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  1. I tested it several times with just a cube from the initial scene. Now it seems to work fine. Not sure what was wrong before
  2. It now works in Blender 2.62 64bit, The only problems are when I push update button in Blender an object comes bigger then it was before and loses all its hard edges if it had any.
  3. no, I download the version from, an official 64bit one. Thanks for the update.
  4. Blender Applink does not work in 2.61. It tells something about missed exchange folder and have no option to set it manually
  5. I also vote for Octane link/exporter. Bought it some time ago when it was with a rebate. Now it's my main renderer for stills. Can't even tolerate any cpu renderer now.
  6. No, it looks like not. Win7 allows to write in a user folder. Also I have just tried to start Blender with administrative privilege. Nothing have changed. Maybe it's because I use zip file from, not exe installer?
  7. I already tried this with even setting other than C: path since I believe win7 doesn't allow to write to C without privilege. All the same, nothing changes
  8. It's the last beta 2.54. Downloaded straight from Not sure what trunk is actually.
  9. The screen from Blender App link
  10. Here it is. A part that appears after I push export button ps. Blender is a downloaded from and unzipped folder
  11. Actually nothing works in my win7-64. I coped with installing the addon to Blender (2.54 beta. Not sure if it's suited for the stable 2.49 release which I prefer) I see it in 2.54 but nothing goes to 3dcoat after I push export button . Is there a part that I have to install to 3dcoat so it would be aware of exporting from Blender? ps. Found Blender write an error or something in it's small black window just after I push export button: "Type error: bpy_struct.keys<>: this type doesn't support IDProperties"