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  1. un petit belge de ce cote ci
  2. hi all, Some new picture after a long time without posting. Some refinement of the creature And a head scult in voxel, retopo and textured in 3d coat. Comments and critics are welcome (any help for the creature will be very apprecieated). Thanks all
  3. hi all, I have refined the head and I try to adjust the leg to have better shape.
  4. hi all, Here is a concept of lezard. This is a school work so if you have any comments you're welcome. A female character will mount this lezard later. wip:
  5. hi all, here is one of the last scult I ve made. I will finish it this week if i don t have too much work ^^
  6. hi, here is some of my first try in voxel scult. hope you like it ^^
  7. realy good sculting. did you have increase resolution to scult the head?