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  1. The 'Title' comes from Andrew's grandmotherly kindness for the fact of my age, 79. I've used 3DC for years but in the simplest character creation from sculpting, retopo and paint. What one learns with this simple workflow doesn't cover all the more arcane applications that might come up. There are, however, legitimate 'Experts' on this forum and I will henceforth abstain from offering advice in matters with which I am unfamiliar.
  2. In Surface mode, use the "Live Clay Tools" as they do the subdivision locally like you want.
  3. It is also more economical to boolean the parts together before retopology to avoid hidden polys like the inside of a helmet. You can seperate them with seams so they get their proper textures and manual retopology gets much lower poly counts. Autopo is best for non animatable objects and makes elegant meshes but editing them can be more time consuming than manual.
  4. Nothing in the [Camera] Background menu would help?
  5. A picture would help. Have you tried deleting edges to separate the meshes?
  6. It may be a resolution problem. Bigger maps may do away with the triangular dirt.
  7. It sounds like 'auto seams' is always on. I didn't know that was possible. "Clear Seams" (with "Mark seams" selected) may help.
  8. Okay. you got me. I never try to do what you are after (hand painted/AO) so made an unhelpful suggestion. I thought you could bake AO in the render room (which I'm hardly familiar with as I use C4D/Octane for such matters). Sorry!
  9. If fake AO is what you are after, you will need to mark the frozen object's edge so as to guide you when it is invisible.
  10. I agree, you need to treat yourself with a PBR job.
  11. A formidable machine, nice work! I tried to 'like' it but I discovered that we are limited to 20 in one day (all these final images and great stuff).
  12. Print it! What a toy!
  13. It looks made by Tiffany. gorgeous!
  14. A virtuoso performance!
  15. Sensory overload, I've experienced it many times.