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  1. Material rotate option - 90deg left and right added to material options tab
  2. Polygon modeler built in or not built in done by Andrew would rock - SO WE ALL WANT IT -
  3. Tried some different objects no luck,I create dis in Zbrush with adaptive on export, import obj for pixel painting default values,import dis, and this is what i get object was uvmapped with Zbrush uv tool, but tried to uv in some other apps but displacement is always broken along seams. simple sphere displacement is ok along the seam but then it breaks, i mean by that displacements is not applied to whole surface,some of the object surface is left without displacement
  4. Mhmmm... they are good but calling them 'state of art' is too sugar, there is no preview subdivision support, you cant extend whole edgeloops etc etc. .... Topogun has better preview engine and there is a cool script for Blender which makes retopo much easier and faster than in 3DC.
  5. Every time i try to import object and then zbrush dis map i get this ugly seam which of course is not visible in zbrush, tried with different meshes always dis is messed up where is the uv seam.
  6. Hi guys, Did anyone managed to import Zbrush dis map into 3DC ? I tried to import it through texture > import dis ut no results with that, any ideas ?
  7. Better AO baking has been one of the most requested features for quite a long time.I hope it won't take it to 3DC 4.0 to improve it because it's really core feature and should be done as soon as possible now I have to do it in external app it would much easier and faster if I could do in 3DC.For me paint engine is slowing me down - switch layer visibility in paint mode is slow,same with layer blending modes and fill tool,big brushes etc. and it's very annoying 3DC for every uv_material is creating a separate texture I have to combine them later in 2d app there really need to be an option to have them on one texture. if speed of paint could be fixed and better AO bake would be done it will greatly improve 3DC texturing experience.
  8. QFA I have no idea why so much time and effort is invested into voxels.I would rather see more improvements in paint/retopo/uv area. I have not used voxels even once but I do use Zbrush all the time, baking normal dis maps in Zbrush is no brainer try to bake some from voxels.Voxels is a niche tool, but seems people who use it have some vocal majority on the forums.If 3DC would improve paint mode and have at least Mudbox poly scult features it would be much better than whole voxel sculpt room.
  9. this thread is 2 years old, will we ever or maybe - any time soon - get better AO baking in 3DC ? It's really really needed.
  10. AO is essential in texturing,I love 3DC can bake and insert AO as separate layer but quality of AO bake is not that good, even with smoothing as high as 8 and 128 or more lights, there still 'shadowed circles' visible, in some part of the mesh,also AO looks more like dirt map rather than AO map.More options are needed for tweaking AO baking.
  11. If an object has multiple materials 3DC will export each of material as seperate file, an option to merge them all and export as one texture would be very useful. Same with external 2D editor, 3DC will export only one uvset at a time, there should be feature to export all uvsets(mat zones) as one texture to external editor. Let's say I have a sword with many mat zones for mats like wood,metal,cloth etc, they are on one texture map, but 3DC sees them as separate UV sets and it will export each of material as seperate file which is very bad if you have a lot of mat zones because I have to merge them later in 2D application. Basically there should be an option in 3DC to treat multiple mat zones not as multiple UV sets.There are on same UV map so they aren't multiple UV set, only one UV set with different mat zones.
  12. New features are nedeed but in : -paint mode -retopo modo -better AO baking there has been not much improvements in these area since 3DC release most of new features and improvements has been in voxel mode, I guess new features are reserved for 3DC 4.0.
  13. I think it was something about modeling jewellery.
  14. If Andrew could create some 3D modeling software I'm sold, taking into consideration his skills and customer support,it would be excellent addition to 3D coat ! There is no need to reinvent bike again- a clone of Silo 2 features(which is excellent software but buggy and abandoned) + with some new creative features and Andrew's best customer support would be something I would love to spend my money on.
  15. Hi,Andrew do you have any plans to create 3D modelling software ? or maybe even 3D modeling room in 3D coat ? I think I have read somewhere about it in the forums there are such plans but no news about it anymore ... If you(and it shouldn't be too difficult for you looking what stuff you already code) could create Silo 2 clone (but make it stable with some new features in the future and your best customer support) I would love to pay for it and I'm sure many other guys either. It would make 3D coat complete solution and would bring much more new customers than Ptex or some other fancy stuff.