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  1. +1, converting an svg shape to a selection path and then applying a procedural to that seems to be a cool start.
  2. Been learning substance designer here. Nodal shading, texture mapping in a paint program of any kind is a huge +1 from me!
  3. Great Script. Only I wish I could select and export several meshes at once and several merged objects could use the same UV map name but that causes problem with obj format for some reason.
  4. aha thank you! For some reason that smoothing angle value wasn't catching my eye. That was it.
  5. I have smooth edges in maya on my model but when I import the model into 3dc I can't find any settings that give me the same level of smoothing for the edges. It's visually distracting so I tend to do a lot of painting in flat shaded mode but I would like to find a place where I could possibly smooth all the normals and let the normal map do the detailing. Any ideas?
  6. (GUV works perfectly fine) Well, that's kind of a complicated question to answer but for displacements I get the most predictable results from GUV. This is mainly because the UVs are designed to look best with linear interpolation. Any other UV shell solution causes too much distortion unless the proper UV smoothing algorithm is applied in your animation rendering app. Smoothing UVs is not universal between apps. yet and my meshes have a ton of pieces to them OR they have very precise and complicated mechanical shapes. . .so it is most practical to use GUV or Ptex because it is most predictable and saves time. Will probably look into Ptex soon. I'm using Maya Vray at the moment to render this stuff.
  7. k if you really think it would help but I've been trying off and on for several months now with different meshes. I'll dig up 3.5 again and see if I can get that working too. These retopo meshes are being exported from the retopo room, I apply GUV tiles from Zbrush to them and then bring them back into 3DC. So maybe there is just some strange incompatibility going on. I just don't have a lot of time to be this frustrated tbh, it ruins my creativity zen thing. I've never had this much frustration with a program and I use maya and max too.
  8. Can't get either menu to bake a displacement. just hangs in the balance no matter what I do. In previous version of 3.7 it was working but the detail was very shallow. Well I found out a trick in ZBrush that will allow me to reproject my dynamesh details without running out of memory. That's the only reason why I go outside of ZBrush, is it tends to run out of memory for bigger pieces of geometry.=bigger poly counts. Cutting up the mesh sometimes isn't an option. 3DC handles this really well in the past, but now is only good for painting my ZBrush models it seems. Oh well.
  9. Why is the Bake Texture option still broken. How am I to export a displacement map from a merged Zbrush model? Nothing is working for this displacement map wise.
  10. Why the heck is this still broken? If not can we at least get a little instruction here? All I get is 3DCoat just hanging, it doesn't even create a displacement map anymore in 3.7.13
  11. I'm kinda bummed out that the Ptex implementation doesn't appear to be all that flexible for using multiple UV maps. I want to render Ptex color, spec and bump with maya vray, but I already have displacement maps with another non-Ptex UV set. After importing my Ptex mesh, the old UV map name is still there when I import the displacement but it doesn't appear to work after the PTEX map is applied to the mesh. Any work arounds for this?
  12. Texture baker still broken with imported cage mesh. Not sure why this isn't being tested before it's released.
  13. BTW There's a 3.7 RC version up Digman. . .thanks.
  14. yes they did have identicle UVs in the sense that the Highpoly mesh was generated from the low poly mesh, UVs were subdivided. The paint room technique works but the results for the bump and displacement are less detailed and more shallow than the nicer results I get in 3.5. Retopo Texture baker is better when it works correctly.
  15. So in 3.5 I imported a big mesh and then went over to the retopo tab and did a texture bake there. I got a little bit deeper and better defined Displacement map over there than I did in the paint room. What I noticed is that I got a nice long baking progress bar. Didn't get that progress bar over in 3.7