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  1. I am not a new user, but I have only ever used 3DCoat for creation of physical objects, and so I am only familiar with the voxel and render rooms. I am hoping that someone can tell me if it is possible to export a voxel model with the color of their shaders included. I have a workflow for doing this by importing the objects into Blender, and adjusting the material color there, but I am hoping there is a simple way to do this directly from 3DCoat. I apologize if this is the wrong place to pose such a question. Thanks for your help!
  2. Adjust primary light direction

    Tkanks for your reply. After several hours of adding and deleting lights, and adjusting the parameters of these lights, I still can't figure out how to get the light to move. The "intensity" parameter has an effect, but the "light height" and "rotation angle" parameters do not seem to do anything at all. I hope that someone can tell me what I am doing wrong!
  3. settings needed to improve performance

    Thanks for your response! A lot of these things are not relevant to my situation because I am almost always in voxel mode when I am sculpting, but it is very helpful to know that keeping as few as possible objects visible will help... I suppose this should be intuitive! I am not sure what you mean by "cache your vox layers"... does this mean to keep them hidden, or is there something else I can do?
  4. settings needed to improve performance

    Thanks for your response... Alas, I can't do anything about the card right now, but will make sure to upgrade at my earliest opportunity. With a given system are there any settings changes that might help, or is new hardware the only hope?
  5. settings needed to improve performance

    Thanks! I have been using DirectX. I will switch. I am using 4.5.33, but I will update if it will make a difference. Are there other settings that might help as well?
  6. I experience frequent pauses while sculpting in the sculpt room. 3d-Coat will simply stall for 5-10 seconds, and then I can resume my work. I would like to know if anyone has advice on what settings I can change in order to minimize these delays. Does it make any difference if I am running the OpenGL or the DirectX version of the program? I am running WIndows 10 with a 4-core, 3.07 GHz processor and 25 GB RAM. Quadro 4000.Graphics card. I hope I have been clear and that this is the correct place to post this question. Thanks!
  7. Adjust primary light direction

    Thanks for your reply! Are you saying that I can only adjust the light direction in the render room by adding new lights? I have tried this, but somehow, nothing seems to help. If someone could explain the steps needed to render an image so that the light is coming from someplace other than the camera, I would greatly appreciate it. I have attempted to do this by creating a new light, and then moving this light around, but if this is doing anything, then the effects are barely perceptible.
  8. Adjust primary light direction

    I am trying to adjust the position of the primary light in my scene, and I can't figure out how to do this. There is an "Adjust Light Angle" icon at the top of the screen, but nothing happens when I click and drag my LMB over it. I am guessing that there is a simple solution, such as a "lock primary light to camera" checkbox, but if there is, I cannot find it. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    The RMB option is a great feature for me!! It would be nice if options for "select volume", and "assign shader" were added to the RMB menu... or is there another easy way to do these things without navigating the VoxTree?
  10. clone instance gizmo

    I just made a request and then realized that it was already implemented. Is there a way to delete posts. I apologize for the inconvenience!
  11. I am working on a model (in the voxel room) in which I need to change between surface and voxel mode several times. Can anyone comment on whether or not changing modes is a lossy process for parts of a model that have not been sculpted? Is there any way to ensure lossless transitions between surface and voxel (for selected parts of volume). 4.00 beta13 Thanks!!
  12. Clipping Planes, 3D-Textures etc.

    This would be a huge help to me as well (In fact I requested this in the past). I know that the majority of 3DC users are making things for CG purposes, and I don't know if this feature would be useful for them, but it definitely shows off the volumetric nature of the model.
  13. Hi AbnRanger, thanks for your reply. I had actually tried this many times, with many import filetypes, before I posted. This phenomenon appeared with all files except for the STL file. Unfortunately, even the imported STL file exhibits this after saving, closing, and reopening. I have attached another image, and If I could, I would attach the files in question.
  14. I have imported an object without voxelising, edited it, and then saved it. Everything works wonderfully, and I am very happy... Unfortunately, when I close and then reopen the file, and edit the non-voxelised object, the mesh pulls apart (the fill and smooth tools, in particular, seem cause this). The attached image shows this phenomenon. Am I doing something wrong? 3DC 3.5.11(GL)-64 Win7(64) Thanks!
  15. Perhaps I am not the first to suggest this, but I would like to see an object properties dialog box for voxel volumes. This dialog box could include such information as: -volume name -volume density (currently indicated by a number in brackets before the volume name) -shader/material -local coordinate system (origin and axes)* Perhaps a lot of the functionality from the extensive contextual menu for voxel volumes could be combined into this "object properties" dialog box. *Having a local coordinate system that gets stored with each voxel volume would be very useful to me for operations such as posing multi-segment limbs. Thanks!