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  1. Ty Aleksey, The "Belanus" model was not really done for animation, i did it really quickly to test 3DCoat ( first attempt on 3DCoat ). I textured and rendered it just to finish the codes of my asset manager and my Mari OpenGL shader. The model position isn't rigger friendly and the mouth isn't properly done. But still i already planed to release the model and the textures for free use. Kind, Pixo
  2. Hello guys, Here a little update on this character. Just need to add the lacrimal fluid and may be a kind of hairstyle. Kind, Pixo
  3. So here a turntable that i managed to render. Hope you like it.
  4. Thank you guys. I hope to finish this one as soon as get back in europe. Kind Pixo
  5. @gbball, by the way i really like your blog
  6. thx gbbal, the poly count is about 800 k triangles.
  7. thank you Pix Jigsaw
  8. Hello guys, Here a new model that i did to test the surface modeling. I found it really nice, i didn't had any issues with the v4. Hope you like it.
  9. great work
  10. nice work
  11. Thank you Fantome , I didn't use 3DCoat for the textures but the displace and the cavity come from 3DC.
  12. Thank you guys !
  13. @Garagarape, the first public release should come during the siggraph (next 2 weeks i guess).
  14. Thank you guys ! @Yarvo: it's not a secret at all i used http://www.guerillarender.com Take care, Pixo
  15. Hello guys, I finally got this one finished. Modeling/Retopo done with 3Dcoat. High resolution image Kind