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  1. Hidung parts of the volume is done in Sculpt and hiding part of retopo mesh in Retopo (a selection).
  2. A picture always helps, but you may need to "Hide" parts that are in front of your work.
  3. Better get crackin', the place is looking fractious. How about a good coarse gravel suitable for railroad ties.
  4. Try doing it in voxel mode.
  5. Quite clever! I'm inspired!
  6. No, but a picture or pictures of what you got would help.
  7. Voxels don't like open objects and ngons and your object may require more resolution to display properly but I recommend you "Import without voxelization". This will show you more of what you need to clean up in your object.
  8. Good Project! This is of interest to many here on the forum and has gotten some attention in another thread (?).
  9. I'm confused about the "exporting" and "importing" that you mention. The figure shown seems to have no mass. Convert it to voxels (and hit 'W' to get rid of wire frame) and then right click the volume and select "Autopo" with the defaults and see what you get.
  10. It looks like you are off to a good start. Booleans are best dealt with in voxel mode but then, you knew that.
  11. Or you can use this from the Default Splines menu:
  12. Would he/it be called a 'micro pastoralist'?
  13. Thanks, guys! Actually, I had to scale it down to fit the pants.
  14. Has anyone used a fabric stencil or PBR without moire patterns appearing? Close up, everything normal. Back up and you get moire and rotate to get flickering. I've tried every approach (painting on the Texture Editor) but for painting on the Normal map in PS. Never mind getting the scale right.
  15. How much RAM do you have? If you have several volumes in the Sculpt room, downgrade those that are not being worked on.