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  1. Use the 5 key in the number pad to switch between and you can use the little cube icon in the top toolbar (with the lighting, scale move, etc icons). % key is the handiest.
  2. Well, sonny, click on the 'Profile' tag in the upper right hand corner which will take you to your profile (such as it is) and there in the upper left corner, you can upload your Panda.
  3. You would have to create the trim and add it too the models palette then you could use it with the Curve tool. When the model trimming is complete, you could paint it with vertex painting in the Paint room. Alpha added with export.
  4. Yiynova makes a poor man's Cintiq where you work directly on the image of your object.
  5. Your map lacks 'padding' around each island. Edit>General>Padding: Always Make Padding. In realtime Padding Mode use "Take interpolated color".
  6. If the objects are the same but with different UVs, I would import the object in Sculpt (perhaps 'Without Voxelization') and in Retopo, load the desired mesh which you can use for the sculpt object.
  7. Using the 'End' key over the "Radius" field in the upper tool parameters (almost any other tool will show it) may allow you to create a shortcut. But the cutoff tool doesn't need a radius setting because it uses the selection rectangle or lasso to designate a part for deletion. Use the 'E' key to see your choices.
  8. Use the '[' key to shrink and the ']' to increase the radius.
  9. Thanks for the Arnold tip! You can also paint on the UV map in the Texture Editor (very useful for erasing mistakes).
  10. Planning ahead is always good, augmented with experience. Some operations like booleans and smoothing are much easier in voxels and the variety of tools in Surface mode makes it a nice finisher. The workflow is the logical progression of tasks that you can only master with the doing of it.
  11. You could retopologize that in minutes. Dive in! Make a big polygon and subdivide it with the Split Rings tool. Ignore the bricks as they will be baked anyway.
  12. Manual retopology allows you to control how many polygons to use.
  13. It appears that you want to create a seamless material. I would just cover the face with polygons and bake that. You wouldn't export an object but only its materials.
  14. If you wish to return to voxels, provide a number much higher than the default (at the prompt). If it is not enough, undo and boost the number even higher. Also, it will help to Decimate (Geometry menu) and use the Clean Clay tool to reduce the poly-count where possible. Use the W key to examin detail areas before and after (and don't forget Undo).
  15. My models are made in 3D-Coat and exported to C4D w/Octane using the Octane preset for exporting textures. In C4D, I set about creating Octane Materials using the texture files from 3DC.