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  1. 18th century soldier WIP

    Excellent...Look forward to your progress? Will you be rigging this character? And if YES, can I ask what app you will be using to rig?
  2. Spaceship, Organic style

    Love this design...
  3. Video on modeling an auto on Youtube

    Watching this video motivated me to give it a try. I thought it maybe wise to take a break from Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop processing photos... Well here is my very humble effort to sculpt an hot rodded 1930s sedan... Just going from my memory of a what a mid to late 1930s sedan body looks like...No reference used. Not sure if I will ever finish this but just wanted some practice time...and to play around in 3DC...
  4. Thanks Abnranger - great video on intel. Much appreciated...
  5. Video on modeling an auto on Youtube

    Thanks kindly. Appreciate the reply... Hopefully more users of 3DC will take an interest in modeling automobiles, trucks, trains, etc...
  6. Importing objects retopo room - different scales

    I've encountered this problem in the past as well.... It was a bit of a head scratcher...... Never figured out what the issue was....until reading this...
  7. I watched this video on youtube last night on modeling an automobile from scratch in 3DC. And IMHO it is the most useful video I've watched to date on 3DCoat when it comes to hard surfaces. Modeling a spaceship or raygun IMHO is not the same thing as modeling a car. And I'm not knocking other 3DC videos as they are many of fantastic and helpful ones on youtube. But so few of cars. Sadly the author of this video does not do audio, I suspect it is probably due to an English language issue...
  8. Kenmo's WIP

    Comic Book version of Space Rod 77 Comic Book version of my future flying hot rod racer vehicle. Modeled in Groboto3D & 3DCoat. Compositing done in Photoshop CC 2017 & Topaz Impression 2.0. Rendered in Poser Pro 11.1 with post work in Photosop CC 2018, Filter Forge 7 & Topaz Studio Impression 2.0.
  9. Kenmo's WIP

    Some examples of my photography...
  10. Kenmo's WIP

    Still busy in Lightroom CC 2018 & Photoshop CC 2018 processing my RAW photos I took over the summer... But here is a another Photoshop CC 2018 & Topaz Studio Impression of one of my 3D renders of this flying car...
  11. PHANTOM Project

    I want your computer... :-) Love your images...
  12. Sketchbook Journey

    Fantastic thread...could spend hours pouring over all these amazing images...
  13. First cartoon character (WIP)

    Very nice...Look forward to more as you progress...
  14. Kenmo's WIP

    Another view of my SpaceRod. Rendered in 3DCoat with 3DC renderer.