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  1. I have retopoflow and the latest version is much better. Researching the subject I found this plugin on the site - http://blenderlounge.fr/retopo-mt-dispo/ and it is amazing too and free. Works very well with blender 2.75a. Important only works with viewport in perspective mode.
  2. I think it's a good program, but is not user friendly. For me, I use pro 3d applications in pc/mac, I have difficult to understand how to use this program. A lot of things don't make sense to me. I think the core code is powerfull and solid, but it needs a total redesign interface and menu commands for make more attractive. The programmer need to see aplications like silo ( How this work in modeling process and your commands) and adapt to a touch screen.
  3. huahuahuahua.....I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
  4. I'll try thanks BeatKitano.
  5. wave of light I have the same problem! For me it's impossible now to use merge or move to combine layers. I also have to go back to voxel mode for use merge or move. By the way, nice work in your model.
  6. Great model. Try merge objects or use curve tools for legs. From my side I didn't have success with this operations. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your response artman. Question: Your problems with brush presets is resolved? Because to me the problem continues. Any tips? 3d-coat 3.7.16A (DX) with cuda enable windows 7 - 64bits Nvidia last drive installed.
  8. Amazing work artman, I really enjoyed the sculpting session and music! Just out of curiosity, why you don't use remove stretching?How it affects the modeling process? Thanks
  9. philnolan3d double-click the strength button and the strength is reversed.