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  1. Congrats on version 3 ... And enjoy your vacation ...
  2. Thanks ... I guess I'll just sit by my PC and wait
  3. I'm confused has version 3 been released or not ?
  4. Jo ... that does look like an amazing functionality ... hope they also allow hooking up to Lightwave ...
  5. Phil: Well, that answers the question I was about to pose TOXE: And yes ... you can also mark me up as another LW-user Cheers, Andreas
  6. tree321, I just browsed through this topic and just wanted to say how very impressive your WIPs are. It makes me envious because I see how much talent I lack. But please keep those posts coming ... I really enjoy seeing such skill at work ! Cheers, Andreas
  7. The most noticable thing I see ... is SKILL ! Very well done (posture / detail / anticipation ... all well done). Cheers, Andreas
  8. Hi Andrew, no problem ... 3D coat is still worth the money I also own ZBrush and one of the huge advantages of 3D Coat is that I can save directly to LWO ... that is such an incredible timesaver & simplification. And I think I'll spend the 60$ to upgrade to version 3 when it becomes available. Cheers, Andreas
  9. I purchased a license for 3D-Coat and just wanted to say hi ... I just fired it up and played with it (using the quickstart as a guide). Very impressive ! The only sad thing is that I did NOT download the demo (and saved $15), but just bought it because I saw a post in another forum. But from reading the forum posts, I'm not the only one who had this "problem" Cheers, Andreas