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  1. no. but i wish because the mesh is so dense and it lagging alot. surface mode has some limitation that i can't achieve w/o too much work and problem.
  2. I rather have them focus on the main tools issues and improve them before worried about the interface or something conveniences. There are tools they need to be invented or improve to fill up the gap in modeling right now. of course if they have resource to fix those thing then it would be awesome. lol.
  3. This is going to be together in my personal project I am working on. go here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/40P4q for more photos of him.
  4. again, experience more on hardsurface modeling in 3dc. Click leg.mp4 to see how it moves.
  5. hard surface modeling

    Dont remember if I posted this before but here is the texture version of the GunHead.
  6. What Are You Working On ?

    For more photo go here. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/40P4q
  7. Tubes/Array tool is awesome dued to it none destructive. However, it would be way better if the meshes are instanced. (or they are?). And ability to have a mesh edit button in tool option to load the mesh up in different window and alter it and see the changes on the tube. Also just found out that, it won't allow me to copy the tool option setting from one curves to an other. It would be nice able to do that. (took lot of time to set up one tubes correct and after that, draw a bunch of other tubes and transfer the setting to all tubes). EDIT. Never mind for this part, I found out that you just copy each properties and select other layer and just paste it in. take little bit time but it can be done.
  8. Hello, I joint this topic little late and didn't have chance to read thru all replies since there is alot. However, seems to me this topic is discussion about 3dcoat improvement and a little bit about new zbrush 2018. Since I have some thought about it too so I tip it in here. here is my thoughts. I have been using 3dcoat over 10 years since its very early state. Before that, I used zbrush and Zbrush is the reason I found 3dcoat due to its limitations. After that I never left 3dcoat. its my main software to sculpt. Never look back zbrush until lately. Dont' want everyone have to read too much so I go to the main points. To me, (my opinions only). 3dcoat is way supper over zbrush in many way. (ofcourse it has it limitations). Zbrush has been trying to keep up with 3dcoat even its latest release 2018. (they talked about new tool like sculptris (what they called?) which 3dcoat live clay has exist over 5 years i think. The cut tool in 3dcoat is amazing compare to zbrush (have too many click to achieve in 3dcoat one click). ect... To me, there is no such thing is perfect software. (max vs maya, modo, ect...) each of them have pros and cons. you have to find the pros and use that for you need. I personal think for texturing, nothing can beat substance painter. For sculpting orgainic (characters) is zbrush due to it ability to go back lower version and non destructive plus some of it sculpting tools. 3dcoat is supper for "chop" things out and so easy to do. However lately, zbrush and 3dcoat is closing the gap for hard surface modeling which none of them are superior than max, maya or modo. You now can achieve the hard surface look using zbrush or 3dcoat. However, both softwares still have alot room to improve. 3dcoat layers system (in sculpting) is way user friendly than zbrush. There are many think I think 3dcoat is way better. However, There are alot of area 3dcoat NEED to improve on: and here is the list I hope Andrew already know. sculpting area needed a lot of attention: None destructive Tubes (glad we have it with newly Tubes/Array tool) Bevel Tool (able to change the bevel angle: curves or straight) Able to crease edge (keep sharp edges): this will reduce the flat surface polygon, means no more lagging due to too many polygon. Able to create soft smooth curves surface (like subdive modeling surface in car modeling). I tried everything to achieve but no luck. I had to work around like block out in 3dcoat, bring it to zbrush, run zmesh (quad), bring to modo and turn it into subdiv, free it, bring it back to 3dcoat and convert it to mesh. If 3dcoat have a tool just like move tool but use points to control (click on the surface to ad control points, (or drag out a curve line on the surface), middle mouse click hold and move the control points. Have soft effect on the mesh, able to add multiple points. With this tool, when using with symmetry, we will able to create any subdiv like surface. Recently , I was able to create hard surface modeling in 3dcoat. (arguing with cowworker alot about this). I find that 3dcoat cut tool is the main tool for hard surface modeling. This tool is so powerful if using with camera (align to normal). I posted an other topic about camera improvement on the other day just to help this technique go further. If the camera alignment can be solved. it will have so much power on creating hard surface modeling. Hard surface modeling tools need to be improve and add more (bevel, subdiv like surface creating, camera angle to improve cut, trimp tool). my two cents. again, 3dcoat is awesome. and the thing it makes this one cool is that you can talked to the creator. how cool is that. lol.
  9. Voxel Bevel Tool Suggestion.

    You are my Saver 3DArtist !!!!. will try it out soon. Now I don't have to lick 100 times to unghost my layers .
  10. New Curves Beta

    Tube Array vs Curves Tool: There are some major differences between them and I think If can consolidate it into one tool. Here are my thought and comparisons between two: Curve Tool: Pros: love this tool. Able to middle click and adjust the point in fly. Doesnt' snap to the surface when you moved the points (allow to drag off the surface or sink it in). Click start point and end point, then ad middle points to make curves w/o switching tool. (very handy to create cables ect... that connect to two points). scale points base on brush size and click or using gizmo. Able to move the whole curve with checked option (no need to have to select all the points) Here is the Cons: Destructive (after commit enter, you can't change anymore). Only able to use with Curves Model Tab and not Model Tab. Missing all the options the Tube/Array have. Tube/Array Tool: Pros: None destructive (Very huge one. After enter, it created a separate layer and still keep the curves and able to comeback layer to change the curves or the mesh. Wow.wow.) Able to use both mesh in Curve Mesh Tab and Model Tabs. There are a long list of options in tool options. Awesome !!! Cons: The Curves is complicate to work with and has snap on the surface. Its very hard to move the point off from the surface. have to switch tools (from add point to move points to add and move again ect..). have to select all the points if wanted to move the whole curves. So the bottom line is. if can add those pros from Tube/Array tool to the existing Curves tool, then it would be perfect. Have it None Destructive with all the tool options and easy to place and manipulate the points. Just my two cents.
  11. New Curves Beta

    Yes. need to lock the curves points radius by default. I accidently change the radius w/o knowing because my brush size changed.
  12. New Curves Beta

    Please make MMC (middle mouse click) to use as move point on the curve ( love the functionality on the Curves tool). able to adjust the point while placing the curve w/o switching tool.
  13. New Curves Beta

    is this the bug on 4.8.15? Tube Array tool is gone. and Attach Tubes to the curves right click option is not there any more. I checked the 4.8.14 version and it has those tool.
  14. New Curves Beta

    hard surface modeling often run into these kind of shapes alot. possible to have a curves tool to achieve these without too much clicks?