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  1. OMG, are those toddler sculls?
  2. My version of 4.7.9 looks like this: This is with some faces selected so it's not a context related issue.
  3. Wow! Blast from the past.
  4. I would try to avoid switching until all booleans are completed. In Surface mode, for your model where the thin parts are too attenuated, you might use the "Bridge" tool to make the join.
  5. No averaging is done. There wont be 1.5 mil voxels . In the Voxtree, there is a toggle at the bottom that creates a space with identical density and transformation. Do all your boolean operations in voxels and don't go to surface mode until this is done, Surface mode is fast and has more tools for adding detail but does not handle boolean operations very well.
  6. The volume in which you had the clone was of higher resolution than the body. Raise the resolution of the target volume so that the merged object doesn't lose detail.
  7. You are right. Only solution is to pick a view that will give you the best cut. Ideally it should snap to the surface. The spline does permit moving the points to a better position around the desired cut point.
  8. The Lasso is the default. Hit "E" and a window will open showing all the tools available.
  9. If that works for you, then that's fine.
  10. This should be done in Voxel mode (Toggle the S to get to V) where you could use "Cut & Clone" tool where you could use Vertex Curve or Curve Stroke tools (Toggle E) to create an accurate cut line for your part. Transform tool to place and Merge volumes to join.
  11. Try the default and undo if it fails to meet your requirements. Your goal is the best topology for small details. I'm really not familiar with the needs for printing.
  12. The surfaces will merge because voxel objects are a contiguous mass of 3D pixels. The wireframe adjustment at the point of union is spontaneous and no "bridging" is necessary.
  13. For a boolean of this type I would switch to Voxels. Surface mode accommodates cut-off and boolean subtractions but adding two things together usually means errors. Position the addition where you want it and merge the volumes.
  14. The Transform tool will snap to "Center Object". At this point you can move only the gizmo to any place and rotation you choose.
  15. In Surface mode, in the Geometry menu, select "Decimate" (with wire frame (W) showing) to get a more relaxed mesh with fewer unnecessary polys. This operation preserves detail. I would use the Pinch tool to cleanup the "demarcation" you referred to. When your done, experiment with the Autopo means of creating the UV mesh for the model.