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  1. Will you produce a displacement map for you first column? It's edge contours will benefit.
  2. You're right! It is acting like a tile. You might need to do it in PS.
  3. It would help to see a render.
  4. It would be handy for Posemorph in C4D, but I've lived without it.
  5. The "somehow" looks painstaking so I guess the stencil idea didn't work? I was wondering if a freeze gradient would enable a softer intersection of scale and skin.
  6. I make my models in 3D-Coat, so I have never encountered the issue.
  7. Good show! Can you delete the old part (so as not to have baking problems)?
  8. You can smooth them by holding down the shift key.
  9. Help some other poor sod with an explanation.
  10. I don't have 3DC open but have you tried using the Shift key?
  11. Coloring the various objects is easy. Do you mean use the same colors for the type in the Vox tree?
  12. Two steps forward and one step back.
  13. Just to be sure, was "Ignore Back faces" checked?
  14. They may have evolved a special digit (middle) for the purpose. With the middle digit, they could add insult to injury.
  15. There is an AppLink for C4D which makes it easier to go between them. Import your model for PPP, paint away, export the normal map (in the Textures menu).