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  1. I wonder what yiynova has to offer now.
  2. It's there. It's called "Brush" tool.
  3. I don;t think the Bridge tool author is still with 3D-Coat but for quad filling, use RFill.
  4. Whether to use it or not depends on your preference. If you prefer symmetry on and virtual mirror mode selected, you will do all your work on one side and will eventually need to 'app;y' the mirrored half. With this mode deselected and Symmetry 'On', you can make edits on both sides where with virtual on you would only work one side.
  5. It looks like you have the Depth icon selected. You should be working with color and maybe gloss but not depth. The 3 spheres are at the top of your GUI and the one you want to deselect is blue.
  6. In the Retopo room, Retopo menu>Apply symmetry
  7. A kind of Soviet one up manship over Mt. Rushmore. I look forward to the day when open source AI replaces much of government. When commerce is replaced by replicators and service bots.
  8. Here is an advertisement that may predate many in this forum. It's from a time when I paid $400 for a 2 inch portable scanner (BW). All of us would find such a machine useless for what we endeavor to do. I have always wanted to do animation and was always disappointed that trueSpace never got around to the tools.
  9. Are you in the Paint room? There is the Height Adjustment tool (5th down) that was designed to do that (changing the depth/height under the brush).
  10. So well designed and sculpted, it deserves a better wood texture in which 'tiles' are not so clearly 'in your face'.
  11. Vox Hide tool comes to mind and Right Click a volume for access to "Fill Voids".
  12. Nice stuff! "Hero objects"?
  13. I'm surprised that the lasso cursors are available for the Sphere tool which is designed to create spheres at the size of the Alpha with LMB. It sure was not set up for the uses you made of it.
  14. I think Layer 0 needs another name like "Closed Layer".