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  1. Nice sculpt....
  2. Very cool...
  3. This is my interpretation of a typical American hot rod. Hot rods originated in southern California when returning WWII soldiers wanted to create an American equivalent of the light and nimble sports cars of Europe (MGs, Alfa Romeos, etc). Suped up engines mostly V8s were swapped in place of the original motors. To help improve performance body parts were often removed. Fenders, bumpers, hoods, running boards were often shed to increase the horsepower to weight ratio of the vehicle. In this image I used a late 1920s, early 1930s sedan body as the basis for the car. Powered by a early model Ford flathead V8 which is supercharged with three carburetors. The roof of the sedan has been chopped to reduce it's height. I created the car from scratch using 3D modeling apps. The bulk of the modeling was done in Hexagon 3D and Silo 3D. For UV mapping I used 3DCoat. Textures were created in Photoshop and applied in Vue Complete 2015, where the scene was rendered. And a NPR render I masked out the background from the render and substituted a paper texture in Photoshop... Loving 3DCoat for UV mapping and texturing, although for this model I did not use 3DC for texturing. Only UVing... Hoping I posted this to the proper section here....
  4. Wow...3DCoat is amazingly easy. I found out the answer just by playing around. It's the magnify glass icon in the preview option... Sorry for the post...
  5. I found a free seamless, tileable brick texture and I made a smart material. However when I am painting on a model object the bricks are too big. How do I reduce the size of the bricks in the smart material without having to recreate the smart material? I am using the cylinder mapping and not from camera mapping. I do know how to resize when using the camera mapping but not the other mapping modes like cylinder, cube or spherical. many thanks... Ken
  6. Many thanks guys...appreciate it....
  7. Hi... In the painting room I used photo textures as stamps in 3DC v4.1 to texture my UV mapped models. I do not see stamps in 3DC v 4.5. I do see stencils but I am unable to use the color of the photo texture when painting. It defaults to the color white. In v 4.1, if I changed my default color to white, the brush would then use the colors of the texture. It doesn't work this way on stencils in v 4.5. Where are stamps in v 4.5? Can anyone help me? Thanks kindly Ken
  8. Sadly there has been updates or even any news on Groboto for over 2 years at least. Love the app but it is a bit buggy with frequent crashing....
  9. My advice to new users. Do not be overwhelmed or intimidated by 3DC. It's not Blender, ZBrush or Truespace. (No offense to users of these apps). Stick with it. There are too many excellent video tutorials to alleviate your fears. I also tried the trial version of Mudbox and although the interface at first seems much simpler, the experience is not as enjoyable as 3DC... Sadly I was one of those newbies who was intimidated by 3DC and have been prognosticating on really giving it a try as I've owned 3DC since version 3.... Sorry I did not jump in sooner....
  10. Looks like the 3DC plugin for Unity is free and available at this link...!/content/49457
  11. Very nice. It car and hot rod modelling that got me interesting in 3D in the first place... Did you do all of this in the Voxel room or did you start with a base mesh you created in another 3D app?
  12. Most of the year I do photography, landscapes & car shows (love antique cars and hot rods - in 1983 I restored a 1960 Corvette which I still own). I have four DSLRs and since I do computer network support for a living, photography gets me away from looking at a computer in the summer until I need to process the RAW photos via Lightroom and Photoshop. In the winter I tend to do my digital stuff (Artrage, Painter, Vue Complete, Hexagon 2.5, Sculptris, Groboto3D, 3DCoat). Hey I live in Canada and winters are long. Thankfully we have hockey and the NHL to help us survive winter (Been a fan of the St Louis Blues since 1968). In the past I was very intimidated by 3DCoat and would use it only for texturing. I did my basic UVing in UV Mapper Classic. A few months ago i decided to try using 3DCoat for UV mapping and sculpting. After watching the fantastic 3DC tutorials on your youtube channel I found UV mapping in 3DC was not as complicated as I originally thought. It's almost quite easy. Thanks to the great tutorials on your yourtube channel and the awesome instructors. Not sure the name of the new person who is doing these here But he is awesome, as is Javis Jones. I find 3DC is perfect for adding details to a base mesh I create in Groboto or Hexagon 3D. Now if I could only get my head around retoping so I could use these meshes in Vue... Cheers & many thanks... Ken
  13. Can 3DCoat be installed on two computers with the single license? I have an I5-2500, Windows 7 64 bit, 16 gb RAM and a Nvidia 650 TI Boost 2 gb video card with Wacom Intous 4 tablet & 240 gb Intell SSD as boot drive. I just built an I7-4770, Windows 10 64 bit, 32 gb RAM & Nvidia 750 TI 4 gb video card, 480 gb Samsung SSD as boot drive. Over time I hope to transfer all of my main apps (Photoshop CC 2015, Lightroom CC 2015, Vue Complete 2015, Daz Studio, Poser Pro, ArtRage, Painter 2014, 3D Coat, Silo 2, Hexagon 2.5). But the kicker is moving over all my assests (RAW photos, processed photos managed by a Lightroom catalog, Vue assests, DAZ Studio assets, Poser assets). My I5-2500 will become a Vue render node (as well as my AMD FX8320 - 8 core). And right now I only have one mouse. So I would like to try 3DCoat on the new computer. I contacted e-onsoftware and their single license allows Vue to be installed on 2 computers but only one session of Vue is allowed. Can this be done with 3DC? Cheers Ken
  14. I just visited the Nevercenter website and I do not see any such announcements on a new release. Do you have a link? Thanks kindly....