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  1. [Solved] Sculpting from normal map

    BTW, Shader Map 4 can generate a displacement map from a normal map. https://shadermap.com/home/
  2. Nice work, the second down is most successful for me as the lighting and foliage look very natural.
  3. 000304.jpg

    Butterflies, nice touch and quite whimsical.
  4. Need some tips on Retopology of a complex object

    The Sculpt room resolution has no bearing on the polygon density in the Retopo room. Try some simple Autopo to get a feel for the difference.
  5. Mars Co Tourist shot

    Looks like fun!
  6. 3D-Coat renderer won't render rougness properly

    If you need to get past the size problem, I've used DropBox to make the transfer.
  7. My first result worth sharing

    Good start, now replace your original mesh with the Curve tool.
  8. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Could we rerun the method for porting resources to the new build?
  9. I wonder what yiynova has to offer now.
  10. relax Brush - retopo

    It's there. It's called "Brush" tool.
  11. Retopo Room: Bridge and Quad Cap

    I don;t think the Bridge tool author is still with 3D-Coat but for quad filling, use RFill.
  12. Retopology Issue : Mirror keeps inverting randomly

    Whether to use it or not depends on your preference. If you prefer symmetry on and virtual mirror mode selected, you will do all your work on one side and will eventually need to 'app;y' the mirrored half. With this mode deselected and Symmetry 'On', you can make edits on both sides where with virtual on you would only work one side.
  13. Paint Brush help

    It looks like you have the Depth icon selected. You should be working with color and maybe gloss but not depth. The 3 spheres are at the top of your GUI and the one you want to deselect is blue.
  14. exporting from 3d coat

    In the Retopo room, Retopo menu>Apply symmetry