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  1. Shame indeed! I blush to realize I had forgotten this gem. Let's hear it for Wrap Around!
  2. In the Voxtree, select your volume and click on the "V" to change to Surface mode.
  3. I can't wait for the next build. That tool will be immensely useful.
  4. " QuadStrips, they are not visible " because the button is a placeholder for the future tool ((next Beta?). Everybody get the same result you do.
  5. Good one, Igor!
  6. Yeah, I see some confusion with the term "mesh". In the Sculpt room the mesh consists of triangles and vertice painting allows it to be seen in the Paint room but you wont see it in the UV room because the UVs haven't been created. When you Autopo or manually create a quad mesh you can 'Bake' it for painting on the UV surface and if UV tweaking is desired, you can use this baked UV mesh in the UV room (where I never go).
  7. You can get it back by selecting the Transform, Pose or Move tool. Because you have already created an object with a mesh, you can make big changes with those tools and snap the mesh to the new shape. Other tools are for surface details where no change in the mesh is necessary.
  8. Sounds like you didn't "Apply" or hit "Enter" after loading the OBJ.
  9. In the Sculpt room, select "Retopo mesh -> Sculpt mesh" from the Geometry menu.
  10. It would probably be used only when needed. So is there a way to ring somebody up?
  11. Ooooooo! I hope this discussion (knowledgeable as it is) doesn't develop like others in the past.
  12. Rendered with fog would enhance visibility. It looks great as is but fog and 'God Rays' might put it over the top.
  13. I thought the 'men' were mere icons to give scale to the ship.
  14. Okay then 'paint' the reflections and Specular.
  15. Sounds like the typical hassle with 'thin' objects. A work around would be to make individual files with the "Save volume as 3B".