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  1. All apostles? Interesting naming scheme. Congrats on the baby!
  2. Wow, that sounds like a pretty graphic idea.I'm not sure I want to tackle that one,yet.And really it is not my intention to create controversy but rather perhaps to spark thought.But really the abortion issue is as big of an issue as there is today and certainly art could be used as a voice for those who have no voice yet alone their first cry. Thanks psyborgue Practice some and i'm sure you'll be ready. There is a market for it too, especially with the recent controversy... not to imply your out to make money, but money can help cover distribution costs. You could make t-shirts, posters, or other memorabilia with your art. It's what I do for causes I care about. Suggestion: keep a notebook with you to jot down/sketch ideas you have on this topic or others you care about. Good concepts are where good art comes from, imo.
  3. Well... yeah, it is a bad thing. Who gets to decide what is offensive? That's the problem. As long as the ability to censor exists, the possibility exists that the authority du-jour can suddenly decide to change the definition. Point is that it's safer if the power does not exist at all. Thankfully, we have the first amendment guaranteeing our leaders cannot mess with this, even with a majority. IMO, people are responsible for what they choose to put in their bodies and minds, and parents, not the government, are ultimately responsible for protecting their kids from outside influences. I disagree that there is censorship in the US, though (at least not constitutional). Sure there are laws from time to time that get made, but they almost always get struck down by the supremes in due time. IMO, our system works pretty well. It's not a pure democracy, so it's not mob rule. It's a constitutional republic, where those in power or even the majority are restricted in what they can do... preventing a tyranny of the majority.
  4. First religion, now politics. Next... perhaps something in the abortion arena. Controversy is king and sparks debate, which is necessary for growth in any open society. Go for it. My opinion as a non-religious person who is not necessarily pro choice or pro life, however, is that you might have greater appeal by choosing a non-religious approach to the pro-life/pro-choice argument. There is no point preaching to the choir. One angle you might choose is the aspect of choice. While democrats argue for rights of the child and against parental rights, they also argue against the right of a child if it is unborn. Perhaps an aborted baby with a message of "where was my choice" or something like that. Make it graphic. I'm seeing a baby in a garbage bag with it's head split open by a scissor or something similar. Shock has it's purpose in that it is sometimes necessary to show people a reality they'd often rather not know about... Whether you agree with abortion or not, the procedure can be pretty brutal, which is something many choose to ignore (so throw it in their faces, but don't exaggerate... tell it like it is). You could also play with the declaration of independence, (all men are created equal ... have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness)... perhaps overlaying the declaration with those words highlighted over a pregnant woman's silhouette... There are lots of ideas you could explore. Just my two cents. Fantastic work, btw. Your sculpting is getting much much better with practice.
  5. Thanks for the mac release, Andrew. Fantastic work as always! Will continue to report bugs as I have time (been busy recently with visitors).
  6. Good point. I misread what he was trying to do.
  7. Right click and drag up and down. Right click and drag left and right changes brush size. Very fast and efficient.
  8. Major bug in Alpha 84 (mac) when exporting displacement (adds layer whenever clicking on top layer after export). Full replication instructions in video:
  9. That can happen in 84 too. You just have to scale the pieces. BTW, andrew, the distortion visualization is perfect!. Can't wait til version 85 hits the mac. Edit: I replicated your problem. It seems when the manipulator is outside of the UV box, it can't be manipulated (the model rotates instead). This can be done by moving a piece outside the UV box. It can't then be moved back.
  10. You could use blender, and it's built in fluid sim. It would be perfect for this purpose, and you could import the simulated frame as an obj into 3d coat voxel mode. The manual can be found here: A tutorial: If you need help figuring anything out, just ask me and i'll help you.
  11. I think the middle images background looks great but i'm not sure about the same filters applied to the panther itself. It ruins the relief you've already sculpted on the panther which I feel is fantastic on it's own... no need for improvement. Perhaps use the history brush (or similar) to revert the panther to the original. It would make it stick out as well.
  12. Thanks!
  13. That's fantastic, and I don't mean to be critical, but it's not that much use if there is no way to preview the distortion, either by area based coloring on the uvs or by a checker texture of sorts (or both at the same time). Otherwise there is no real way, other than guessing or approximation, to tell whether a cluster/island size is correct in relation to the others.
  14. I know what you mean. I find myself constantly switching to Blender to do uv layout. 3dCoat's UV tools are a lot better than many apps, but they're still inadequate if you're used to something more. A couple suggestions to improve UV layout: 1. live pinning and unwrap transform a-la blender (roadkill uses blender's code to do the same thing apparantly) 2. realtime preview of distortion, both area based and angle based. 3. option to view a checker/test texture to preview distortion visually. 4. option to change unwrapping method per island (LCSM, conformal, projection based on empty/locator/camera etc...) 5. better method to automatically optimize (pack) island placement and scale. 6. smooth function to average uv positions and "smooth" things out. Blender calls this "mimimize stretch" and i believe it's angle based. Perhaps something more elegant could be done in 3d coat taking either angle, area, or a user-set combination of those into account or perhaps these options could be integrated into the live pin transform.
  15. The wiki article states that it won't be an IGP and will be sold as a discrete gpu. It claims to be promising, yes, but I doubt it will deliver, especially considering by the time it's released NVIDIA and ATI will have likely surpassed any of their current designs.