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  1. Good luck, Phil!
  2. That's a good idea! I will defer to Carlosan, Javis, or Don to suggest the best place for that but you might start at where bugs are named and shamed.
  3. The transparency of the mesh and voxel object can make things confusing.
  4. I've been in retopo and have encountered errors when using Points and Quads tools. These error tips occur where no double edges exist. No amount of "Move" will discover a hidden face or edge. With P/F, no polygon is drawn but Quads are, in spite of error notice. However, some previously drawn polys are deleted. The workaround is to power on but this should be looked into. When it occurs in the Retopo process I cannot say. I encountered it in the torso and fingers. Also, use of the Symmetrical Copy tool at this point can delete polys and redraw vertices.
  5. Idiot proof is the common disparagement for this level of detail but the devs do have a big job making everything bug proof.
  6. You might look into creating an object with an image. It should be white where you want solid and black where you want space.
  7. There are several pens and I can't recall any that were unsuitable.
  8. Perhaps the Devs thought it too trivial to include it in the Camera menu as there are two ways (cube Icon and numpad 5).
  9. Trivial perhaps but in Retopo, partial Symmetry is showing and doesn't respond to Symmetrical copying. It says "Partial" but at 100%. Always before simply clicking the copy icon would restore symmetry.
  10. In the upper right there are tabs for alphas, strips, models, etc. Open the models window and make a new addition with your 'trim'. Were your maps created in 3D-Coat? You can create 3D objects from images. I really don't have a clear idea of where you are at, Sculpt or Paint.
  11. Use the 5 key in the number pad to switch between and you can use the little cube icon in the top toolbar (with the lighting, scale move, etc icons). % key is the handiest.
  12. Well, sonny, click on the 'Profile' tag in the upper right hand corner which will take you to your profile (such as it is) and there in the upper left corner, you can upload your Panda.
  13. You would have to create the trim and add it too the models palette then you could use it with the Curve tool. When the model trimming is complete, you could paint it with vertex painting in the Paint room. Alpha added with export.
  14. Yiynova makes a poor man's Cintiq where you work directly on the image of your object.
  15. Your map lacks 'padding' around each island. Edit>General>Padding: Always Make Padding. In realtime Padding Mode use "Take interpolated color".