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  1. Yeah, I got the same problem. But I think it's a graphics card problem, not Mountain Lion. It works on my Macbook Pro Retina with Nvidia card, but not on my iMac with Radeon. It didn't on 10.7 either, now they are both running on 10.8.1. Latest version of 3D-Coat (3D-Coat-V3-7-18C). And yes, it is quite important to fix that bug. Use my Wacom with the iMac. Tried registering on Mantis now, but it must be very slow. Have not gotten any e-mail back yet.
  2. Hello! New user of 3D-Coat from Stockholm, Sweden. My name is Mattias Lindberg and I'm a motion designer working freelance with the name Fake Pilot. This is my reel: Now using tools like Houdini, Cinema 4D, Zbrush and now 3D-Coat. Also recently purchased a Microsoft Kinect for motion capturing and point clouds.
  3. Hello. Is the applink between Houdini / 3D-Coat still not working correctly? I tried it with the latest version of Houdini 12.1, couldn't get it to work. Hard to find good info too.