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  1. On other forums the biggest complaint is the sculpting is not as good as ZB/MB however i see some saying it's slow. Sculpting wise there is now LiveClay which just keeps getting better and better. The dotting effect 3DC can make seems like it's about to be fixed also so then it's really just the speed left. As you say there doesn't seem to be too much difference between the versions at the moment. If 3DC used the GPU/CUDA for as much as it could however then not only would this be great for everyone with a half decent graphics card but i think more studio's would take notice of the program, because they usually have really good gear available so it would be ultra fast even with crazy amounts of detail.
  2. Another thing recently posted is a Path Rendering SDK to draw vectors on the GPU - Ultra quick vector references, textures, masking and curves etc could only be a good thing really. There are various tech videos also - When i see this one i wonder if it could be used to display the GUI, wireframe and grid etc in the CUDA version.
  3. Yeah i had noticed that, i am guessing them purchasing sculptris was probably more to stop people from looking away from ZB and realizing there is other decent sculpting tools out there (even for free) than to obtain the technology it had. The thing is some people seem to have known about 3DC but they think of it more like a workflow addon and just use it for a certain task like texturing or retopology yet it's much more than that. I think that is probably due to the fact that with other programs like MB and ZB you have highly tuned sculpting tools so you can get a lot of detail. Now LiveClay is in testing though it will get more notice in the 3D world and if things go well that will continue to happen. The main thing that needs to be done now in my opinion is to continue to enhance LC but also merge it with the voxel features more (already happening in a way) and re-work the program updated GUI, resource system, presets and brush system etc. By the sound of things that is the plan and when that has been done there will probably be a lot of ZB users that know about 3DC. The whole dynamesh thing seems like they were probably concerned that when people realized about 3DC more they might find ZB limiting so they probably knew this had to be done to stop the chance of 3DC taking them over when it gets popular. It does seems like a really good update however and probably a wise choice for ZB also.
  4. I agree with everything that AbnRanger just said. What will be annoying is as soon as 3DC does have the decent brush engine (and i am sure it will) it will probably be just as good as ZB for sculpting, so it will then get more notice in the 3D world and all the ZB users will probably be saying how 3DC stole everything including things like Shadowbox and some of the voxel tools. As everyone says though that seems to be the way of 3D programs, ideas stay new for all of 5 mins before they are then everywhere else and the big company's take the credits as soon as they put them in the product range no matter who originally created the technology.
  5. It seems like a odd move not to though really because other company's have already taken ideas from 3DC already. If things get patented then 3DC has unique features but if not then they are taken and in all the other 3D programs a few month later. I am not sure but i am guessing if they had the money and really wanted to then other company's could patent technology's 3DC originally made then force them to remove the features. Hopefully that is not possible to do though but look at all the stuff happening with tablet and phone patents at the moment, they are all claiming they did things first and trying to stop the others from having features.
  6. I said before this would probably happen as MeshMixer has some great technology, i was hoping that the developer would join 3DC however. I had noticed there has not been any updates for a while so i had guessed either the project ended or there had been a buy out of the technology. Sculptris is basically stopped now with a extra update basically to brand it with ZB. I hope the same doesn't happen with MeshMixer and it keeps being developed, no doubt the MM technology will be going to Mudbox which could result in some really cool features for that program but i hope the free app keeps going also. Either way though congrats to the MeshMixer developer.
  7. I downloaded the latest SDK yesterday, but i haven't installed it yet. It was quite huge download (1.4GB) but it has the GUI designer tools etc included i think. If QT is good enough for a high end 3D company like Autodesk and game company's are going with software due to decent GUI customization then maybe QT will be of interest to Andrew, I don't know about licensing costs as i won't be selling anything but if it's reasonable then QT would possibly be a good choice for 3DC's new GUI as it seems very customizable. As well as main GUI customization, QT also has APIs for C++ and CSS/JavaScript style programming so it could allow for a decent user scripting and custom dialog system.
  8. Nice, i have looked at QT before but did not use it in the end however i know it is high quality and also company's like Autodesk use it so this is great news. Maybe Andrew would be interested in making it part of the 3DC GUI. I have said before on the forum that major game company's find scripting and SDKs very important. That is a fact and yesterday i was watching a video on polycount where Epic say they chose maya and Autodesk products because they can custom code almost all of the program and the also GUI with QT - I have requested scripting and a real plugin SDK before already but being able to code new dialogs and plugins would be really great for 3DC and i think QT could be great for that with it's GUI designer and coding options. Now it's a true open source project this will be very useful though, thanks for the news and link
  9. Wow this technology looks amazing, it would be great if this makes it's way into 3DC or blender. Edit - I just watched the Snaxels video and that is interesting also, the results remind me of freestyle for blender.
  10. Those wireframes remind me of groboto's SeamNet Meshes a bit, you can see the results it has on this page -
  11. It's just the way things work in every industry i guess and it's been that way for a long time, big company's look at what the indie developers do and then take the ideas and credits because then they get seen by a bigger audience/user base. You are right though, 3DC should now look at any improvements made with "borrowed" features like the Shadow Box and add them into 3Dc with even better improvements. ZB seems to be trying to make the point of "anything you can do we can do better" as if 3DC and ZB are in a game of chess right now and they have just made their move. The amazing LiveClay system is getting better and even though 3DC gets regular updates and we know a few hints of things planned like a updated gui and a better tools/brush system i am guessing there more major things in the works not yet revealed to us so it will be interesting to see how 3DC responds back to ZB's recent update.
  12. Yeah exactly, right now there is a big buzz about this despite the fact the technology has been available to people for a long time now. I said something similar in the recent Shadow Box request thread, Shadow Box is something 3DC already had with the Sketch tool yet ZB got the credit for it media wise as it will for a lot of what it's added in this recent update despite the fact every time i watch these videos it keeps reminding me of 3DC. What was funny is when i read a review for 3DC recently on a website for one of these 3D magazines they made it sound like 3DC was a addon for ZB and not it's own product, it's kind of sad in the 3D world that until things are shown in a program with a huge user base (like ZB) they go without notice and the people that did it before go un-credited. With 3DC sometimes things seem more like technology previews rather than complete tools, ZB then takes these ideas and makes them more finalized which is probably why they are getting the credit for a lot of 3DC's features right now. That is probably because before when there was just Andrew there must have been about a thousand things to complete on the to-do list so something gets done in basic form and then it's on to another task and maybe a few updates later because there is so much work to be done and also bug fixing. I am guessing ZB will have a lot more developers so this type of thing won't be a problem for them. I remember when it was just Andrew developing 3DC i suggested a few more developers join and i basically got a load of negative comments, however now we have Raul as a new developer i can say for a fact it was the right thing to do and 3DC's development is going a lot better with LC on the way and now it's just getting better and better. I think 3DC could maybe have a few more devs also like maybe the guy that makes MeshMixer so it's more like a collective of the best indie 3D devs. Yeah that would be a good idea, there was the Spiraloid's requests post on Mantis so hopefully all those features will get added.
  13. Yeah with this version the more i see now it look like they are just trying to take the best bits of 3DC. They probably hired the sculptris dev because as 3DC gets better it's more competition for them plus there is now sculpting in blender, meshmixer etc. So i guess with this next version they want to try and destroy all the competition or something. Liveclay seems to be in place though and i am sure Andrew has lots of great plans still so i don't think 3DC is going away anytime soon plus ZB has a fairly high price. One thing i think Andrew needs to do is a user scripting and real SDK system (Not just import formats) as that way 3DC can become like blender with user addons which adds a lot more value to thing. Applinks definitely worked so i am sure 3DC plugins would also, this also allows the developers to focus on major new features.
  14. Sounds like they now have Auto-Retopology and took it a step further in that it is done automatically while you create the mesh rather than as an extra tool. If that guess is correct though it would mean it will probably only apply for sculpts done in the program rather than being able to import any model. It could also be something like LiveClay which the sculptris dev probably added in so it only adds details where needed and makes things more optimized.