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  1. [Solved] Curves Tool Anomalies

    I am happy and perplexed to report that the problem has corrected itself. The devs have my sympathy.
  2. What's going on? In Extrude mode and something is interfering with the tool. Using 4.8.10
  3. unwanted model see through

    Check your Voxtree and see if 'ghosting' icon is on.
  4. Symmetry axis snap bug

    The Symmetry plane is not centered. Try "To Center of Object" or use the "Pick" technique to place he plane where necessary.
  5. import low poly - sculpt - bake

    Right! I forgot to mention that one which is tool aware.
  6. import low poly - sculpt - bake

    The only changes that big must be using the move tool to get an auto update to the mesh. Switch to Move, Transform or Pose to see if the mesh will change. Smaller (realistic) modifications can be captured when Baking.
  7. How to make mirrored copy of selection?

    Have you tried using the numerical entry in the appropriate axis?
  8. import low poly - sculpt - bake

    Adding details to your figure is easy. In Sculpt, use the Move, Transform or Pose tool to see if your Retopo mesh shows. If not the geometry menu has a "Retopo mesh to sculpt" command. In sculpt, any changes will conform the mesh to additions made with the 3 tools but minor stuff like 'folds' will be captured with the bake tools.
  9. import low poly - sculpt - bake

    Answer to your first question is yes. I don't use your workflow but I know everything you mentioned is available in 3DC. Someone will be along to 'accurately' describe the procedures.
  10. RetopShell

    Here is an image. As you might suppose, I don't want to do the underside as the wings are thin. The Retopo Shell tool did not create a thickness no matter the offset. I noticed that the selected faces turned from yellow to blue, whatever that means. The "Shell" button didn't appear to do anything. However, it did louse up the normals so I re-opened the scene.
  11. "Curly" UV's ?

    You will get more suggestions with images.
  12. [Solved] How to flag Ngons in 3dcoat?

    You can even avoid selecting all the faces as the "Select Ngons" command will do it for you.
  13. How to make mirrored copy of selection?

    In voxel mode and symmetry on, perform any tool (smooth?) operating on the good half and it will be mirrored on the other.
  14. RetopShell

    Has anyone used this tool? I assume it means "select" and extrude but can you go in a negative direction?
  15. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    I heard the same mysterious sound {resembles a pen on paper) ages ago in an earlier version and Win 7. I mentioned it here and nobody answered with a solution. Maybe your this years winner in some alternate reality that bleeds into this one. If it is the same bug as mine, it will disappear in time.