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  1. Great Script. Only I wish I could select and export several meshes at once and several merged objects could use the same UV map name but that causes problem with obj format for some reason.
  2. Well, it's nice to get my model into 3Dcoat quickly but I'll be taking the traditional route for getting the painted image back into Zbrush, It doesn't work (I get an error) and I wouldn't want to sculpt in 3DC anyway if I'm sculpting in Zbrush so bringing the model back into ZB is kinda useless in my case. Should be an option to just send back the image like I was sending the image into photoshop. Also, when I send my poly paint into 3DC it comes in upside down.
  3. Yeah I can do that for now, thanks. I just have to get used to changing the radius more frequently. I also wish that the component selection type would retain its type per tool. For example, the move tool would stay on vertices even if I change selection tool to edges.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to turn off the auto-weld function that happens when you move a yellow dot on top of a red one? I'm doing this while using the move verts tool in Retopo Room. I guess I can just use the brush tool with a low radius, though I would prefer not to have to adjust the radius much every time I want to do this. And how about a ignore back facing/ culling option for the snapping feature?