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  1. Excellent...thanks for sharing.....
  2. Superb modeling and images....
  3. Thanks for the comment... I'm not very well versed in retoping. I find it the most difficult thing to do in 3DC... :-(
  4. A steam locomotive created from a blueprint in my mind using Groboto3D. Further details will be added using a 30 day trial of MOI3D and perhaps Silo3D... UV mapping and texturing will be done in 3DC...
  5. Very nice indeed.....
  6. Modeled in Groboto3D & Hexagon3D. Texturing in 3DC...
  7. I know how to render the jpegs required for an animation within 3DC. However I'm curious what application you use to create the animated gif or avi? I have Photoshop CC 2017 and it can create an animated gif. But with 360 jpegs rendered by 3DC it would be quire labor intensive to load each jpeg as a layer in Photoshop and then load each layer as a frame. I know Photoshop has a script to load many jpgs as a layer, so that really isn't the problem. I did search for a PS action to convert many layers but found nothing. Can anyone recommend a good, free app? Cheers
  8. Some playtime in Photoshop CC 2017 and plugin FilterForge ver 6 "blueprint" preset....DAMN... typo should read PAIN MERCHANT and not PAINT MERCHANT... It's what I get for doing something after midnight while watching a hockey game on the TV...
  9. Top view of the Pain Merchant. I added some WWII era British airplane markings "roundels".
  10. A base render from 3DC with some minor color correction via Photoshop CC 2017 and Topaz Adjust 5 plugin for PS... I raised the front wing as I thought the prior version looked like the ship had a boomerang or fat tongue in it's mouth...
  11. Love your creativity and imagination. It's very inspirational to me... Please keep posting....