issue or it's an issue relating to my computer ?