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  1. Due to a problem I was having with 3DV 4.7.06 it was advised ver 4.7.24 should resolve the issue which it did. Original post here However after upgrading to 4.7.24 the various Alphas I installed in 4.6.06 the folder name displays but the contents do not. They are installed in the path C:\Users\kenmo\Documents\3D-CoatV47 is this a bug? And how do I resolve this?
  2. Ok... I did get it to work somewhat after the upgrade. I had to re-export the head obj and maps. HOWEVER when I used "export object & textures", not all the maps I had selected exported. Only the metal map exported. So I exported the normal map, displacement map and color map separately. Must be a bug? I tried it twice with the head and had the same results. I then opened the body.3dc file and imported the head.obj. When I did this I lost the gold and gloss on the collar (see attached screen capture). The collar is part of the body and not the head. Reapply the body color map gave the gold color to the collar. Applying the body metal map did not. The grey head without any maps applied already had a glossy shine to it. Previously it had a matte finish. I then imported the color map and the normal & displacement maps. Just out of curiously I applied the metal map to the head which turned off the gloss to the head.
  3. Ok... I just upgraded and I'm getting the same results as before... Must be something I'm doing...???
  4. Currentlu using ver 4.7.06. So I will grab the newer version and give it a try.... Cheers Ken
  5. Here's a screen capture of my metalness map for the head. I know it's something stupid I'm doing. Any help or comments would be most appreciated.... Cheers & many thanks... Ken
  6. Here are the options I select when I import the metalness map after for the head.obj.
  7. Here are the options I select when I export the head.obj.
  8. Here is a screen capture after I open the body 3DC file. And then import the head OBJ. The body retains the glossiness, the head does not. I have the same results with the wings.
  9. Hi... I am texturing a mechbird I modeled in Groboto3D, Hexagon3D & Wings3D. The mechbird is comprised of 4 separate objects - body, head, right wing, left wing. All four objects are imported into 3DC and uvmapped and painted (which I would like to add is a very pleasurable experience). The body was saved as a 3DC file. The head and wings are also saved as a 3DC file and also exported as OBJs. When I'm finished I open the body 3DC and then import the head, right wing & left wing OBJs. However I lose the metalness (glossiness of the head & wings). Below are screen captures of the body & head in the paint room after being uvmapped.
  10. Just curious what the good folks here are using to rig their characters? I tried Mixamo (Fuse3D/Mixamo are being offered free to Adobe Creative Cloud members) and it's quite easy however the poses are somewhat simple compare to the poses in Daz3D/Poser. Also does anyone know of a simple way to rig characters for Poser/Daz3D? Cheers Ken
  11. Thanks Carlosan, that indeed helped... I must get my head around what layers are in 3DCoat. I certainly know what they are in Photoshop but in 3DC I'm not sure what they mean (model, materials, etc)...
  12. Anyone know how to load an image map? I checked under "Texture"--->"Import" and I see everything but normal maps? Just playing around in Makehuman and when I brought the hair.obj and hair diffuse map into 3DC, I get this. I want to hide the exposed scalp.
  13. Seems to be working fine...
  14. Wow...thanks kindly. I watched at lunch time while eating my salad. That is what I was asking. Once again simple once you know thanks to you and ABRanger's excellent video tutorial...
  15. Presently at work, but I did take a brief look at it. I'll read in more depth at lunch time or when I get home. But it certainly looks like my issue. I wish Andrew would STOP changing things around like this. The old way seemed so much easier to use and that's the beauty of 3DC, ease of use for texturing. I couldn't care a hill of beans about voxels or retopology as that's NOT what attracted me to 3DC... Cheers & many thanks... Ken