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  1. Wow, that sounds like a pretty graphic idea.I'm not sure I want to tackle that one,yet.And really it is not my intention to create controversy but rather perhaps to spark thought.But really the abortion issue is as big of an issue as there is today and certainly art could be used as a voice for those who have no voice yet alone their first cry. Thanks psyborgue Practice some and i'm sure you'll be ready. There is a market for it too, especially with the recent controversy... not to imply your out to make money, but money can help cover distribution costs. You could make t-shirts, posters, or other memorabilia with your art. It's what I do for causes I care about. Suggestion: keep a notebook with you to jot down/sketch ideas you have on this topic or others you care about. Good concepts are where good art comes from, imo.
  2. Well... yeah, it is a bad thing. Who gets to decide what is offensive? That's the problem. As long as the ability to censor exists, the possibility exists that the authority du-jour can suddenly decide to change the definition. Point is that it's safer if the power does not exist at all. Thankfully, we have the first amendment guaranteeing our leaders cannot mess with this, even with a majority. IMO, people are responsible for what they choose to put in their bodies and minds, and parents, not the government, are ultimately responsible for protecting their kids from outside influences. I disagree that there is censorship in the US, though (at least not constitutional). Sure there are laws from time to time that get made, but they almost always get struck down by the supremes in due time. IMO, our system works pretty well. It's not a pure democracy, so it's not mob rule. It's a constitutional republic, where those in power or even the majority are restricted in what they can do... preventing a tyranny of the majority.
  3. First religion, now politics. Next... perhaps something in the abortion arena. Controversy is king and sparks debate, which is necessary for growth in any open society. Go for it. My opinion as a non-religious person who is not necessarily pro choice or pro life, however, is that you might have greater appeal by choosing a non-religious approach to the pro-life/pro-choice argument. There is no point preaching to the choir. One angle you might choose is the aspect of choice. While democrats argue for rights of the child and against parental rights, they also argue against the right of a child if it is unborn. Perhaps an aborted baby with a message of "where was my choice" or something like that. Make it graphic. I'm seeing a baby in a garbage bag with it's head split open by a scissor or something similar. Shock has it's purpose in that it is sometimes necessary to show people a reality they'd often rather not know about... Whether you agree with abortion or not, the procedure can be pretty brutal, which is something many choose to ignore (so throw it in their faces, but don't exaggerate... tell it like it is). You could also play with the declaration of independence, (all men are created equal ... have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness)... perhaps overlaying the declaration with those words highlighted over a pregnant woman's silhouette... There are lots of ideas you could explore. Just my two cents. Fantastic work, btw. Your sculpting is getting much much better with practice.
  4. You could use blender, and it's built in fluid sim. It would be perfect for this purpose, and you could import the simulated frame as an obj into 3d coat voxel mode. The manual can be found here: A tutorial: If you need help figuring anything out, just ask me and i'll help you.
  5. I think the middle images background looks great but i'm not sure about the same filters applied to the panther itself. It ruins the relief you've already sculpted on the panther which I feel is fantastic on it's own... no need for improvement. Perhaps use the history brush (or similar) to revert the panther to the original. It would make it stick out as well.
  6. Excellent sculpting, but I think you might have to change the center of balance to have it printed. The wrist of the hand might have to be moved back or the pedestal extended backwards.
  7. You're really getting good at this. Excellent work. A little more practice and I could see you selling 3d prints of your models.
  8. Try opening up the exr in photoshop and adjusting the exposure (add a stop or two) to make sure negative values are actually there (they're normally displayed as black since the're stored as "blacker than black"). If you saved with black (not normalized), they should be there. If not, it's a bug with 3d coat not saving negative floating point numbers in exrs and Andrew would have to address that. Alternatively, you could save as a float point tiff, open in PS and save as EXR (not sure if houdini supports float point tiffs). Again, you'll have to adjust exposure to make sure the negative values are actually being saved. The EXR file format itself supports full dynamic range (signed float point numbers with no restrictions) so it's perfect for displacements.
  9. Thanks!
  10. Yeah. But at the time I was using windows (on my mac) since there was a bug with the mac version at the time (grab only works in mac os). In mac OS, taking a screengrab is command+shift+3 for the full screen or command+shift+4 for a cropping. Command+shift+4, hit space bar, and then click on a window takes a shot of a particular window (nicely alpha channeled with drop shadow too). Doing any of these will drop a picture onto your desktop but you can change the default location using the command line.
  11. You might be right about that. My guide was this image for the wrinkles (another lady for the shape of the face), but the bridge is relatively low on wrinkles. I will probaly go back and use the magnify/reduce tool on some areas. Thanks!
  12. Hm. It seems like there is some distortion in the texture around some portions of the suit. You might want to toggle the "smooth UV" on your subdiv modifier to see if that fixes it. It should match 3d coats smooth UV or no smooth UV value. Otherwise it's fantastic. Only thing I might suggest is some accessories (monacle maybe... or some sort of pin/decoration on the suit... He looks distinguished and seems to have a snobby look to him, so i was thinking accessories would fit) Like the wall texture too. Love your work and look forward to the next revision.
  13. I think I misunderstood what he was saying regarding elephant skin... nevermind
  14. The magnify/reduce tool in paint mode might help with that. got a recent screenshot? I'd like to see your work.
  15. Phil. Do you have a tablet? If not, using the snake tool with the worm profile works well (used subtractively with control key)... then smooth those over lightly. Curve tool with "sharp" profile (and sharp brush) in paint mode works well too if you don't have a mouse... again with control key pressed. Lastly, elephant skin material works well to fill in the details. Just rotate the material to match the wrinkles you already have and fill in the between areas. It's how I made the old witch here (a combination of the three above techinques):