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  1. Nice anatomy, I like the stance
  2. Thanks garagarape
  3. I decided to join the comicon challenge on GameArtisans, and I plan to do my sculpt mostly in 3DCoat. I'm gonna do a mecha spiderman this year, it should be fun. Here's the basemesh, made from curves. I was just playing with proportions at the moment :
  4. Same here ! Both program have their strentgh and weakness ... So a link between the two apps would be awesome to use the best of both of them. I love so much the polish brushes in ZBrush for hard surfaces with curves, but the boolean merging tool in 3DCoat are no match !
  5. Nice work here !
  6. Hi guys, Any news with this plugin ? Like other mentionned, right I can bring something from ZBrush in 3DC but I can't from 3DC to ZBrush. Also, I've got sometimes an error saying : error: DLL::ExcBegin() failed! I would love to use this plugin but right now I can't. Thanks
  7. New project. I decided to try myself with hard surface sculpt. The blockmesh is done in max : And a shot in max after some fun in 3DCoat :
  8. Great sculpt ! I learn some tricks from your timelapse, thanks
  9. Thanks a lot for the support guys. And thanks Taros for the extra visibility
  10. Hi guys ! I wanted to share with you my last work. It was done for the last Dominance War. 3DCoat was used primarly for retopo, and help me for the texturing too :
  11. Hehe ! Thanks a lot for the ad Chris It's really appreciated
  12. Thanks Michalis. I don't think I'm gonna push this things more, I prefer to keep focus myself doing speed sculpts cause I need to learn to work quicker. New stuff will be coming
  13. Hi guys, My last sculpt, entirely done with 3DCoat again, the more I use it, the more I like it ! Besides, I wanted to know if there was a way to keep in memory the alpha used for the smooth brush. For exemple, I'm using the clay tool, with a plain disc alpha, and when I switch to the smooth tool with shift pressed, I'd like to have a smooth alpha, but instead of that, it uses the same alpha as the last tool, the clay one in that case. It slows me down to swith alpha each time I use the smooth brush In the same idea, I'd love to have the stroke mode stored for each brush. for exemple, pressure affects depth and size for the build brush, and depth only for the clay, ... etc. I hope it's understanble, my english is not so good
  14. Hi Andrew I played a little bit more with the move brush and, now I don't think the move tool is buggy. I had sometime the feelings the move tool worked with steps, and sometime it was nearly impossible to reach exactly the position I wanted. But for the last bust I did, I installed the newer version of 3DCoat (3.5.11 actually)and the tool seems a lot more precise. Before that I used 3DCoat 3.5.05 if I remember correctly. Is it possible the move tool was improve between this too version ? Thanks for the link by the way, I'll keep it in case I spot another bugs
  15. This time I really tried to push myself to make something more polished with 3DCoat, so I guess we can't really call that a speed sculpt Everything was done in 3DCoat, sculpt and render, except for some post process inside photoshop :