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  1. In fact the numer of poly is not a problem. The problem come when i have to convert my reference mesh to voxel because that s take a lot of memory. I want to import my reference mesh as polygone and then scult voxel stuff on other layer. The reference mesh is just used to scult my voxel object (for exemple a tree or a small mountain ) with a good scale and shape.
  2. Hi, I think it could be very helpful if we can set a reference mesh in voxel. When I work on environment sometime I have to load a mesh in 3d coat but with my computer it take a lot of memory if i have to convert my mesh in voxel. When we import a mesh in voxel tabs we can see a preview of the mesh. It could be good to have an option to keep the preview without converting th mesh in voxel. It s faster to display this for low memory computer. We don t need to edit the reference mesh it s just to create asset on it. Hope you understand me. Cya, guillaume
  3. un petit belge de ce cote ci
  4. it could be cool to have intensity with move tool like in zbrush/mudbox. actually the move tool is always at 100%
  5. Hi, just a little problem with latest update. After installing it 3d coat had ask me my license again. So it s the second time I activate a license on the same computer. Is it a problem for me or not? thanks
  6. hi all, Some new picture after a long time without posting. Some refinement of the creature And a head scult in voxel, retopo and textured in 3d coat. Comments and critics are welcome (any help for the creature will be very apprecieated). Thanks all
  7. I have just a small request. When we want to change the power of the increase brush, it's not possible to do it with mouse because the right click of the mouse change the depth value of the brush. But the increase brush power is set by the "grow power". It cool be cool to change the grow power with the mouse when using the increase brush. thanks
  8. hi all, I have refined the head and I try to adjust the leg to have better shape.
  9. hi all, Here is a concept of lezard. This is a school work so if you have any comments you're welcome. A female character will mount this lezard later. wip:
  10. I, is it possible to reset the number of day before the end of trial pls ? I have only 3 days left ^^. Thanks a lot for all the works
  11. the opacity of a shader doesn t work : ((. reference is still hided by object ^^. For the moment move the reference in front of model works, but i hope we can see the reference behing the object one day. thanks for your help
  12. Hi, is there a way to make voxel semi-transparent? When I use reference image to scult model, I can t see the reference behind the voxel mesh. Some one knows how to do semi transparent mesh ? thanks
  13. hi, i've got a lot of crash with alpha 8 0 when I switch between paint/scult/uv/retopo/voxel (especially between paint and voxel). Some of the windows desappear and when i try to get them (by pressing shortcut) 3dcoat tell me run time error and crash. (it don t happend all the time)
  14. small bug: when i import mesh for per pixel painting, i can t open the color picker by pressing "B" and i can t dock it.
  15. Hi, I have a very big problem with 3d coat since the soft have new interface. Sometime ( when i open tool window ) so?e noise begin to appear on my screen and i have king of lightning on the screen. If i close 3dcoat those noise and lightning don t disapear. I think it s a problem with my graphic card bud before the new interface i never seen those bug. The only way to solve the problem is to reboot my computer, but i m a little bit afraid for my graphic card lol. Someone could help me pls? ps: I have the last nvidia driver